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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,714/2,551


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Blue (Manga) Partner
(Charizard (Retro))
331193,713 / 385,767

Rp To-Do list

Re-Boot Borderlands

Re-Boot COTR

Make a Magic Rp.

Work on plot lines for Current Rps.

Shiny Hunt

A_BrokenAngel is currently hunting Pichu.
Hunt started: 29/05/2019

Chain: 382

About Me

This is a Link to my AskBlog on PokeHeroez!Ask the Cast Of AngellTale!

These are my babys, Gifts to all who give moi one

Im also looking for a Ninetales Plush, pokemon your missing from my box if i get one

I am a...

Also, Join the DragonType Fanclub Under Pok


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Trainer ID: #713808568
Registration: 27/11/2017 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1215:37 Hours
Total interactions: 52,056
Money: 166,200
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Would anyone like to exchange my brown boxes for their light blue ones? I have 4 Brown boxes to exchange.
Yesterday, 02:38
Android 16
"Gohan, let it go.. It is not a sin to fight for the right cause.. there is those who words alone will not reach.Cell is such a being..
I know how you feel Gohan, you are gentle.. you do not like to hurt. I know because I too have learnt these feelings..
but it because your cherish life that you must protect it. Please.. drop your restraints. Protect the life I once loved..
you have the strength, my scanners sensed it..

Just.. let it go.."

*Crunch* Oh shut up you bothersome peice of junk!

"No.... I.....I won't take this... ANYMORE!"

What? He's.... Changing.

"....This whole time I was trying to stop you... To stop this fighting. Now Cell, I'm going to aim to kill you."
3 Days ago
Can someone buy these 2 dragon gems from me because I'm broke from buying the shadow radar
4 Days ago
*Bangs head on bed* Okay. I flipped my previous post. I meant I wanted brown keys for blue ones. Mah bad
4 Days ago
Heres the Forum Link ^w^
5 Days ago
I'm aliv here. And I'm also here to say my RP forum on Fanfiction. Net now has a Sign up for Pokemon RPs
5 Days ago
Just a small announcement, I have opened a Roleplaying forum on Fanfiction.net, so im going to be there a little more often. So yea, love you all. ^w^
8 Days ago
"......Fight you? You seem to misunderstand. No, after the people you killed.... Mom...... Or the people you've absorbed... My brother... No, I didn't come to fight you monster. I came to kill you.
14 Days ago
I am neither Goku nor Vegeta! I am the man who will defeat you! You can call me Gogeta! It's over Janemba, for your own evil energy will be your undoing! For all negative energy there is a positive of equal force, and I am that force! Prepare to Die!
15 Days ago

You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 2 Years now!

15 Days ago
*Watching Strager things, season 1 for the first time. Spoilers and thoughts on ep 1-3 in the comments.
16 Days ago
“Your just to slow, Look at my speed!”


Zamasu “Wai that’s illeg- GAH!”
16 Days ago
In exactly 2 days will mark my second anniversary on PH. Woot.
17 Days ago
Lol my grandparents didn't know I had the whole week off. All out plans are changing XD
18 Days ago
“You learned how to walk on your hind legs for cookies?”

“I would have climbed the mountains for cookies!”

A Zoura and a Vulpix- RA Rp
18 Days ago
Welp. TIFU
20 Days ago


21 Days ago
22 Days ago
Hey all (Hey all!) welcome to the greatest storm...

I know (I know) you have waited much to long....

And I (And I) will be your shiny star

Like a sword, I'm drawn, into the heat of day

Like a knight, I'll fight, until the fight is won

In a rage, I'll slay, each and every
Each and every
Each and everyone....
Until this war is won...

I live, to rule

By the Sword,

Slashing though the every inch of the power, the power in you,

As I sit, as I stand, by the table I command,

My kingdom....

Knight of the wind....
24 Days ago
*Sees Peope getting one or the other* “YOU FOOLS! I HAVE BOTH SWORD AND SHEILD!”
26 Days ago



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1st Gym: Baku4Life ( Fire)

2nd Gym: Trix (Fairy)

3rd Gym: FallenSouls (Ghost Dark)

4th Gym: Hipster (Steel)

5th Gym: Blue (Water Flying)

6th Gym: DJ (Dragon)

7th Gym: Quartz (Fighting)

8th Gym: Zabe (Dark)

E1: Noel (Grass/Ghost)

E2: Aureliance (Fighting/Fairy)

E3: None

E4: Kbro (Fire and Dragon)

Current Champion: FallenAngell (???)