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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 2,508/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Ships <3


MichiruxHaruka (Sailor Moon)

HomoraxMadoka(Madoka Magica)

CatraxAdora (she-ra)

KuroyukihimexKurasaki(Accel World)

PearlxRose(Steven Universe)

MarcelinexBubblegum (Adventure Time)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #169489357
Registration: 12/02/2020 (5 Months ago)
Premium member until 07/Aug/2020
Game Time: 476:20 Hours
Total interactions: 367,437
Money: 158,803
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Yesterday, 23:00
You lost an auction.

Auction: Ditto (Your bid: 11 )

Better luck next time!

😆😆😂😂 yah it went to over 3Mill of course it go
2 Days ago
After 121 igglybaths I finally hatched a shiny! But unfortunately it’s a male(Which has a 25% chance to hatch) and I’m collecting all females under me as OT. Welp I’ll try again later. Thank you for all the help everyone! Now onto Pokédex
2 Days ago
AnjuMaaka is currently hunting Igglybath.
Hunt started: 27/05/2020

Chain: 111-0 🌟

Thats just over 2 months now of no shinies and 24$CAD down the drain....for membership and black flute help....

😭😭😭-I just wanna give up and work on my dex now.....
5 Days ago
A Huge thank you to everyone! finally finished every pokedex entry. I'm just editing a few things but here is the link for everyone: Visual Pokedex
12 Days ago
So did some digging and at this point which I know I may be a bit off but for 80 mega stones (if all boiling became a mega stone-hypothetically) that would have the value of 25,200,000PD Worth of gems 💎. And 18,000,000PD of it would be the 400 dragon gems 💎 worth at least 45,000PD each....🤯🤯 That’s NOT even the fact that if you want to have all shiny megas that would be 50,400,000PD worth of gems 💎.

*sits in a corner in shock and rocks back and forth* I’m going to be playing this for YEARS!!
14 Days ago
Approaching 100 Igglybath’s and not a single one shiny....and they are a common 😞 this pokemon is taking me the exact same amount of time as my first Starter Fenniken hatch (1st at 119-second at 184-and third was 236)....and yet another individual got their first shiny igglybath at number 35!!! 😭
14 Days ago
Hopefully it’s fine but I put my “fountain event chance” and “OT swap page” ideas on two Pokémon in GTS since they still have not been swapped 😞
17 Days ago
7910 Interactions for first egg. just need one more egg then I can focus on plush 😊
20 Days ago
one of my more "dumb" school moments....

How to fail at impressing a girl

Hope you enjoy. like I put on there I'm not sure if I should do more "Experiences"
20 Days ago
When you see this and want to internally cry inside😭😭.

Other person: IgglyBath Hunt

Me over here: My Igglybath Hunt
22 Days ago
22 Days ago
23 Days ago
By Cherryz - 9 Minutes and 17 Seconds ago.

Hey there! since the first giveaway that I did was fun and I promised to do another giveaway, why not do another giveaway of 70k Pd. :3
Here are the steps to enter: Share this post and the hashtag then comment the word "no" on my post. (It has to be on mine!)

Good luck! <3 -I'll choose someone to give the reward to when we have atleast 35 or more people in the giveaway. (this ends on monday so if we don't have at least 35 people in the giveaway by that time the giveaway will be cancelled!)

23 Days ago
Normal Gem 1=2,147,483,647 Very expensive.

When people think they are being funny 🙄😒. It’s a good thing the Item market doesn’t have people’s names attached to the items...😅
24 Days ago
By Iccywolf
Alrighty, you weebs I know there was no way I could beat Potted_Nugget. *cries* but I do have a solution to this. This is probably my last big giveaway in who knows how long and I'm going to giveaway, not 1 not 3 but 8k nuggets. That's right all you have to do is share the WHOLE POST and HASHTAG. The hashtag is #TheBigOneYear alright that's It good luck ends Monday.
24 Days ago
*Update for Pokedex Diary*

Myself and hinayanachan have been working a ton on all pokedex entries, once done I'll be posting it all together. (If your curious why no updates in awhile. we are on the last stretch. I'm on Emera 2015-2020 left which is the last portion and hinayanachan is doing all the Shadow pokedex entries.)

I'm waiting on this because I'd Like to edit some things and add a thank you post to the top post. so Thank You for your patience and understanding.😊
26 Days ago
Thank you for the Ot swap guys 😊 I’ve added a few more and I’ll add the rest later on.
27 Days ago
created another forum Idea. all support/ideas/shares is greatly appreciated. GTS OT/Gender Swap Page
28 Days ago

Favourite Pokemon Characters



Nurse Joy








Favourite Anime Characters

Danganronpa-Kyoko Kirigiri

RWBY-Blake Belladonna

Sailor Moon- Neptune(Outer)

Accel World-Kuroyukihime

Ah! My Goddess-Belldandy

Steven Universe-Rose Quartz

Madoka Magica- Homura Akemi

Rozen Maiden-Shinku

Attack On Titan- Mikasa Ackerman

Neptunia- Uni

Rosario Vampire- Outer Moka Akashiya

Adventure Time- Marceline

Legend Of Zelda-Princess Zelda/Urbosa



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