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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 2,687/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Nidorino352,087 / 3,572
Nidorino351,698 / 3,572
Kricketune251,577 / 1,676
Nidorina35989 / 3,572


Water Gems: 750 PD per gem
Flying Gems : 900 PD per gem
Rock Gems: 550 PD per gem

About Me

Hoi I am Crimson as some of my friends call me. If you need help I am open to helping you as long as you also help me ^^ when needed. I know sometimes you can't help me understand. Just a heads up I don't ask for help often and rarely turn down things. I might not be on all the time though. Due to school and other activities that I am involved with. So I will try to answer as soon as possible. Oh if you want to talk hit me up I love to have a chat. Bye ~

stuff to watch: BNHA, TFP, Kuijudo, Pokemon (obviously), Digimon, Steven Universe, and Avengers

Side note :


I need hugs at time so if you want just pop by and give me a hug~

This is my pfp if your wondering ^


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Caldwell hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #236008659
Registration: 05/01/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 273:55 Hours
Total interactions: 597,363
Money: 3,166,716
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Has anyone had a Pokemon from rumble arena find a key in five minutes before?
6 Months ago
I only have 51 more pokemon to find to finish up my kanto dex
6 Months ago
Who wants to do a sky gift exchange
6 Months ago
Does anyone want some Eevees?
6 Months ago
I just relize how true this is:

'Zubat4Ducks defeats Caldwell in a fight, but spares his life.'
'Theapple attacks Caldwell, but he manages to escape.'

I suck at fighting I only know how to make peace
6 Months ago
'Caldwell receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.'

Neh Thank you sponsor >~<
6 Months ago
By I_Like_Turtles

I forgot bout this account and relogged to give away everything i have to 3 lucky winners.

1st place will get my ditto + zapdos (these were expensive)
2nd place will get 86 star pieces 7 dragon gems and a lot of shiny's i guess?
3rd place will get my 'rare' shinys such as retro ducklet and some more
(i also have 2142 nuggets and some money which i will split between the 3)

i probably have some more stuff that you might like, just palpad me and i'll consider giving it.

if anyone has any suggestions palpad me

to enter spread this message and hashtag (please spread so maybe a new player can get a headstart)


6 Months ago
By Midoroki

Ok, since no one is joining imma make a give away out of it.
This giveaway has 24 slots, one for each contestant. When all slots are filled, I will start the games.
The winner will get 25k
2nd place will get 20k
3rd place will get 15k
4th place will get 10k
5th place will get 5k
Everyone else will get 500 as a participation gift.
This is in pd btw.
Share this post and hashtag #HungerGamesGiveAway
6 Months ago
What is the most wholesome thing you've seen? My pit-bull who is very playful jump into my bed and cuddle with me after I had a nightmare.
6 Months ago
When you like causing something to happen and can't help but smile.
6 Months ago
The chaos in that debate that apple posted >~< I am going back to bed it's to early to deal with this mess


(Sorry for the spam guys )
6 Months ago
I Just woke up twenty minutes ago to see drama in my feed. I don't know how I should feel about this....
6 Months ago
I am not use to getting these. This from an anon.;

I am someone who you know, 1. i grow when there is rain 2. I can be eaten who am I?

I think I have an idea but I am not sure >~< is it a mushroom ?
6 Months ago
What is your favorite anime?
6 Months ago
I think I am going to break my chain so I can find other pokemon I need for my kanto dex. I've been procrastinating for two years I think the time has come to actually do something about it~
7 Months ago

>,< That I am able to go back to my high school this year in person this will be my last year which is so exciting
7 Months ago
Honestly I think I am getting a hang of the link thing >,< ( don't laugh at me. I am not tech savvy with computers or anything)
7 Months ago
I have two sky gifts left so who wants to do an exchange?
7 Months ago
#risky Good luck!~
7 Months ago
Lol that was a lot of fun I might do that again in the future so watch out ~ Dragon Boy~
7 Months ago



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