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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 596/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
224426,550 / 435,459
1,4224,679,460 / 4,856,415

☆About me:☆

Fave games: Oneshot, Tales of Xillia/Xillia2, Pokemon (ofc), Smash Bros, Blazblue, FNAF, Undertale, Digimon, Puyo Puyo Tetris, OMORI, Danganronpa, FNF, MGS/MGR, Hollow Knight, Project Sekai

Fave Anime: MHA, Jojo, My Next Life As A Villainess, Nichijou, Food Wars, Love is War

Fave Pokemon: Sizzlipede line, Dragonair, Regice, Zoroark, Slowbro, Ivysaur, grovyle and more.

Fave Characters: Alvin (Tales of Xillia), Milla (Tales of Xillia), Jubei (Blazblue), Adam Taurus (RWBY), Qrow Branwen (RWBY), Lemres (Puyo Puyo Tetris), Basil (OMORI), Hero (OMORI), Kazuichi Soda (Danganronpa 2), Kiibo (Danganronpa V3), Deimos (Madness), Ocelot (MGS), Bladewolf (MGR), Tsukasa Tenma (PJSekai)

Fave YouTuber's/Streamers: Alpharad (As well as his other channels), Peter Knetter, Ceres Fauna, Mysta Rias, Takanashi Kiara, Kyo Kaneko, Trash Taste, Dawko, and more

Fave Foods: Roast Chicken, Salmon, Basically lots of different meat.

Fave Desserts: Chocolate cake, Chocolate swiss rolls, Donuts


I take basically plushies of my fave pokemon on the list!

I can get very scared/anxious/nervous/stressed under certain situations.

Art in my pfp belongs to me. Gif in the panel belongs to Marshadellow


Feel free to send a plushie!

Plushie art by Akemie and Starry~Vulpix


My boyfriend is Jammer, he's adorable so send him lotsa furret plushies and hug him for me

Art by ~Zander~, sprite animation by Animela

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Aera hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #641723204
Registration: 22/10/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 803:56 Hours
Total interactions: 205,596
Money: 1,783,134
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


Have a new avatar after a looong time, because im in a bit of a V2/ULTRAKILL brainrot atm don't mind me--
3 Days ago
Helloooo would anyone be interested in sprites like these: Boop, Boop 2 i just wanna see if ppl are interested, not taking any orders for them atm.

Atm tho i can only do humans/anthros
13 Days ago
I wanna open my artshop again but atm my brain is just rotting and im finding it hard to actually color pieces like- AAAAA

If i ever did open my shop again tho id prolly add custom pixels, but they take so long to do, so ill prolly do it for a lot of pd
22 Days ago

AAAAAA happy earli birth my friend hope everything goes great ^^
22 Days ago
I simultaneously hate and love geometry dash, even tho playing it gives me so much joy and the music is iconic honestly, its just painfully hard at times and it can get on your nerves hearing the start of the song playing all over again, but i mean, that's what makes the songs so memorable so-
25 Days ago
Ive been stuck on the good rod for several years now because for some odd reason i cannot get any shellder, in the several years ive been visiting the beach I've gotten only ONE shellder... how????
26 Days ago
Happy New Year everyone :3 hope this year will go well for all of you ^^
1 Month ago
While im working on the spriting guide, I'm also learning tips from others myself for scratch spriting, so the guide may take longer than I actually thought it would. But even then, itd be more better with the more techniques i learn along the way that i can put in the guide <3

Meanwhile, have a small mystery dungeon sprite edit of my character Azure
1 Month ago
Won't be on much this christmas day so I'm going to say:

Merry christmas! Hope your day goes well! ^^

Hopefully the event egg gets fixed oop
1 Month ago
I may have accidentally gotten an azelf voucher from the golden slots xD well now theres an Azelf Egg in my party--
1 Month ago
Im making the spriting guide, but its just been so lsow because ive been making sprites but forgetting to SCREENSHOT IMAGES OF THE PROGRESS SO I CAN PUT THEM IN THE TUTORIAL UJCJDJDMCJCUVNCJ AAAAA
1 Month ago
Ive noticed that the spriting guide in the sprite forum is outdated and links to tutorials offsite that are dead links.

Would u guys perhaps like a spriting guide made by me featuring how to's of making different kinds of sprites (maybe features Fusions, Recolors, Substitute/Eggs, general tips and other things) with links to other useful guides I found helpful while i was getting into spriting?

Will also include links to places where u can get unique sprites from pokemon games to use in your own sprite edits, pokemon parts from gen 5 seperated easier, trainer sprites, ect?
1 Month ago

Definitely w no questions asked.
1 Month ago
Grass Scorbunny, Water Grookey, cant wait until we get a fire sobble :0000
1 Month ago
A lot of art i wanna/have to do this month a, but just taking it all slowly in hopes of not gstting burnt out again ;w;
1 Month ago
Why is work at a pizza place oddly satisfying to play? Idk if its just the nostalgia, but I can strangely just play it for hours without leaving.
1 Month ago
I love my art and my art style sm, but i notice i get so inconsistent with lines/anatomy/proportions its driving me crazyyy like out of the many times ive drawn my sona in her recent design, they all have different proportions and i just dunno how the hell to sort it out ;w;
2 Months ago
December is cool, and the christmas vibes everywhere is very cool, but the cold can be unbearable at times. ^^;
2 Months ago



Lukia/Lu/Aera/Aero| Any pronouns, idrc.| Taken ♡♡♡

Very big digimon fan + a MGS/MGR fan. I like other stuff as well, which u can find in the about me next to this panel. Pronouns don't bother me, call me by anything u initially think me as if u want.

I like Art, and love drawing and designing new characters. I do art Comissions, but they're closed atm.

I'm a big sweets lover. I love marshmallows, chocolate, gummy candy and sugar glazed donuts!

I'm not as active as much as I'm used to, but I will continue to log on each day for a few hours and continue to buy amazing art from people :3

I dont do public RP much at all anymore im afraid. Though i am looking into getting into rp again some day.

I'm sorry if you think im weird for doing certain things, i'm just like that unfortunately.

Digideemins Helper/Mod

Avatar made by me
Art of Aera and Noki by Valcristsan

Hugs <3

Peeps you should definitely hug:

TylerLee05: Creator of an RP that seriously changed my life! Without Crossover heroes 2 + 3 idk where I would've been! He's a very cool person. (Just like the rest of the people here)

YungRover: Friend I met in Crossover Heroes. Has been there for me when things were tough and is an amazing person!

Corviknight: Another friend I met in Crossover Heroes. Really talented artist who's void creatures are insanely cool and should definitely go check them out!

Jammer: Cool furry bean who deserves hugs. Very cool person and is very kind and caring than he initially looks. He is a sweetheart and deserves a lot of furret plushies.

~Zander~: Cool artist frien who I don't deserve. They're amazing and a very close friend! Their art has improved so much from when they had their first art shop!

jack_akira: bunny ears. Thats all.


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