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Trainerlevel: 20

Trainerpoints: 1,079/1,219


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Zoroark (Hisuian))
9810,721 / 32,073
(Zoroark (Hisuian))
8310,169 / 22,695
Zorua (Hisuian)281,538 / 2,169

My Memories Photo Gallery

Getting ready to paint my Dino Mask!

I'm on The Dodo! (And cleaning my Mum.)

I nibbled my foot!

Escaping my pen for the first time!


Shiny Hunt

-Willowdew~Therianz- is currently hunting Zorua (Hisuian).
Hunt started: 02/07/2022

Chain: 9

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #536124782
Registration: 20/09/2021 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 332:59 Hours
Total interactions: 33,992
Money: 169,315
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


I went out to look for my cat again, with no luck... It's proper dark now and its been a long while since I last saw her...

Hoping we find her in the morning </3
Today, 09:12
We went on another 3 searches for my cat. All the times my mother would shake the food tin, throw food on the road and yell at me. We still haven't found her.
Today, 03:54
About an hour ago I went to do my daily routine, and apart of that is feed my cat. I go into my laundry and my cat isn't there... We have been searching everywhere. Our house, the neighborhood.. The only thing we have that could help us were scraps of tabby fur stuck on a concrete of a sewer drain.

I'm hoping we find Lynx and we are going to go out again in an hour, so I might not be that active... Apologies...
Today, 00:22
I am multitasking so hard lmao

1 Roleplay
2 Chats
1 Art Piece
3 Different tabs of Google
Yesterday, 22:10
I miss my mentor because he is amazing. Trying to to talk to him, I saw he was last on 2 days ago!

Praying that he responds, if he does I'll do a giveaway!
Yesterday, 07:01
LF Gold Box
Yesterday, 06:13
Looking for fair priced nuggets! Palpad me to negotiate, I will listen to stonks.
Yesterday, 03:51
I had someone ask how to become good, close friends with me.

Answer isss, Roleplay! I am roleplaying with a few people, and from their experience I am really close, trusting and good with them. One of them I only met a few days ago. So, want to be my friend? Start a roleplay with me! An ACTIVE ROLEPLAY!
Yesterday, 03:34
My mother just slammed the back door (over 70 feet away from me) so hard it shook my bed frame and me.

Is she a female hulk?-
Yesterday, 01:37
Click my party?
Yesterday, 01:08
Click my party please?

By the way I am selling a Magma Stone (Summons Heatran!) For 150K, because Stonks says thats the price lol. Palpad me if you are interested!
Yesterday, 00:04
Can Hisui Zorua be bred with another Hisui Zorua, or does it have to be bred with a Ditto???
2 Days ago
Looking for Female Hisui Zorua, PP/PM!
2 Days ago
Interaction Exchange? <3 for return
2 Days ago
I'ma break my chain lol.

I'll hunt something else, Houndour was a bad idea anyway I have 17 Shinies lmao
2 Days ago
I like plushies.

Like, 2 Random Plushies so far :D
2 Days ago
One of my alters came about July 18th, three years ago. I was looking at her star sign and now she will not shut up that in 17 days it is technically her "birthday". :3
2 Days ago
Friends; "Willow, what's with you and Cat Puns??!!

Me; "..."

"That's purr-sonal"
4 Days ago
I made a piece of Willowdew Artwork! Does anyone like?

P.S - The arm looks amputated LMFAO
5 Days ago

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