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21 | they/them | emo furry trash | bi

You can call me Fangz! I'm a college student, comic writer, gamer, energy drink addict, cat lover, and long time PH fan!

If you need any help around the site you can ask me however I don't answer to random ''hello'' messages.

Please read my diary if you want to talk!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #782103933
Registration: 27/06/2014 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 2529:58 Hours
Total interactions: 11,008,073
Money: 143,663
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


By RottenKiwi
quitting for good so im doing a massive giveaway!
all you have to do is 1 simple step and is use the tag #decomposed
ill be giving away ALL my good items and every pokemon in the box called "#decomposed"
I'm also giving away 405k pokecoins and 58 nuggets
(There will be 30 winners so you have a huge chance to win!)
27 Days ago
By Nuggetz - 7 Hours and 36 Minutes ago. Hey guys, it's been WAAAYYYYY too long since I've actually really got into this game. I've just been kinda passively checking out market here and there cuz you know, haha number go big hehe.

Anyway, I'm bored, I wanna try something.


There will be 1 winner!
Winner of what exactly?
The winner will win 5,000 pd multiplied by every like this gets and every share #LetsHaveSomeFunAgain gets!

That means if 100 people like and share, THATS A MILLION PD! 1,000,000!!!! AND THATS ONLY THE BEGINNING! SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!! I WANT TO GIVE AWAY TONS OF CASH!!!!!
1 Month ago
C2 Zhongli let's goooo
3 Months ago
I wasted more nuggets on this hunt than the SM is worth...
4 Months ago

Winners are:
1. 200 nuggets - Papyrus_The_Skeleton
2. 100 nuggets - Panflam
3. 50 nuggets - SuperDucky100

Thank you all for joining in!
1 Year ago
Giveaway time!!
1. 200 nuggets
2. 100 nuggets
3. 50 nuggets

How to join:
- share hashtag #birthdaycheese (1 entry a day)
- send me a birthday Ducklett plushie (5 entries)
- gift me a mystery box/key (10 entries)

Ends on the 2nd of March(my birthday)

Good luck!!
1 Year ago
Merry Christmas everyone! Here are the winners of #ChristmasMareep
Mega able:
1. -Vannah-
2. TVCCreator
3. Momma_Miko
4. BeepBeepBirthdayMareep
5. LordVallar
6. seanbSolg07
7. possum
8. Danti
9. leafion1022
10. RevolutionaryPlayerND
11. Greninja_Times
12. Purpleeda
13. DogLover222
14. Ablip
15. LJVDemonWolf

AND MEGA STONE GOES TO BeepBeepBirthdayMareep

Thank you all for joining! Congrats to winners!
1 Year ago
By DARK_DEMON - 10 Minutes and 45 Seconds ago.
Well. . . It has been a while since i've done a Giveaway.
Just Share this Hashtag
Winners will receive. . .
1st-200 nuggs
2nd-One Mega Stone
3rd-Rusted Shield OR Griseous Pearl(You Choose)
GOOD LUCK!!! Ends A Day After Christmas.
1 Year ago
Last day to join #ChristmasMareep !!
1 Year ago
#ChristmasMareep is still going!
15 people can win mega able
1 person will win mega stone
And every 500 entries someone will win a shiny!

We got over 250 entries rn!!
1 Year ago
#ChristmasMareep because I'm bored I'm adding another prize! For every 500 entries, 1 person will have a chance to win shiny from mareep family!
1 Year ago
I have gotten a few messages so just to clarify
1 Year ago
Giveaway time!
15 people will win mega able from the Mareep family
1 person will win megastone

Share #ChristmasMareep for free entry
Send a Mareep plushie or a Christmas Gift for 10 entries

Ends on Christmas!
1 Year ago
shiny Bulbasaur (Retro) just hatched

that's third shiny today :)
1 Year ago
just hatched shiny Cyndaquil (Retro) :)
1 Year ago
By LuckyLady - 5 Minutes and 30 Seconds ago.

Don't forget to share every week for another entry!
10 Fire gems will get you an extra entry also!
Good luck everyone! <3
2 Years ago
Riako: there is no one stupid enough to buy GC for pd just for prizes
Me, already counting how much pd I need for shinies: Allow me to introduce myself
2 Years ago

No Cubone has to be lonely with me. Please send them over!

Collection || Gift log

Also if you need to collect all Minior forms you can spam me with them I don't mind! :P

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