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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 1,236/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
457417,110 / 784,899

A little intro

Welcome person

Name's Abigail, simple right? Yeah too simple I know like 3 other people with the same name. Anyways im 16, borthday is on Jan 20th, and I clearly enjoy a good dose of memes every day. Just look at my feeds, 75% of it is just random trash and the rest is just me talking about my OCs. I talk about my OCs far to much... Maybe you should check out my book Endless Sky in the contact links- ANYWAYS, I suck at casual conversation so if you palpad me expect me just scream randomness in return.

I have the worse luck in the history of shiny pokemon xD I can play just as hard on Pokemom Go as my mom and get ONE non community day shiny while she is currently on her 14th one, most recent being a shiny caterpie. I thought maybe my luck is different on PH... I was wrong. Even with the mega cuff and shiny charm and prem, im stuck stuck with the few who cant get a SM even after almost 5k eggs and is stuck watching other people hatch SMs in under 1k. Wonderful aint it? ;w;

Art gallery

The RP bois

Lucerne (lu-sern)

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~Name: Lucerne
~Species: Celestial Beast
~Age: 10403 (retired and "aging" currently 20)
~Gender: Male
~Abilities: Can become any creature/monster, no longer has weapons upon retiring
~Likes: Stars, space, his friends, Avaro, Gordon Ramsey quality food, flying spaceships (even though he doesnt have one anymore)
~Dislikes: Zen, Armageddon, Tetris, war, destruction/hate, HT, bad tasting food, being in closed/small spaces, being powerless, black holes.
~Friends: A group in OCTown, Avaro, Beta, Jay, Abby, Sweecky
~Family: None Illunan(brother), Aurum(dying niece), Sybil (adopted niece) Blaine(adopted grandnephew), Aiko (sister in law)
~Emotion: Worried, scared
~Injuries: A hole in his chest (treated) and weak, very weak

Avaro (av-uh-row)!

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~Name: Avaro
~Species: Dragon
~Age: 21
~Gender: Male
~Abilities: Can breath some fire in his human form, but its much stronger in his true (dragon) form, able to fail at cooking anything as wel
~Likes: Lucerne, flying in warm breezy weather, flying in general, flowers, jokes, the color blue
~Dislikes: Slugs/snails, berries, HT?, Tetris (kill on sight), basements, Sweecky(kinda), people touching his wings.
~Friends: A group in OCTown, Lucerne, Beta, Abby, Jay
~Family: Violo(mother), Fero(father) Armageddon(Grandfather), Queen Celia(cousin), That nameless green dragon(cousin)
~Emotion: worried
~Injuries: Flightless from a gash in his left wing, can hardly walk cause of a stab wound in his right leg (treated)

Just all the trash

*Thinking Emoji*

For the shiny Groudon hunt r e e e
(These two sprites above are made by ~Corruption~ in her shop here)

Big thanks to these users who helped make this possible!




Shiny Hunt

~OyStar~ is currently hunting Trapinch.
Hunt started: 29/12/2018

Chain: 5,425
162 80 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #59932071
Registration: 29/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Jun/2020
Game Time: 1505:29 Hours
Total interactions: 457,716
Money: 2,572,194
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Well uhh
My computer no longer works
And idk when I would get a new one
All my digital art
The ability to draw digitally
Wen im getting a new one?
....idk ,_,
Yesterday, 21:21
Yall congrats to Pewds and Marzia for getting officially married
Im so proud :')
Yesterday, 12:15
Interactions made 69,420
Interactions received 14,699
Eggs hatched 52

got 3 shaymins and im done for the day :,)
1 Day ago
After well over 30k interactions
I got a second shaymin
time for another
I want a shiny plush okay?
2 Days ago
Interactions made 30,484
Shaymins 1
School in 4 hours

hehe none im still going
imma go for 100k today
none of yall gonna stop me
2 Days ago
Hold up
DanTDM gonna be a dad??
3 Days ago
I hate that my voice is so weak from all this coughing this entire week :,)
4 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Trapinch hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #5268)!

*angery displeased grumbling*
4 Days ago
If I can swear I would but since I cant ill just say

hecc this stupid hecking shiny mega hunt what the hecc
4 Days ago
I cant animate but you know- ill learn over time *s h r u g*
5 Days ago
So my sister's bday is today and so with each BDay my mom gives it a theme
this year for my sis its Minecraft
So we're making her a dirtblock cake and when shes coming home we are going to be blasting minecraft music
I just just picture here walking home and in the distance she hears
5 Days ago
TK if you dont appreciate my RPG rp idea I will personally spend a whole day gathering cursed images and send them all to you
6 Days ago
Shiny cherubi was at the tree-
What a great gift to wake up to even though ive been up for 30 mins now
Its my first tree shinyyy
Imma name it Sniffle
Cause im still kinda sick and staying home but im better than last night
6 Days ago
Just gotta wait before I change the images to my rp bois

I need the perfect time
9 Days ago
Its time.
9 Days ago
*sick wheezing* :)
9 Days ago
Im so proud of Sven uwu
9 Days ago
Maybe one day when ive shiny hunted all that ive planned I can shiny hunt some cool pokemon and get some extras to throw into the SWT
Maybe someone would rather have a shiny shroomish or something than another gengar or magikarp
10 Days ago
TK wont give me all the dawn snowferra babies they finna get in 5 days
I was called a Karen
Just give me your children TK, I demand it
11 Days ago
Me: *gets food*
Me: *watches a video where the guy says to not eat cause ya gonna loose ur appetite*
Me: ...*keeps watching and eating*
11 Days ago

Used some bases to make trash



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