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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 7,894/17,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Spring Fliffy
(Spring Flaaffy)
4,39657,643,230 / 69,453,369
(Mega Ampharos)
2,24613,797,683 / 18,101,049
Chatot11 / 9
Chatot12 / 9

Shiny Hunt

BakugouKatsuki is currently hunting Chatot.
Hunt started: 24/10/2020

Chain: 24


Hay una bomba en mi cabeza
Y ¡Explota!
Escuchá mi voz
Ahora explota
Solo escucha mi voz
Mi mente hace exploción

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869116695
Registration: 15/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Jun/2021
Game Time: 3556:46 Hours
Total interactions: 908,074
Money: 13,079,810
Starter Pokémon: Swampert



They make me uncomfortable.
3 Days ago
Counting the days until my vacation... but it's still 4 weeks left.
I really need to rest. v_v
6 Days ago
//dying sheep noises
18 Days ago
Did I rock my training course? I absolutely did! 💪 Despite my nervousness I was super calm and I already got positive feedback, even our client said that everyone is in good hands before he left. TwT I'm exhausted (worked for 10 hours today) but I'm happy.
25 Days ago
You peeps are super sweet! Thank you for the plushies and the compliments for the Magearna artworks. ♡ Honestly, I wasn't expecting so much positive feedback and this certainly makes my day. 😊
28 Days ago
Spoopy month is getting closer~ 💀👻🎃

Playing around with textured brushes is my new favorite thing. ♥ I actually wanted to stream this weekend but I'm dealing with a stubborn headache since Friday and I had to take a lot of breaks. ;;
29 Days ago
Got this custom design as Patreon reward from my all time favorite artist and he turned out so gorgeous. 😩🤎
(Can't wait to draw him, soon! I always wanted my own Vernid oc and now that dream came true aaaa!!!)
1 Month ago
My bf and me while shopping for groceries yesterday:

He: "It feels great not paying attention to prices. We're so lucky having this job and a nice income. Don't you think, too?

Did we buy it? OF COURSE WE DID! ùwu
1 Month ago
Work, eat, sleep, repeat... 😩
(How about a livestream session this weekend? I need to draw again for my own sanity, plus I miss talking to you. ♡)
1 Month ago
//hearts new avi

Big thanks to Kuroo for drawing my bab so handsome. ;A; ♥
1 Month ago
Recently we get the funniest calls by customers but these two almost killed us today:

"I'm calling because I still cannot upload any documents. What? You want me to try it out on my PC? Now? Sorry, I can't. Currently I'm in the forest and collecting mushrooms."
"I got this e-mail and I'm really furious because I wrote this "no reply" person a message but I still got no reply from them!!!"
1 Month ago
Everyone: "Let's enjoy the last days of summer before it's getting cold again."
Me: *buys an insane amount of autumn and halloween ornaments to decorate almost any corner in my flat*

It's never too early!!! 😩👌
1 Month ago
I can't believe that hell of a week is over. I did nothing else than working and sleeping. :'^)

Buuuut at least I'm enjoying my new position so far. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'll be a trainee until the 21. September and after that it's official. <3
Bye bye hotline - you'll never be missed. lol
1 Month ago
Nah, I'm skipping Berry Battle. It's always too stressful and I hate doing these tasks anyway. 🤣
2 Months ago
I wish I had more time for Art Fight this year but with my busy rl and the broken pen tablet it was hard to catch up a good amount of attacks.

I nevertheless made good use of the last remaining days - I'm quite happy with the outcome of my artworks. I really enjoyed working on these character portraits. 😊

Still very sad/angry they deleted Baku.
2 Months ago
Gonna sleep through the rest of summer. It's too hot to function anyway. Wanna join my little ice cave?
2 Months ago
Had a very shitty day, so I decided to spend some minutes in front of my door to talk and pet a neighbourhood cat I became friends with a few months ago. Animals are more therapeutic than humans.

The only reason he might be obsessed with me is because I stored cat treats in my mailbox. 🙄🤣
2 Months ago
It's almost 11 pm and here I am, cleaning the kitchen as if I don't have any better to do right now. orz

Being a cleaning maniac is no fun.
2 Months ago
Art Fight deleted Baku due to his closeness to Bakugou and yet their rules say fan characters are allowed as long as you give credits, which I did. There are tons of fan oc's or even Pkmn oc's on AF and not a single person bothers. Good job with implementing your rules, AF!

This will be my last time participating on it. :^)
2 Months ago
May I introduce you Lawrence? Just adopted him and I'm already loving him so much. 😭💚

(He also helped me leaving that strangely short art block behind. Haha.)
3 Months ago

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