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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 3,701/19,279


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Au Fin
(Tapu Fini)
1,0611,130,323 / 4,225,434
Scare Crow
(Mega Banettenstein)
1,0892,167,561 / 2,848,825


the person responsible forthis is todd hurwitch

1 dont send me a magikarp plushie shiny or otherwise
2 if i tell you no on a trade dont keep begging
3 say something dif then hello if you want something from me
4 be respectful
5 if you send me a plushie then thank you and if you wish a plushie in return then pm me the plushie you want
6 breaking any of these rules will likely get you blocked if not warned the first time you do them except the karp plushie rule that will auto block you no matter what if you cant afford the plushies on my profile nor in dw shop that i marked as my favs then that s no problem you dont actually have to send me a plushie for any reason especially if all the dp you have is for karp save more dp and then send if your still a mind to
shinies/mega ables already spoken for

Shiny Hunt

Cofagrigus is currently hunting Zomppet.
Hunt started: 16/12/2019

Chain: 28
0 0 0

plushies i m collecting

more plushies i want

goals for 2020

get female sm bannettenstein
get shiny entei
complete galar dex
continue my ultimate goal of total shinies of all things breedable on this site besides events
continue to collect for the legendary shinies i want to hunt

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Sep/2020
Game Time: 7337:57 Hours
Total interactions: 8,575,660
Money: 222,734
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Yesterday, 23:47
could we interact with bitterlemon's party ill return if you comment here
Yesterday, 23:02
son uh oh
me what?
son someone ordered a shiny nickit
me i got a breeding pair of it
son sure let me pay
me no unless you want to shiny hunt me a pair just give them back when your done
Yesterday, 22:36
Yesterday, 21:55
dear daycare i love you are giving me eggs but could we have one more zompette today? i have a mega able bonus today and i dont want to waste it
Yesterday, 21:44
I remember delibird delivery may it rest in peace it was an awesome service for awhile
Yesterday, 21:21
I hate google soooo much slower then fire fox the only reason im using it is because firefox doesnt recognize my mouse
Yesterday, 16:14
flightrising these are for sale got two new ones
Yesterday, 13:50
could someone make this 180 pixels?
Yesterday, 02:04
have you ever met someone who lies for no reason? this question was asked on fb. and to answer yes i have my baby sister and it has almost lost her two kids because of it one kid is no longer hers and her second could be gone if she doesnt be honest with court about turning from what got her under their eyes at this point
Yesterday, 01:53
my son found triple rocky road ice cream and omg my dream ice cream cant wait till we get enough money in order to buy it
Yesterday, 00:18
1 Day ago
two truths and one lie answers
this is something if you knew me would be simple to get and if some of you were older you'd know it bit better
1 i love the halloween movies you know the ones with michael myer in it???
2 i hate the nightmare on elm street ones because the effects were bad in those movies every single one they should have been done in the 2000s when the effects were better
3 i love the jason movies bet you dont know the killer his series was started from
1 Day ago
two truths one lie
1 i love halloween movies
2 i hate nightmare on elm street movies
3 I hate jasons movies
1 Day ago
ok daycare what happened you were spitten out eggs faster then i could scan them earlier today what happened?
1 Day ago
ok this two truths and one lie should be two lies and one truth because one wasnt technically true\
1 i wasnt aware of the games since they came out only the anime because i was more into cartoons then gaming
2 yes i got all of my son kyreums
3 this is technically wrong and i didnt realize it was technically wrong till my son mentioned i was on tppc for longer then ph but this only technical since i ve been more active on ph then tppc
1 Day ago
two truths and one lie
1 i was aware of the pokemon games since they came out
2 I got my son all 4 of his kyreums he currently has
3 this is the longest i ve ever been on a computer game
1 Day ago
two truths and one lie answers
1 wrong tapu fini isnt my first shiny legend mew is
2 true mega bannettenstein is my first mega able i started the halloween it was originally released
3 i adore gengar its a ghost type and i love ghosts
1 Day ago
2 truths and one lie
1 tapu fini is my first shiny legendary
2 mega bannettestein is my first mega able
3 I love gengar
1 Day ago
1 Day ago

just info

I will help you evolve applin into flapple if you dont have time to wait on the tree to trigger the event

38 old woman
no i dont have discord
no im not willing to trade anything outside my uft box
i have one son on here called Dorkfish plus a younger son who joined but only plays about once a month if any at all on here
my favorite legend: mew
my favorite ghost:giratina
my favorite type: ghost
please think of something else besides hi if you want something from me



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