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Formerly: SharkyNg
Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 2,775/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
6421,028,219 / 1,466,928
(Mega Gyarados)
22246,920 / 185,649
1st Mega
(Mega Obsidialix)
232155,687 / 162,169
Mega Steelix12722,773 / 48,769

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Set #4

I want

Shiny Event Pokemon
(I don’t think this will be successful)

Shiny Mega Mecha Tyranitar ❌

Shiny Mega Obsidialix ❌
Well, I hope I can hunt it this year without an event pass ‘,:\

Shiny Mega Lucario-sensei ❌

Shiny Mega Crystal Aggron❌

Shiny Sir Haxelot ❌

Shiny Teslagon ❌

Shiny Mega Pokemon

Shiny Mega Garchomp ‘Next Target’

Shiny Mega Sharpedo

Shiny Mega Metagross

Shiny Mega Gyarados

Shiny Starter

Shiny Greninja

Shiny Decidueye

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny NineTales

Shiny Tyrantrum


Shiny Hunt

CrayonShark is currently hunting Obsidianix.
Hunt started: 12/03/2023

Chain: 53
0 1 0


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #752438743
Registration: 11/11/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 399:46 Hours
Total interactions: 167,061
Money: 224,435
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Reason why I’m very un active this 2 day

I had been forcibly go onto an indoor camping :3
Well i also merely survive without a lot mobile data
that camp don’t have wifi :v

It may sounds bad but actually it was nice

Meeting some sharks in the aquarium :DDD

Kiting on the beach (it’s weird for me that I kite on beach :I)

Walking for an hour to a pool that the area surrounded it was being locked

Sleeping in an indoor camp with only 1 toilet with 8 people
(Thanks that at least the toilet is clean)

And sleep with my dad who merely push me off from the bed
(Why is it getting more worse)

The CrayonShark from pokehero back anyways :D
Also I suggest that never go on a trip without planned
Because my group try and I’m one of the victims
4 Days ago
Actually I’m curious, do anybody never block someone else?

Since I never block anyone else in any social media

For example I always met some crazy guys in different app or game, but at last I deal ‘peacefully’ with them and never block them :I

Of course they mainly got locked at last after they met me
(I never report them tho)
10 Days ago
Go, start working /✏️OwO)/

why it seems like I’m stabbing someone with a pencil XD
11 Days ago
Eyy yo now my art shop is fully open :D
And I’m selling free art for about 10 days >:D (I’m bored) So be quick if you want one here :3
11 Days ago
Cantonese Listening Exam :

Audio : Now I will repeat the sentence twice, please hear carefully

Audio speaking in cantonese : ‘I like playing basketball’

Me in thought : Wait what???

The paper : Is it a positive or negative viewpoint of going to school?
12 Days ago
I think I have finish most (Except decorations) upgrade of my Art Shop. However I need to test and try will something go wrong in my exception. Sooo…. This Art Shop Will Open For 3 SLOTS >:D
Of course there will be no events or something else happen right in this moment since I need to make sure the shop system works well.
Being my 3 Customers in this 3 Slots may not have any discounts but you guys can be the first ones to try this new upgrade >:D
14 Days ago
Snake :3
15 Days ago
I finish my Dragon Drawing :D

Not gonna lie I’m lazy, therefore it’s not fully shaded and his fur is a bunch of mess
15 Days ago
40% of the Drawing is done UwU

The dragon doodle from the last feed :3
16 Days ago
5 Minutes Dragon Doodles

It’s just 5 minutes therefore it’s very very simple
16 Days ago
You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Everstone found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Me : …
Obsidianix BP in daycare ( from the last feed ) : See I told you, you just got bad luck D:<
17 Days ago
Me (in March) : Well since I’m bored and want to hunt a shiny mega, why don’t I hunt a shiny mega event Pokémon ? :3
Obsidianix BP in daycare : Well good choice we’ll help you c:

Me (in April) : Hmm, why others seems to be fast, or am I not patient enough? :I
Obsidianix BP in daycare : Wdym we are slow, we got you 4 event eggs per week

Me (Now) : You guys just increase the Onix eggs in the tall grass for a hundred and all I got is Obsidianix eggs that’s less than 50 in 2 months ? Seriously?
Obsidianix BP in daycare : You are just not lucky enough, we make you at least 10 eggs in a day but you still got less than 1 Event egg in 2 day, so don’t blame on us D:<
18 Days ago
Question : Well actually what is the use of burn heal in this game? Except selling them, I don’t really know when shall I exactly use burn heal :/
25 Days ago
My battery is dying so quick from 100% to 28% in 4 hours because of drawing XD, I think I shall buy a new iPad or a drawing tablet in future :3
26 Days ago
I finally manage to grab a code and have an account in toyhou c:
*So happy*
I’ll put my toy house account link in ‘visit me on’ :D
However it will be sooo blank because I need some time to work and figure out how toyhouse works
1 Month ago
My Art Shop start to have more customers :DDD

I got more work to do tho
(I don’t know shall I laugh or cry)
Anyways feel free the order when the slots are not full
1 Month ago

Random Artwork I make :P

Garchomp Forever :D

Best buddy Silvally
(art from about 3 years ago so it’s a bit unclear)

fish from hell(im dying to do this art homework)

Fishy 2.0
Not gonna lie this fish is challenging my patience when I’m drawing it

Snake :3

practicing art (scroll down)

This Term Target : DRAGONS
Currently in : 2nd Term
I’ll make some dragons art but with step by step posting, this will be post out to share my art and the improvements

5 Minutes Dragon Doodle

I got no time so 5 minutes

Im lazy so he is not fully shaded

Last Term Target : running animation

Running Animation Final : 5.0
Time : 20 February 2023 to 8 April 2023
Well, it’s seems to be a bit lag tho ‘,:/

About me

The original meaning of my name

How I describe myself
-Well I’m not talkative since I don’t really talk unless you look for me
(sorry for my friends who want to chat with me)
-Am I kind? Maybe but not to all people
-I like to support new players :D
-Umm I like shark?
-I’m a very patient, I’ll say I’m the top rank of being patient
-I never go easily in drawing or making art, since if you tell me to do those I will put at least 90% of effort to do it in most of the time
-English is not my first language, so sorry for gramma mistake if I make some
(My home language is Cantonese, a kind of Chinese)

My lapras evolve into Mewtwo :v

Ground-types are friendly, good-natured and reliable. They tend to be somewhat shy and withdrawn, but are extremely loyal to the people they trust.

Wait what? Umm… I'm shy but loyalty and may withdrawn?? (?-?)
Not gonna talk about shy or loyalty at least I won't withdrawn if I'm talking (what nonsense is this, only not withdrawn when talking XD)

Collecting 8000 Nuggets for a 1 year premium account
Collecting another 8000 Nuggets for a Rare Event pass ;w;
Total 16 000 *crying about this*

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