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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 7,087/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Surskit32 / 37

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #706387035
Registration: 03/03/2014 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 2690:45 Hours
Total interactions: 1,361,031
Money: 1,506,726
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


animorphs are so funny and for what
Yesterday, 00:49
i was looking at the FAQ on the wiki and this is still there lol.

i don't know the reasons herochat was removed but palpad group chats are def not any better. member list buggy, unnecessary unread ping in notification bar, hard to keep track of everyone talking.

saying this because i realize now the chat quiz thing sounds kinda fun but trying to work that out in a palpad gc sounds like a nightmare.

to anyone who actually likes and uses the palpad groupchat feature can you explain what is good about it i'm willing to hear u out, genuinely interested.
1 Day ago
who else is hyped that 6 of our advent days is gonna be repeat cosplay boxes 🤣🤣🤣
2 Days ago
the feminine urge to start a new pokemon colosseum save file
2 Days ago
are the christmas gifts just not happening?
2 Days ago
im so sick and tired of social media and stuff forcing your profile picture to crop into a circle
4 Days ago
I love love you buddy bye buddy buddy bye bro love you buddy buddy love you buddy bye mommy love you buddy buddy bye buddy buddy love you mommy I miss mommy mommy I miss her too much
5 Days ago
taking a break from my villain arc today to observe the snowfall and make cinnamon ginger cookies
6 Days ago
im sorry who decided to animate jojo's bizarre adventure part 7 steel ball run in roblox and why is it actually decent for being roblox
7 Days ago
beta. i'll tell you the rules now. we must have both the same pose or else we can not combine. we both must do the same style. then, our combination process will be perfect. let me show you all the styles now. you must remember these.
firstly, you must be on the fighting position. put your hands up. on the side, like this. and, beta, stay away from each other like these, ok?
remember, your leg must bend right way and slowly. so that we can complete the combination!
and lastly, the finger must touch each other.
remember, you must know all this style ... in order to complete the combination. one slight mistake and it's impossible to complete the combination. this is the only way for the combination to be perfect! do you understand that? we have to practice, to make it perfect. and, beta, if i go too fast, please tell me ok? ... so you can remember the steps by the time we finish!
9 Days ago
why is there no official gingerbread man emoji?? would be so cute
10 Days ago
something wrong with the pokemon in emera why did spearow go "RRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRR!"
11 Days ago
akinator be like "does your character have toes?"
14 Days ago
Lf robux
18 Days ago
#yourmoralallignment true neutral 👌
21 Days ago
dark impulses
23 Days ago
25 Days ago
cashews or almonds?
26 Days ago
a lot of people entering ≠ one person posting the same thing over and over
1 Month ago
chicken wing chicken wing hotdog and bologna chicken and macaroni chilling with my homies
1 Month ago