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Trainerlevel: 16

Trainerpoints: 7/783


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Shiny Hunt

Chocoroo is currently hunting Cyndaquil.
Hunt started: 09/01/2020

Chain: 43


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #886272430
Registration: 27/12/2019 (22 Days ago)
Game Time: 66:49 Hours
Total interactions: 18,581
Money: 127,637
Starter Pokémon: Dewott


Can I buy a shiny lugia egg voucher? According to the price check I do not have enough money (so expensive...) but perhaps we could make a deal or work somthing out? (Palpad me about this?)
Yesterday, 08:37
Poll: what is the longest shiny chain until a shiny is hatched that you have seen?
3 Days ago
Please please stay away from a user with the name "jake" press the hashtag for more info. Please stay safe!. I just discovered it right now.

I hope this jerk gets banned, I will still be happy if they apologize and becomes a good person
5 Days ago
You push the brown key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1,873x Pokédollar found!

The key breaks and becomes useless. Yay
5 Days ago
"You push the light blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

7x Leppa Berry found!

The key breaks and becomes useless."
my first ever treasure box I opened...
5 Days ago
I am selling cyndaquils. Males will cost 2000 - 2500 Females will cost 3800 - 4200. I am following the prices from the price check The Price Check
7 Days ago
Poll winners. Bulbasaur, cyndaquil, sobble and Emolga.
I will make four more polls and the winners will all compete in an ultimate poll
8 Days ago
Sorry but can I please have a lot of interactions? I have like four eggs waiting for me in the daycare
9 Days ago
Quiz: Which one of these three eggs give the most trainer points when they hatch?
A) Rare
B) Starter
C) Special
D) None/All the above
10 Days ago
"By Rumble Areas - 1 Minute and 41 Seconds ago.
Your Pokémon discovered a new Area on its last mission (Silent Forest):

Mossy Forest unlocked!"
10 Days ago
PD donations please?
I am trying to save up for the pokerader
10 Days ago
PD donations?
11 Days ago
Can someone buy 1 starpiece please for 50,000 or more PD!?
12 Days ago
I wish I had enough for a pokerader
12 Days ago
Quiz https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=iCatw76
12 Days ago
Hashtag contest: 500 PD to enter and please interact with my eggs (and show proof) use the hashtag #WinCynda to enter. a random winner will be chosen on the 15th and get's three cyndaquils.
12 Days ago
I like the super mario series. Change my mind (you can insult be for liking it in pm or pp, it's fine I won't report )
12 Days ago
Ugh, it's too hard to get pd and I need a lot for the key items
12 Days ago
Question relating to a trade offer on GTS: would you trade your red key, 6 honey and a growlithe from a daycare egg for a level 47 male meganium that can mega evolve (I think)
12 Days ago
I am doing a bunch of polls. Choose your favorite Pokemon in each one. The faces mean absolutely nothing they are my opinion on the Pokemon ( hate/dislike, don't mind, like and :3 favorite) the winning Pokemon in each one ends up going to the finals
13 Days ago


- I do do battles but please use Pokemon under level 110 to make it fair for me
- If I blocked you please feel free to get a friend to ask me why
- You can choose what Pokemon I hate
- You can ask me for one of my Pokemon but please try to ask for ones from the "for sale" box?
- I am not "gay"
- I am very sorry if I currently like a Pokemon you want me to hate
- Please do not be mad if you send me a message or palpad while I am online and I don't answer right away
- pm me whatever
things I like
- Super mario
- Yoshi woolly world
- Scribblenuats
- Pokemon omega ruby
- Pokemon super mystery dungeon

Things I hate
- How to train a dragon
- Pokemon anime
- Certain dogs

Websites I like to visit
note: please do not ask fot my account names, I will only share with those I feel comfortable sharing them to

- Chicken smoothie
- Pokecommunity
- Wattpad
- Fantendo wiki

\/ Learn more in my other widgets \/

^^^My Goals^^^

Red=Impossible to do Green=Done

~ Get the Pokerader

~ Reach level 15 before February

~ Reach 500,000 PD

~ Have my account for more than a year

~ Change my username

~ Sell my star piece for 50,000 PD

~ Help get someone banned from the site

~ Get a shiny

~ Hatch a male shiny

~ Hatch a female shiny

~ Be sure if I have to hate lugia or not

~ Make my new profile picture

~ Get shiny victini

~ Get a mew

~ Be here for an event

~ collect all my favorite Pokemon

~ Get and love an xerneas egg

~ get a shiny vulpix (or ninetails)

~ Complete my lugia collection
- Shadow
- Retro
- Normal
- Shiny
- Shiny retro (?)

~Kill All Da Cyndaquils!~

~~~Pokemon I hate~~~

~ Charmander
~ Pidgey
~ Pidgeotto
~ Pidgeot
~ Ekans
~ Arbok
~ Nidoran (M)
~ Nidorino
~ Nidoking
~ Mankey
~ Primape
~ Abra
~ Kadabra
~ Alakazam
~ Hypno


~ Cyndaquil
~ Quilava
~ Typhlosion
~ Totodile
~ Croconaw
~ Feralgltr
~ Xatu
~ Umbreon
~ Lugia


~ Swampert
~ Slaking
~ Rayquazza


~ Chimchar
~ Monferno
~ Infernape
~ Empoleon
~ Shinx
~ Luxio
~ Luxuray
~ vespuiquen
~ Buizel
~ Floatzel
~ Buneary
~ Lopunny
~ Mismagius
~ Honchkrow
~ Chatot
~ Riolu
~ Lucario
~ Dialga
~ Palkia
~ Cresselia
~ Darkrai
~ Arceus


~ Pignite
~ Emboar
~ Unfezant (M)
~ Gurdurr
~ Conkledurr
~ Throh
~ Sawk
~ Sandile
~ Kokorok
~ Krookodile
~ yamask
~ Confargrias
~ Zoroark
~ Gotohita
~ Gothorita
~ Gothitelle
~ Thornadus
~ Thundurus
~ Reshiram
~ Zekrom
~ Landorus
~ Kyurem


~ Diggersby
~ Spewpa
~ Vivillon
~ pangoro
~ Meowstic
~ Sylveon
~ Pumpkaboo
~ Gourgeist
~ Yveltal


~ Incenroar
~ Primarina
~ Gumshoos
~ Nihilego
~ Buzzwole
~ Pheromosa
~ Xurkitree
~ Celesteela
~ Kartana
~ Guzzlord
~ Nekrozma
~ Poipole
~ Nagandadel
~ Stakakata
~ Blacephalon


~ Greedent
~ Thievul
~ Applin
~ Toxel
~ Troxtricity
~ impidimp
~ Morgrem
~ Grimmsnarl
~ Perrserker
~ Indeedee
~ Dracozolt
~ Arctozolt
~ Dracovish
~ Arctovish
~ Eternatus

~ If there is a spelling mistake or you would like to make me hate another Pokemon then please let me know ~

---Pokemon Memes---

None of these images were mine. Credit goes to whoever made them

_-_Xerneas Egg Progress_-_

Dragon Gem (0/75)
Fire Gem (0/75)
Ground Gem (4/75)
Bug Gem (3/75)