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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 3,419/19,279


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
7,158100,735,563 / 153,732,367
Houndour10 / 10
Houndour10 / 10

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Ardyn - 0/1
Makabe - 0/1
Arahkan - 0/1

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Anime - Soukyuu no Fafner
Avatar (c) JadeING
Profile Artwork / Plushie Artwork (c) Hime-Nyan

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Shiny Hunt

Arahkan is currently hunting Houndour.
Hunt started: 22/09/2020

Chain: 1,160
27 36 0

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #159717346
Registration: 01/01/2016 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Dec/2020
Game Time: 2999:24 Hours
Total interactions: 1,113,895
Money: 422,700
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


I really want to hunt Zamazenta ;w; But I'm so torn, someone make this decision for me please.
Yesterday, 20:34
Not that most would care, but Shadowlands comes out tomorrow, and I'm just over here Vibrating from all the excitement. Aaaaaaa, I can't even wait. ;;w;;
5 Days ago
Just a friendly reminder to those going on about the Presidential results; Don't use this as a chance to be disrespectful towards others. Whether you're voting Blue, or you're voting Red, most of us are just hoping to make our Country better. There's no need to spread hate or be disrespectful towards others just because they don't share the same opinion as you ;w; ♡
24 Days ago
I really wanna start collecting for a Dracozolt hunt >3> But I'm terrified to ask how much people are selling the new fossils for.
28 Days ago
Dracozolt is the cutest thing ever, i swear.
28 Days ago
-zombie noises- 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
1 Month ago
Aaaa ;w; My Shiny lil Pumpkin babe! Ill have to wait till daytime to evolve it, but Im super excited either way /w\ -happy Jordan noises-
1 Month ago
Alright, after putting in all 87 participants, the winners are as followed:

1. Mozzie - Shiny Solgaleo
2. Ardyn - Shiny Azelf
3. NekoScrub - 1500 Nuggets
4. 41hrva - 1000 Nuggets
5. Jdd5611 - Grey Feather

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes, and congrats to the winners! ;w; I'll start sending stuff out shortly!

1 Month ago
I will be ending the Giveaway at reset today! ;w; So if you haven't told me your favorite monster/creature, today will be your last day to do so!

Also, all the marks were reached! So the prizes have been updated to the following:

First Place - Shiny Solgaleo
Second Place - Shiny Azelf
Third Place - 1500 Nuggets
Fourth Place - 1000 Nuggets
Fifth Place - Grey Feather

Good luck again guys!
1 Month ago
First, I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! ;w; You all are absolutely amazing! And a special thank you to Makabe, who spoiled the absolute heck outta me this morning with art. You're such a sweetheart, and I don't think I could thank you enough for everything you've done for me ;;w;; ♡

Next! Let's wrap up today by doing a Giveaway! Since it's the Spooky Month, tell me your favorite Monster or Creature for the chance to win the following!

First Place - Shiny Azelf
Second Place - 1000 Nuggets
Third Place - Grey Feather

Winners will be picked on Friday the 16th! If a good bit of people happen to join, I'll gladly add more prizes! Good luck guys! ;w;
1 Month ago
Happy Birthday, Arahkan!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or are you spending your day at the Emera beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

27 already, holy muffins ;w;
1 Month ago
Do the chances of encountering a Boss Battle in Rumbles increase the higher the level is? >3> Cause I just got 3 in a row
1 Month ago
Aaaa yas! Pumpkin babe is here! ♡

Im sorry for so many feeds, I'm just so excited ;w;
1 Month ago
Aaaaaaaaa ;;;w;;; I'm so excited, my Pumpkin babe made it!
1 Month ago
278 Doggo's hatched. Only 2 Shinies, and 11 Megas. What on earth is happening here >c
1 Month ago
Trying to do a quick Shiny Mega Hunt before my Premium runs out. So I'll be buying Fire and Dark Gems for 1k PD each! I've got plenty of nuggets for larger quantities as well! Please palpad me!
2 Months ago
[Looking to Trade]

- Nuggets/PD for PFQ Currency (Credits, GP, ZC)
- Nuggets for Art (Comment/Palpad examples!)


- Shiny Retros (Birds/Starters)
- Shiny Keldeo
- Shiny Mega Aggron
- Shiny Solgaleo
- Shiny Groudon
- Shiny Xerneas

I've got 33k Nuggets to get through before I disappear in November, so please palpad me if you're looking to trade currency or would like to make some nuggets with art ;w; ♡
2 Months ago
After a lot of consideration, I've come to the conclusion that once my Premium runs out, you'll see me less and less on PH ;w; I plan on getting on to keep up with Rumbles, so I can continue to help Hime, Tes, and Lii with their Birds, and I would like to see if my Event Sprite made it in. But other then that, I will no longer be very social with feeds, and I probably won't respond to PM's/Palpads.

That being said, ALMOST everything on my account is for sale. Yes, that means some of the Shiny Mega's and Shiny Legendaries from my Precious Box. I am very hesitant on who they go to, please keep that in mind if you happen to try and offer on them ;w;

Thank you guys for all the great memories! If you wanna keep in touch, Arahkan#3978 is my Discord. Feel free to comment or palpad me if there is something on my account you'd like try and get ;w; I love you guys ♡
3 Months ago
In case you weren't told today: You're important.
You're loved. And above all else, You Matter! By just being you, you've made a difference in someones life whether you see it or not!

Just a little Positivity, incase something this week has been dragging you down ;w; Keep your chin up and enjoy the rest of your week everyone ♡
3 Months ago
I don't know what I've done to deserve someone as precious as Makabe /3\ This dork just gave me this cutie. Mind feeding her a berry so I can get her evolved? ;w; I also need a naaame
3 Months ago

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