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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 14,637/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
292227,762 / 256,669
265237,493 / 245,900
25640,858 / 229,257
25748,580 / 231,078
Shimmering Rain
9918,802 / 37,126

rules and prices

the person responsible forthis is todd hurwitch


if i tell you no on a certain trade and you keep bugging me; at best, ill block you; at worst, ill block you and report you for begging.


1 dont pal pad to offer me something especially since i probably cant afford it
2 dont pal pad me looking for stuff either if i got it for trade then ill post it
3 dont ask me to post your feed raffle or other things ill do it of my own accord
4 dont repeat dont send me magikarp plushie
5 if its in my uft box its for trade
6 dont send me a magikarp plushie
7 dont tease me either by sending a magikarp plushie or by just old fashion teasing especially if i havent talked to you before and dont know you
8 unless i post a plushie exchange or i respond to one of your plushies exchanges no plushies sent with expectation of a return

warning breaking any of these rules will result in blocking

uft prices

1 regular breedable pokemon 500 pd
2 regular event pokemon 10k pd
3 retros from concentration game 500 pd
4 retros from anywhere else 10k pd
5 legendaries minimually 50k pd
6 kyreum, celebi, shaymin, lugia 10k pd unless your new and under a month then free
7 legendary retros minimually 50k pd
8 special events 50k pd
9 legendary events 100k pd
10 shinies/mega ables already spoken for

Shiny Hunt

Cofagrigus is currently hunting Ferrerocoal.
Hunt started: 19/03/2019

Chain: 5

collecting plushies

just click on these to send so i can add to my hoard

collecting and future sm hunts

Rock gems:
Normal gems:
Steel gems:
Dragon gems:
Nebula stones:
Resolute stones:
Dark orbs:
ultra saddles

yes im collecting these but note i may not have the money to buy them so wait for me to post that i am buying before offering any of these and of course ill take donations if you wish to donate to me

future shiny mega hunts
bannettenstein 2 mega stone
crystal agron 2 mega stone
sala de minci 2 of them and one regular 3 mega stones
diancie 1 mega stone
shuppet 1 mega stone
snorunt both megas 2 mega stone
roykku 1 mega stone

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #257754977
Registration: 07/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Sep/2019
Game Time: 5691:39 Hours
Total interactions: 6,367,436
Money: 94,451
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


3 event eggs today wow liking daycare today makes me wonder how well this hunt will be tomorrow??
Today, 17:28
look at what i just hatched on gpx here totally random too omg my second shiny on there but a first for shiny on the first egg hatched
Today, 16:34
Today, 13:44
me yay im getting 35k from my ferrerrerocoal!!
son so? events usually go for 75k
me gee thanks for busting my bubble
Today, 00:25
oh god i got used to having over millions of gamechips now that a hunded and 35k look odd omg
Today, 00:15
now apoc gollet hunt is going to commence at reset and boy is it going to be fun trying to get the correct egg out of the apoc gollet im currently breeding
Yesterday, 22:51
save me from my owl son
Yesterday, 21:54
dear daycare id like one more egg today before the last minute of reset!!!
Yesterday, 21:28
me i ve never been interested in comic books or manga because books with alot of pictures have always been hard for me to read and thusly i cant enjoy them unlike my sons so if you ever see me buy a comic or manga its for one of my two sons
Yesterday, 21:12
a shimmering rain i thought i would never get you but i did and im so glad i had the patience to get you your so beautiful
Yesterday, 18:27
foreveralone needs poison and grass gems if your interested in selling please pp her
Yesterday, 16:20
pokefarm anyone got an extra apocaleptyc gollet/gollurk?? willing to buy offer 20 gp for one
Yesterday, 15:32
well goodnight ph!!!
Yesterday, 00:26
Yesterday, 00:03
takes me two friggin minutes to know that my daycare was signalling that i got another egg uggh this ferrererocoal hunt is going to kill me
1 Day ago
close feeds but anyways eggroll has an adopt up also ~Citrus~ has an adopt raffle up
1 Day ago
Im glad that when easter landed on april fools day that he didnt do anything i imagined hed do with the events although giving us keggleon was a stressor to those of us who want complete dex
1 Day ago
Furret is looking for grass and poison gems if interested please pal pad them
1 Day ago
ahem daycare if you care for your safety produce an egg!!!!
2 Days ago

Bullentin board for people

i generally put here what if anything that people need if you have something you need please pp me about it also if you have me blocked i wont post it

Foreveralone needs grass and poison gems if interested pp/pm her

the shaymin event may be returning this year because riako told me he did but cagey i m going for shiny shaymin plush but theres a 80% chance that it wont show up at all so i m going to need people to give shaymins to with all my interacting i got shaymin to show up 22 times the last time it was here i may do better the next time what im offering is ill give you the reject shaymins i get for free if you cant interact to get it yourself please pp/pm if interested

family and plushies

my sons: Omega_Mew, Cokodora

please add these plushies to my hoard



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