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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 3,366/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Minun (Flirty))
8241,531,442 / 2,039,401

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Welcome banner made by *Alejandra*
Avatar and Mine Jr. sprite is made by MetalHeadKendra
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Trainer ID: #661604600
Registration: 09/06/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 589:23 Hours
Total interactions: 1,722,172
Money: 1,338,649
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Over 100 eggs in and I haven't been having much luck, I apologise to my customers in advance due to the delay and difficulty of this hunt.

Thank you to all my breeders for keeping the shop active while I try to sort things out ❤️ <3
Today, 15:39
They really did put Mine JR. in there but not my edgy star boy :'/
3 Days ago
woAH I got the final harvest sprite egg :0
3 Days ago
Hey so,
Today was not the day :'/
7 Days ago
Hmmmmm the Baltoy are very stubborn >:^\

But that's what I would expect from a Rare Genderless hunt
12 Days ago
*blows imaginary whistle*

How are you?

Are you happy? Healthy? Alive?
Or maybe depressed? Sick? dead?

Either way let's take a brake. Perhaps join me for a nice glass of water or log off and go for a walk.

Again, how are you?
23 Days ago
My fingers are R E A D Y
23 Days ago
ALSO forgot to post this earlier


Yes ladies and gentlemen my criticism continues, not that anyone should care about my opinion but it's there if you want it. Some of these Gigantamax Pokemon (or whatever they are called) range from pretty creative to 'what did they change in the first place' (to be fair I was never a fan of them to begin with).

Consider: do we really need a Gigantamax Charizard? Especially when it has two Mega forms already? I mean, yeah it looks cool but come on guys show some love to the other mons. Don't even get me started on Pikachu and Eevee, it's already been said by others.

I suppose my biggest concern is how are they all gonna fit on Showdown :p ;-;
1 Month ago
(updated repost)
Heeeeeey everyone.
I have been busy, so very sorry for the inactivity >~<


I also kind of like Galar Ponyta (specifically the stripped horn and color changing mane, not so much the mane color and shape itself. In a way it reminds me of Aurorus when it uses an attack). I just thought it was pointless to have a 24 hour stream to tease one (1) Pokemon.
1 Month ago
I'm so happy to see my friends on here getting their life back together, I love you all (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
1 Month ago
Hey everyone!

I'm not much of a spriter myself but I would love to help out in any way I can so here are a few ideas. Just comment if your going to take one or a theme so nobody else does the same thing ^^;

- Ninja Infernape
- Manticore Pyroar
- Robotic Driftlimb
- Thief Liepard
- Grim Reaper Absol
- Queen Tsareena
- Wizard Goodra
- Athlete Medicham
- Dream Audino
- Vampire Gumshoos
- Police Ursaring
- Pirate Heliolisk
- Doctor Ambipom
- Party Ludicolo
- Fireman Poliwrath
- Old Sailor Raticate
- Teacher Diggersby
- Wrestler Darmanitan
- Clown Xatu
- Fairy Ledian
2 Months ago
I'm kind of warming up to SWSH a bit (spoilers ahead).

Don't get me wrong I'm still salty about the battle mechanics but that's only a part of what Pokemon as a game has to offer.

I thought the teapot ghost was clever but I don't really see myself using it.

Camping is cool I guess, I like how you can play multiplayer minigames too that are more interactive *cough*SUMO/USUM*cough*. Did anyone catch that they put sausages in the curry? Does that mean normal animals exist? Or do they farm Pokemon??? @[email protected]

Also I NEED a league card so I can show off ;-;
2 Months ago
"Available for iOS and Android"

Me: Awesome! That means I can play too :0

"Your device isn't compatible with this version"

2 Months ago
Greenie was born 6 months and 6 days ago and has reached level 666....spooky :^\
2 Months ago

Today I found out someone blocked me and I haven't even met them. No interactions, nothing. Just a random person...and it was my first time being blocked too.

I don't know what I did wrong? If you guys have a problem with me just say it. I'm not the type to end a friendship if we disagree ┐(‘~`;)┌
3 Months ago
"How can you hate a game before it even comes out?"

OPINION TIME: SWSH is basically the past 2 gens combined into one. Proof? New battle mechanic (check), new forms (check), edgy evil team (check), literally the WORST Pikachu clone I have ever seen (check)

Pokemon is just...not fun anymore for me if we keep getting the same script everytime
3 Months ago
FACT: Gummy bears are the adult version of fruit snacks.
3 Months ago
Consider: Bulbasaur has bad acne
4 Months ago
Been on my mind for a while...
If you could make a new typing what would it be?

I know a lot of fanmade games covered this and they came up with great ideas (Pokemon Sweet with food typings fits in with the theme and Pokemon Uranium's nuclear typing ties into the plot).

I'm not really creative but the closest thing I can come up with is solid/liquid/gas. But even then liquid fits in with water types and solid could be ground/rock.

Any thoughts? What would your ideal new type be?
4 Months ago
Concept idea!

I know Clampearl evolves into Huntail/Gorebyss but to me that seamed so random and out of place so I propose another really bad idea!

What if Clampearl could hold big pearls to change form/give stat boosts? Like fusing 5 regular pearls would turn into a special big pearl (ex: HP Big Pearl). When Clampearl holds it it would change color and give it the stat boosts for battle (EX: HP Big Pearl would boost HP, turn the pearl green, and have seaweed on the shell). Combine all big pearls into a mega stone/pearl for mega evolution and have pearls surround it like Alakazam with a rainbow hue and stat boosts.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts! Not saying it should be on site or in the games but it's a nice thing to think about
5 Months ago


Shiny Hunt

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