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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 3,720/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mama Isabella
1,0091,963,632 / 3,638,541
Marceline VampireQueen
1,0051,207,922 / 3,609,644
Celestia Ludenberg
1,0953,455,771 / 4,287,668

Gems I own

I currently have 181 Bug Gem!
I currently have 189 Electric Gem!
I currently have 196 Fighting Gem!
I currently have 567 Flying Gem!
I currently have 156 Grass Gem!
I currently have 211 Ground Gem!
I currently have 602 Normal Gem!
I currently have 497 Poison Gem!
I currently have 336 Rock Gem!
I currently have 60 Water Gem!
I currently have 40 Dark Gem!
I currently have 451 Fire Gem!
I currently have 0 Ghost Gem!
I currently have 0 Ice Gem!
I currently have 67 Psychic Gem!
I currently have 111 Steel Gem!
I currently have 0 Dragon Gem!
I currently have 65 Fairy Gem!

Progression/Items Collected

Normal Completion 1418/1593:

**Hatching females only unless gender set. Breeding Box is male only if anyone wants to MALE OT Swap then feel free to private trade me the exact same Pokémon.
~What To Breed Next(:Mostly Emera Pokémon's)

149/6,050= +Shinies

2,354/57,000=/ +Shiny

0/77 Mega Stones

Game Records

Trainer ID: #169489357
Registration: 12/02/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1067:55 Hours
Total interactions: 606,275
Money: 168,723
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Like what?!?😱Congratulations! A shiny Torcharch hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #3)!
6 Months ago
anyone know who the two people were that hatched the shiny dittos and what their chain was when they did so?
8 Months ago
Wait what???

Congratulations! A shiny Sugar Shock hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #9)!
8 Months ago
Took my chances and hatched a shiny retro Togepi! Still waiting for female shiny 🤞🏻
9 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Munchlax hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #9)!

Well that was fast….to bad it wasn’t a girl 😅
9 Months ago
I feel SOOOO dumb. I forgot that when you lose premium you also lose your hunt that your on. So this whole time I’ve been hatching eggs I thought it counted towards the chance to get a shiny…ugh! And I was at like 175 Munchlax hatched. 😭
10 Months ago
Trying to wait for the sale for Black Friday(I think that’s when the sale is?) is killing me. I want to renew my premium but it could go on sale 🤞🏻
10 Months ago
Kinda concerned that in my daycare I have the Easter lopunny’s and I’m at 75 Buneary’s hatched with zero event eggs…
11 Months ago
so I wasn't sure about posting this but a scary thing happened yesterday. while working and only an hour and a half into my shift a targeted shoot out happened right outside my work. luckily everyone was safe who wasn't apart of the shooting but still. I work at a kid store....😨
1 Year ago
You are currently hunting Pansear!
Good luck!

Total hatched: 1
Current Shiny Chance: < 0.1 %

Uhhhh welp Shiny Pansear! that was not expected 😱
1 Year ago
Omg 😱 I thought this day would never come! I hatched a Ditto
1 Year ago
Anyone know if breeding this new event yields either or eggs or does each event only breed their own?
1 Year ago
In doing the math: 35$ USD spent or 3,400 Nuggets =6 event pokemon legends (which is all the legends so far for events)

That's insane to get your own (6 OT) Legend event pokemons...
2 Years ago
After 12 hours for certain Pokémon eggs:

No Membership=1 egg

No breeding flute+membership =3eggs

With breeding flute+membership only= 9 eggs

Breeding Flute+membership+breeding increase(Fountain)= 22 eggs

O.o uhhhhh alright then....😅
2 Years ago
Took some time but I have finally gotten 4 female shiny pichu’s

Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #608)!
2 Years ago
An idea has already been created 5 years ago but still think it deserves some love to show it’s still a good idea!

Gender Lens please support original idea. So we can bring it into the game 😊
2 Years ago
TBH for Pokeheroes: I always feel guilty to create suggestions on the forum constantly in fear that they sound dumber than I thought or that it has been suggested years ago... Is that just me or???
2 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #373)!

Still at only 1/7shiny I have being female...Still need 3 more females under me as OT 😣
2 Years ago
#quitethisgame -You will be missed 😞
2 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #266)!

That’s now 4 males....I have set myself a goal to get all females under me as OT so this is becoming a lot more difficult then I expected....😅😪
2 Years ago

Plushies I'm Collecting

Credit to Furret

Shiny Hunt

AnjuMaaka is currently hunting Lilyfleur.
Hunt started: 06/08/2022

Chain: 12


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