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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 6,102/6,393


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Shiny Hunt

AnjuMaaka is currently hunting Diglett.
Hunt started: 27/11/2020

Chain: 21


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #169489357
Registration: 12/02/2020 (9 Months ago)
Premium member until 24/Oct/2021
Game Time: 623:16 Hours
Total interactions: 421,683
Money: 94,404
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Pokémon Go an interesting game where some people pick a team based on colour/legendary Bird or who’s the most attractive leader out of the 3. But ever looked for deeper meaning of each team? When reading what they stand for its kinda sad(keep in mind this is my perception of what I have read between the lines):

💙Mystic leader Candela believes science is the answer to all things Pokémon (points to mew two’s creation and why he hates humans)

💛Instinct leader Spark believes that friendship is key to being a good Pokémon trainer (aka like ash except when he let go of some Pokémon but meh we will just ignore that 😅)

❤️Valor leader Blanche believes that abuse(or over tiring the Pokémon)of Pokémon gets the job done and makes you the strongest trainer. Strength is all that matters (ahem Gary and almost all villains in the show/game).
7 Days ago
heres a question to all my breeder friends, anyone understand how Breeding Compatibility works?

I ask because my two fossil pokemon in daycare are 8% compatible and say "The two prefer to play with other members than each other." and yet in the daycare they say "he two seem to match perfectly." any ideas??? oh ALSO in 5 hours they have produced 14 eggs....
10 Days ago
*me over here regretting that I’m female egg hatching only for my dex*

9/74 Eevee’s hatched female....shiny hunting females is going to be a PAIN! Why did I do this to myself 😅😓
10 Days ago
I find “love compatibility” for Pokémon VERY interesting...the people who are willing to trade me, are under 50% compatibility...🤔😓
11 Days ago
Have you ever looked at how old you are and was like “wow I’m old” then decided “hey let’s just make ourself feel younger by flipping the age?” Welp I did and I’m in my 60’s now...😅😂
18 Days ago
Little kids come to the door...what will you do?

Me: *runs away*
1 Month ago
Anyone know if breeding this new event yields either or eggs or does each event only breed their own?
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Furfrou hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #74)!

Yes 10 more shiny females to go! 😊
1 Month ago
That moment when you hatch 3/4 male Clawfa‘s and they only have a 25% chance to be male....

(Females just don’t like me 😆😭)
1 Month ago
In doing the math: 35$ USD spent or 3,400 Nuggets =6 event pokemon legends (which is all the legends so far for events)

That's insane to get your own (6 OT) Legend event pokemons...
2 Months ago
After 12 hours for certain Pokémon eggs:

No Membership=1 egg

No breeding flute+membership =3eggs

With breeding flute+membership only= 9 eggs

Breeding Flute+membership+breeding increase(Fountain)= 22 eggs

O.o uhhhhh alright then....😅
2 Months ago
Took some time but I have finally gotten 4 female shiny pichu’s

Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #608)!
2 Months ago
An idea has already been created 5 years ago but still think it deserves some love to show it’s still a good idea!

Gender Lens please support original idea. So we can bring it into the game 😊
2 Months ago
TBH for Pokeheroes: I always feel guilty to create suggestions on the forum constantly in fear that they sound dumber than I thought or that it has been suggested years ago... Is that just me or???
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #373)!

Still at only 1/7shiny I have being female...Still need 3 more females under me as OT 😣
2 Months ago
#quitethisgame -You will be missed 😞
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #266)!

That’s now 4 males....I have set myself a goal to get all females under me as OT so this is becoming a lot more difficult then I expected....😅😪
2 Months ago
I added some more visuals to my old suggestion and also a new fact that I forgot. Please if you haven’t given this suggestion some love then please if you feel it should be implemented feel free to show suport. And By all means share.😊🤝 Fountain Suggestion

Also waiting on another suggestion to be checked over so fingers crossed. It’s a SUPER easy edit to pokeheroes.
3 Months ago
This is when your in a long hunt for female pokemon and you have room so you decide to get the harvest sprites out of the way but...people who are looking for "Timid" Harvest Sprite just will NOT find him period.

Hint: please buy berries one by one until he appears.

Me: ah yes let me just go to the item market and see if any berries are left *all empty due to event* welp ill just be here waiting for eggs to appear from my female hunt.
3 Months ago
You lost an auction.

Auction: Ditto (Your bid: 11 )

Better luck next time!

😆😆😂😂 yah it went to over 3Mill of course it go
3 Months ago


Fountain Event Chance
GTS-Gender/OT Swap Option

Completion 1145/1402:

(Collecting different male OT to go with mine-Check Breeding box to see what I'm missing)

Normal Gem Goal For Egg Ditto: 1,364/10,000


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