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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 14,340/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5,97663,247,273 / 107,155,657


♪ ♫ ♬

I use to kiss your head when you cried for me
Hold your hand while the pain was all around
Keep you warmed by the roaring sea
Oh, you meant the world to me

I used to run with you through the great big leaves
Laugh at you when you laugh at me
Hope for us because I believed
That home was just you and me

I thought you were the one for me
That's why I gave you everything
Held you close by the stormy seas

Oh, you meant the world to me

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Anime - Asagao to Kase-san
Art (c) Miky/Hime-Nyan
Shop Userbar (c) MetalHeadKendra
Plushie Artwork (c) The lovely Hime-Nyan
Sammie/Nikki (c) Arahkan and Miky
Miky (c) Arahkan

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Shiny Hunt

Arahkan is currently hunting Aron.
Hunt started: 10/02/2020

Chain: 1,753
43 40 1


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_Ark 1 Day ago
Sakuragi 8 Days ago
Miky 12 Days ago
Miky 12 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #159717346
Registration: 01/01/2016 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Nov/2020
Game Time: 2675:34 Hours
Total interactions: 1,087,858
Money: 5,777,765
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Miky was watching me work on Art Trades tonight, and I wanted to show her some of my very first drawings back in the day, and we came up with this. Be warned it's cringe /3\ But it's 10 years worth of Jo. Have fun laughing at my misery! Enjoy ♡
3 Days ago
[Art Trades/Commissions]

I've been in kinda meh mood as of late ;w; Haven't really had much motivation to do anything, so I was wondering if maybe anyone would be interested in doing an Art Trade or two?

Some examples of Digital and Pixel stuff: [x] [x] [x] [x]

If not, I'll probably open a few commissions maybe ;w; If other's would prefer that. I just wanna try and get out of the slump I've slid into. If you'd prefer commissions, everything is pay what you want, so just leave some characters and a price in the comments, and I'll see if anything catches my interest! If you'd be interested in an Art Trade, feel free to palpad me ;w;

Characters above (c) To their Rightful Owners
3 Days ago
Boop I think this is one of the many site maps from last year I remember using ;w;
4 Days ago
Do you ever see a feed on PH and think "How does this person function everyday"
4 Days ago
The Shadow Celebi has been caught successfully!

Smol babe <3
8 Days ago
I was finally able to snag a Shadow Typlosion ;w; Which means my Johto Shadow Dex is 100 percent complete~! -happy Jordan noises- Now if I could just get Mewtwo to spawn, I could die happily.
16 Days ago
Which of the Shiny Legendary Doggo's do you like better? Bubbly Blue Zacian or Perfectly Pink Zamazenta?
21 Days ago
Shiny Xerneas is almost as beautiful as the babe that gave it to me~ Thank you Miky ♡ Sorry he was a pain in the butt /3\
23 Days ago
W-why is everyone adding me today >3>;
25 Days ago
The Shadow Lugia has been caught successfully!

You found 26 in a row so far!
Keep searching!

Second Shadow Babes ;w; ♡
1 Month ago
Flight Rising

Gotta stop being lazy and exalt dragons >3>; So if any of them interest you, let me know! I'm not picky about prices so just shoot me an offer in Treasure or PD ;w;
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange, please? ;w; ♡
1 Month ago
I'm conflicted on if I wanna keep this Shiny Mega Hunt to get one for myself ;w; Or just call it good and move on to other Hunts.. Help me please
1 Month ago
I wish people wouldn't take advantage of my kindness

Guess it's time to take some Miky 101 Basics on how to be a butt
1 Month ago
Buying Art!

Aww, yaaaas /w\ Got a new babe today! I'd like you to meet Jasper! I've got over 10k nuggets to spend, So I'm currently looking for art of him! ;w; I also have Dante and Maxwell that could use some lovins as well! So please comment or palpad me if you're open for commissions~!

Thank you Tesoro for such lovely Characters /3\
1 Month ago
Selling lots of Stuff!

- x1 Mega Stone
- x6 Bottled Message
- Shadow Pokemon
- Shiny Pokemon
- Lots of gems (Bug, Fighting, Grass, Poison, Rock, Steel and Water)

Palpad me or comment if you're looking to buy any of the above! ;w;
1 Month ago
Aaaa ;w; Happy Birthday you big dork! I hope you have a fantastic day today, and remember to stay awesome~! Send me cake please ♡ ♡

1 Month ago
I dunno if many people here play Temtem, but Miky babe got me the Luma Lion I have been trying to get forever ;;w;; And I just can't. Just look at hiiiiim ♡ ♡ She's way too good to me /3\
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A Shiny Mega Aron hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #69)!

I-i.. I just.. What ;;w;;
1 Month ago

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