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About Me

Hello everyone!

I am the Bug Catcher of pokéheroes. What do I like?... Catching bug pokémon ofcourse! They are without a doubt the strongest and coolest pokémon out there. I will do my best to gather every ( special ) bug pokémon I can. I am friendly to all, and accept any invite for a chat. I am always willing to gather more shiny bugs.

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Shiny Hunt

Bug_Catcher is currently hunting Doduo.
Hunt started: 17/08/2023

Chain: 1


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Trainer ID: #870953933
Registration: 25/01/2016 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 1388:01 Hours
Total interactions: 721,560
Money: 9,812,107
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


Registration: 25/01/2016 (7 Years ago)

Hmm, so you're telling me I've been here for 1/4th of my life? Time sure flies!
11 Months ago
The lab loves me today, a MA snom and a MA weedle. Perfect for me!
11 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Cosmog hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #212)!

Hello final shiny cloud, thank you for showing up!
1 Year ago
Since someone sent me a pinsir plush, BugByte #8 will be about it!

Pinsir is no ordinary beetle! It's incredibly strong and can even uproot trees with its big horns. They don't look like it, but they're excellent burrowers for when one has to hide from the cold. When the temperatures drop below a certain point they even stop moving completely!

If you want to catch one, be aware of the big pincers.. If you're caught you'll be in for a rough time! Maybe a very heavy pokemon could aid you in fighting one, since it might not be able to lift it?
1 Year ago
It is time for BugByte #7: Paras.

Paras is an excellent burrower and loves to hide in damp caves. It has tochukaso mushrooms growing on its back which seem to tell it what to do? I've seen them gnaw on all kind of roots before, it seems to be their favourite meal. Be quick when you want to catch one because they will disappear underground in a flash!

Using a net is only for the fastest bug catchers among us, so I'd recommend using a pokémon good at digging to draw the paras out. Also beware of the mushrooms, they can shower you in spores which'll paralyze you in an instant!
1 Year ago
BugByte #6!

Today i'd like to talk about Larvesta. A rather innocent looking caterpillar, but don't be fooled by all its fluff. There is real fire hiding inside this little one! Do not be foolish enough to wander too close to their nest or you'll be left with a nasty burn.

To catch it, naturally a water type pokémon is most suited. A net would be rather foolish because it'll get burnt away (trust me, I tried...)
1 Year ago
Greetings everyone, it is time for BugByte #5!

Today we'll discuss: Surskit. A rather curious little bug that gracefully skates across the surface of ponds and lakes. They even venture out in town after a rainstorm to ride on puddles. Catching one sound simpler than it is, because they are very quick to skate away from you! When they sense danger, they secrete syrup from the antenna on their head. Perhaps a pokémon like herdier or stoutland can sniff them out and find them easier?

To catch one, being quick with a net is always a good choice. And bring a water type pokémon to bring them closer to land when they decide to 'run'.
1 Year ago
It is time for yet another BugByte. Trivia on bug pokémon and how to catch them!

In today's spotlight we find dustox. Ever wondered why it's near impossible to find one during the day? Well that's because they're nocturnal, and naturally drawn to any light source. Should you want to catch one, setting up a big spotlight at night should do the trick. They love eating tree leaves, so spot some cleaned branches to find a nearby dustox nest. Just be careful for its poison powder, because that'll knock you right out!
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Buzzwole hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #21)!

3 Years ago


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Messon, who loves to sit on my shoulder

Nymphia, the loyal friend who walks by my side

Nyasper, always curious

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