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Rp To-Do list

Re-Boot Borderlands

Re-Boot COTR

Make a Magic Rp.

Work on plot lines for Current Rps.

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A_BrokenAngel is currently hunting Pichu.
Hunt started: 29/05/2019

Chain: 338

About Me

This is a Link to my AskBlog on PokeHeroez!Ask the Cast Of AngellTale!

These are my babys, Gifts to all who give moi one

Im also looking for a Ninetales Plush, pokemon your missing from my box if i get one

I am a...

Also, Join the DragonType Fanclub Under Pok


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Trainer ID: #713808568
Registration: 27/11/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1053:34 Hours
Total interactions: 50,399
Money: 365,907
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


(Something that came to me at midnight. Might as well write it down.)

“Why do I keep fighting? That’s a good question. I’ve fought for so long... I can’t even remember. But I know that no matter how much I fight, I’m not fighting to save anyone. I’m not fighting for the sake of any good in this world. I fight for my own selfish reasons. I’m no hero, and if they choose to remember me as one, they are but fools. The only reason, I’m fighting someone as twisted as you, is because you chose today to stand in my path. And I hope you’ve said your prayers, Because I’m more then pissed off.
Today, 05:38

Yesterday, 14:37
Broken Angel, *Or just Broken* is a writing persona/OC. As a OC, he has two abilities that have to do with his book writing. One, when he writes a book, a new reality/universe is created from it. He has a tendency to make books seem like they don't end, because if he were to put down a "The End", that universe would end. His second ability is that at another persons request, he can write them into his story. They can experience that reality for themselves.

Is that cool for an OC or no? Broken is one of my oldest ones :T
3 Days ago
Just a question to you all: Which Champion theme do you think is the best one?
6 Days ago
*Playing online matches in Dragonball FighterZ*

*Random matchmakers put me agaist the same person 3 times*

*Utterly Dominates same player 3 times*

Me: "You think he'll quit?"
7 Days ago
*Completes All Blue Event Challenges In PKMN Masters* IM FREE!
8 Days ago
Pokémon Masters anyone?

FC: 9503144164187391
13 Days ago
*Looks left*
*Looks right*

I’m lonely ;-;
19 Days ago
Can I at least get one more?

Soul will give infinite hugs.

19 Days ago
My Great Aunt is in the family cemetery now. She could be a bit nitpicky, but she was my great aunt and I did love her.

20 Days ago
*Yeets New rp* There! It’s done. Little savages ;-;
22 Days ago
My brain: Your Depressed.

Me: Distract me from it then.

My Brain: Remember that old folder with all your old Story Ideas?


So yeah. New Rp if I get idk, 5-6 hearts?
22 Days ago
I’m 93% Complete the entirety of the Pokémon Moon Pokédex. I need someone to trade Porygon with ;-;
23 Days ago
Meh. Might as well. Cause I’m bored. If anyone can guess my First, Middle, Or last name, I’ll do a face reveal
24 Days ago
My username has been changed.
24 Days ago
I’m back and alive. It’s woth great sadness I report the responsible for my absence- My great aunt has passed. She died peacefully in her sleep. Ive just been taking some time.
25 Days ago
TMy precious Void UwU. He finally reached Level 100. I'm a proud father.
1 Month ago
Dis rp is cool. And my friends. So plz join. Here
1 Month ago

Hit me with your best insult >:)
1 Month ago
If you can guess my favorite dragon ball move I'll give ya 50 Nuggets. The only hint is that it's used by a green character.
1 Month ago



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1st Gym: Baku4Life ( Fire)

2nd Gym: Trix (Fairy)

3rd Gym: FallenSouls (Ghost Dark)

4th Gym: Hipster (Steel)

5th Gym: Blue (Water Flying)

6th Gym: DJ (Dragon)

7th Gym: Quartz (Fighting)

8th Gym: Zabe (Dark)

E1: Noel (Grass/Ghost)

E2: Aureliance (Fighting/Fairy)

E3: None

E4: Kbro (Fire and Dragon)

Current Champion: FallenAngell (???)