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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 584/19,279


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gastrodon (West)422,424 / 5,419
Wailmer362,129 / 3,997
Buneary414,068 / 5,167
Gastrodon (East)422,057 / 5,419
Minccino505,879 / 6,120
Golbat43636 / 5,677

About Me

Welcome to my page if you want to be friends have any questions about the site or simply talk just palpad me.

Favorite Pokemon: Tied between Castform and Absol/Mega Absol
Favorite Eeveelution: Sylveon

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CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen 1 Month ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #167543989
Registration: 22/02/2014 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 2884:57 Hours
Total interactions: 3,366,115
Money: 9,200,698
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


By Kakashi_Sensei - 2 Hours and 16 Minutes ago.
Hello! Once again I have decided to host another BIG Giveaway!

To start off with I woulf like to give a big thank you to Stormy for helping plan and gather the items used in this giveaway and quite frankly it wouldn't have happened without her.

So how this will work is a first come first pick basis meaning the person in first place will get to CHOOSE what prize they want and second place gets to choose next and so on till the person in 5th place where they get whats left.

Here are the 5 prizes you could possibly win!

3 Million PokeDollars!

1,000 Nuggets!

10 of each mystery pair (Excluding Black Mystery Pairs)!

100 of each gem (Excluding Dragon Gems)!

SM Gyarados and SM Frosmoth!

Heres how to enter!

Simply just Share the #IHaveNoIdeaGiveaway and like the original feed to have a chance of winning these awesome prizes!

This giveaway will end on the 20th of August (One week from now)

Good lu
1 Month ago
Why do I wake up and the first thing I want is ice cream XD
1 Month ago
My solrock only produced 3 eggs in the last 24hrs with the flute looks like I will have to hunt something else XD
1 Month ago
Just hatched a random lab shiny krickitot XD
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Absol hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #264)!

Its MEGA ABLE! My favorite shiny mega is finally mine XD that was fast
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Absol hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #104 and 105) neither were mega able XD but they are twins haha
2 Months ago
Does anyone know how to get an alolan exeggecutor like is it obtainable from a rumble map or just evolve an exeggute? Im wanting a shiny alolan one XD
2 Months ago
Thank arceus you can use gems to get eggs otherwise with this hunt I probably would be just at a chain of 20 XD
3 Months ago
Looks like I need to start hoarding mystery boxes now XD tbh normally I just sold them cause I have horrible luck when it comes to those
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Tyrogue hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #15)!

Well thats a nice surprise hopefully the other two I need are like this XD
3 Months ago
I got another pokeheroes gmax concept idea this time for castform make him a big rain cloud with his face on it maybe even a rainbow coming out from his side or have the sun behind the rain cloud and make the sun have his face throwing out ideas XD then have like his rainy form or all of its forms come out from the bottom like rain it would be so weird but kind of interesting never the less XD
3 Months ago
Lab shiny venonat and it was a shiny dex entry I didnt have so exciting O.O
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Scorbunny hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #103)!

All 4 shinies in such a short chain I love it XD
3 Months ago
If pokeheroes ever does their own gmaxs I got a good concept idea for conkeldurr he basically is pure muscle and is carrying around a sky scraper XD
3 Months ago
I finally got to watch the new trailer and I have to say Im very excited for what has been revealed so far! O.O
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Kyogre hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #85)!

9 eggs later and now this hunts over now I have to figure out what to do with these extra sapphires XD
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Kyogre hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #76)!

Literally watched it hatch XD
3 Months ago
I have seen 7 of my easter eggs so far just doing my usual tasks Im reading to start egg hunting XD
5 Months ago
Interaction exchange hopefully I can finish this hunt today XD
6 Months ago
I went through a dry spout of no eggs for this lunatone hunt for 2 days then 9 just show up in daycare in one day what is my breeding pair doing? XD
7 Months ago


Shiny Goals

Ready to Hunt!

Saving Up:
Goal 20,000 Water Gems

Shiny Dex


Vivillon Shiny Dex


Kanto Shiny Dex: 124/151
Johto Shiny Dex: 76/127
Hoenn Shiny Dex: 130/155
Sinnoh Shiny Dex: 74/138
Unova Shiny Dex: 73/175
Kalos Shiny Dex: 48/117
Alola Shiny Dex: 37/140
Galar Shiny Dex: 75/125
Emera Shiny Dex: 47/311
Mega/Giga Shiny Dex: 28/121
Retro Shiny Dex: 19/40

Total Shiny Dex: 731/1602


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