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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 7,459/7,549


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,0555,322,645 / 12,675,241
Deino431 / 76
Bidoof54 / 91
Zigzagoon56 / 91
Metapod8182 / 217
Maractus14 / 8

About Me

How's it going? I'm Bevis.

I'm a 22 year old INTP from the UK

I like contemplating the universe in the continually evolving sanctuary of my mind, and am open to input provided it can develop my inner logical system, in any aspect. If we disagree I won't be upset, just eager for us to refine our ideas to see if we can understand each other

I have a good understanding science, maths, philosophy, video games, books, music and anime

I lack understanding of how to talk about emotions, so people may find me cold but I assure you this isn't the case nor intentional.

I love to help people within my capacity, and so may post insight that will help a few people, though just as easily discontent when I feel I can't. Working on my perspective.

Hope you found what you seek, if not then feel free to tell me how I can help :p

Happy go lucky ^^

Personality test results

Big 5 Personality traits score

MBTI type preference & score

50 Introverted
50 iNtuition
09 Thinking
06 Perceiving

Game Records

Trainer ID: #575309477
Registration: 24/03/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1668:04 Hours
Total interactions: 180,905
Money: 77,600
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


It is done. Revolutionary new method.
2 Days ago
Why am I even bothering trying to organise my boxes at this point? I mean, I have 2,000 pokemon waiting to be sorted, because I can't settle on a system I have a further 3,000 in the wrong homes, and I only play on mobile and it's fiddly af to move anything, so I might just surrender and dump stuff in any old boxes really, though the idea of that fills me with as much dread as sorting them. Wish there was some automatic system. I have more storage space than patience lol.
2 Days ago
So melatonin is the chemical your body produces to induce sleep, and your body can't produce it when exposed to light. I learnt today that caffeine is the same shape as the receptors, which prevents your body from using the melatonin it has, which is the reason for it keeping you from sleeping
7 Days ago
Take a deep breath yo
7 Days ago
Listening to soul to feed my soul and funk to break this funk
8 Days ago
Been annoying the neighbours practicing whistling
8 Days ago
Did you know it's 7.7 billion times easier to change the way you look at things than changing the world?
9 Days ago
How to catch a ditto on ph

Step 1: log in sometimes
Step 2: actually adopt some eggs
Step 3: I forget
9 Days ago
Also happy today everyone :p
13 Days ago
The answer to "what is the purpose of life" is life.
13 Days ago
Almost dozed off when I was trying to meditate today
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange?
1 Month ago
Hello old friend my old friend
1 Month ago
Random lab mega able larvitar :p
1 Month ago
(Ted talk) This could be why you feel depressed.

What he basically says is that humans naturally need to feel they belong somewhere. What this means for us is we should be kind to each other.

Many of us feel we only really belong here, and when people are toxic towards us that sense of belonging can be shattered if we let it, and many of us don't know how not to, because we're insecure already, which is how we found this place.

Best to assume every single one of us is insecure and act appropriately, with compassion, or even indifference if you can't be bothered (happens), but never hate.

I'm going to work on suggestions to try to make PH great again.

My current idea is separate global and friends only notification page, and reworking the add friend button to a system where you have to accept the request to become friends. This is to create closer knit communities with emphasis on choosing with whom you communicate.

1 Month ago
No more action, and out of peanut butter. Night :p
1 Month ago
I don't know how hacking works so I'm just imagining a Riako and some person typing at each other real hard
1 Month ago
Could go to sleep but would rather eat peanut butter and watch how this plays out instead
1 Month ago
Quack quack
1 Month ago
Us and them is what makes the game of life playable it's just ying and yang but keep that in private. Making us and them public is what causes hate crime, war etc, so don't fight the cosmic laws or you'll mess up the future.
1 Month ago


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