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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 2,409/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
37769,576 / 427,519
(Giga Eevee)
294111,553 / 260,191
(Solar Eevee)
18537,738 / 103,231
Sandshrew (Alolan)
59816 / 10,621
Ralts537 / 114

About Me

My favourite Pokemon are:

Shiny eevee (female, brave) tundra
Shiny mew (bashful)candy
Gardevoir (female, brave)psya
alolan ninetales (brave, female)fengari
Bulbasaur (brave, female) daisy
yamper (quirky, brave, bashful, female)zip-zap
galarian ponyta (bashful, female) pastel
clefairy (bashful, female) fi-fi
Sprigatito (bashful, female) flora
Alcremie (Mint, heart sweet, bashful, female)sweety

I love all Pokemon though. especially cute ones, legendaries, mythicals and ultra beasts. But of course, EEVEE!!! 💜💙

Avatar credit is to picrew

if you add me to your friendlist i will definetly add you back❤️

My user name in pokefarm is LunaLMoon. ❤️

i use unreturned favours clicklist and random friendlist plushie giver thingy❤️

funfact, May 13th is the 133rd day of the year (134th in leap years) 232 days remain until the end of the year. Eevees pokedex number is #133 = 133 day of the year 13th of may!= and the 13th of may my birthday!

usernames ive had:

Other stuff

Fav food: lots of things(but sushi is one of my favs💙)
Fav Place: home
Fav plant: mint, moon lily, ferns, many others
Fav Digits: 10, 4, 12, 8, 14, 11
Fav book: Lots i LOVE to read
Fav Day: Friday, Monday, weekends
Fav Month: may
fav Season: winter, summer
Fav Drink: lemon squash, apple juice
Fav Animal: arctic wolf, EEVEE!
birthday: Friday 13th of may
vivillion: polar
alcremie: mint, heart sweet
fav poke: SHINY EEVEE!, but I love all Pokemon.
fav type: normal
fav nature: bashful
fav legend: mew
fav colour: blue and purple
fav name: luna
fav move: moon blast
fav country: canada
First shiny hunt: eevee
First shadow: charmeleon
First giga: eevee
First shiny: shinx
My most likely pokesonas are: ninetales,mew,eevee,lucario

I have lots of freinds on ph but these are my real life freinds : ~Pixie~, AuntmnUmbreon, WinterShadow4, ~12flamez~, MEISCOOL-hatersbackoff, Kkss56, TURTWIG-TERROR . So far these are all my rl freinds but some of the freinds I've made in pokeheroes are definitely awsome freinds.

I'm always free to chat and love talking. If you add me on your friend list I'll always add you back.

My goals

My goals in pokeheroes are to:
Not ever get blocked
Have at least 10 shinys
Try and have all the legendaries, mythicals and ultra beasts
to get at least 1 level ahead of everyone on my friend list

To get a mew
To get a ditto
Have the whole eevee collection
To have 100 people add me on there friend list
To have 1 mill pd (spent it all)

Have 10 shiny eevees
Have all eeveelution plushies
Get plushies of the cosmic and prismatic female eevee sprites and of patch

this cute sprite is made by -Willowdew~Therianz-

get art, plushie, and sprite of my pokesona

this amazing plushie is made by SuperDucky100

Thanks for this amazing sprite willowdew

Thanks for these amazing sprites kitsuneninetales

credit for this amazing art SuperDucky100

my pokesona sprite made by me

convince staff or someone to somehow make gender changes to the sprites and make a shiny eevee plushie!

credit for these amazing sprites are to hassuki

eevee interactions

my eevee collection!

I have lots more but that will take forever to link

Game Records

Trainer ID: #464506625
Registration: 05/06/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 526:02 Hours
Total interactions: 81,675
Money: 24,350
Starter Pokémon: Mega Sceptile


Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 2,383/2,551

that close to getting a glitch egg.....
Today, 01:56
update on covid
🎵mum, dad and my sister have all caught it.
my grandma and grandpa too.
though grandma and grandpa might not have caught it from me!🎵
Today, 01:20
You successfully received an Event Egg!
Yesterday, 23:24
anyone know any other good art/sprite shops?
Yesterday, 09:15
my diary😁
Yesterday, 08:11
new poll!
Yesterday, 06:46
Your Gem Cauldron has finished boiling!

1x Mega Stone obtained!


Yesterday, 04:22
would you rather! every pokemon you interact with you get or every pokemon you interact with you get 100k?
Yesterday, 01:14
update on the viris of doom and destruction

i am feeling a bit better then yesterday, still feel sick though.
1 Day ago
update on the virus of death
*suspenseful music*

3 long days sitting on the couch with a doona...

3 long days watching star wars and researching warrior cats...

only 4 days left......

what has the world come to?...

the very few upsides
my sisters got it too. (mixed feelings about this)
Ive been on the computer for three days straight (doing all sorts of stuff.)
we got Disney+

worst things so far/symptoms
had the trashiest three nights ever....
really snotty/blocked nose
sorest throat in the world
really Flemy cough
annoying sneeze
bit of a fever/chills and temperature
sometimes get a heart rate in between 100-130

official COVID annoying rate:
worst virus other then the flu and tonsillitis.

2 Days ago
update on covid(read this with suspensful music)
at first i thought i was a-syptomatic- even after escaping it for all this time.....
though, it was not ment to be, i am sick.

in bed.

wanting to through up.

save me.
3 Days ago
ive got covid for the first time!!!!
4 Days ago
You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Griseous Orb found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
My luck continues.....
16 Days ago
Received interactions today (10)

Riodise, Tacomon237, AstroDaze, jaggu240, KingCobalion, ~Sakura~, chandu203, ~ShinyEevee~, doctor_strange, jagadeesh52423.

I thank these people for interacting with my party while I’ve been away.
24 Days ago
Female solar eevee!!!
24 Days ago
I'm doing a dog reveal

her name is polly
30 Days ago
-Willowdew~Therianz- and I are are having a battle.

wich one do you choose,
either cats ruling cabnets (willow) or cats ruling beds (me) choose a side!

if u choose a side we can add you to the BedsVsCabinets palpad group

(ps. beds are better)
(pps im going to resend this message over and over till beds win XD
Teams so far=
Beds= ~ShinyEevee,~pichu,Min_

That took a lot of links......
Please join the cats on beds!
30 Days ago
-Willowdew~Therianz- and I are are having a battle.

wich one do you choose,
either cats ruling cabnets (willow) or cats ruling beds (me) choose a side!

(ps. beds are better)
1 Month ago



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