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My Favorite Plushoos! *UPDATED*

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Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1856:11 Hours
Total interactions: 318,480
Money: 8,291
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Hoopa: Ash-kon, Ash-kon! Which one is your Pikkon?

Ketchum: This one.

Hoopa: Hoopa lies... Hoopa LIESSSSSSSSS!

*All 1k Pikachu proceed to shock Young Mr. Tom Ato at once*

Me: O_o "Ouch. That's gotta hurt in the morning".
Today, 01:59
Yesterday, 21:53
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Old PokéDex found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Yesterday, 20:11
I have too many DB boxes, so they are UFS: 5 for 25k. Hurry before it's too late~!
Yesterday, 17:56
Dorayaki is now very sad apparently nobody likes his sister.
Yesterday, 17:18
Day 2 after joining the Animu nerds on Amino.

Guess what? I was made fun of just like that. AMAZING.

It' completely different than talking about people on here. I joined when it broke 2 million on there, and around 1k joins each day.
1 Day ago
Yes, I updated a few things on my page. There's one in particular I think others should realize. I plan to collect a certain number of events. Those poor things should never be sent to the wild. Trust me, I've seen people do that only bc they weren't shiny, it's quite depressing

#EventProtectionSquad ^_^
1 Day ago
If any of you need to know know to put gifs or images in your profile, find sprite links for certain Pokes (Nudges Roshi-JOAT), or anything like that, please let me know via PalPad and I'll help you asap. ^_^
1 Day ago
Random person on Earth: I like everyone. (Looks at me) Except you.

2 Days ago

Keepvid.works says: "403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get this URL from this server. That’s all we know."

Me: Excuse me? You choose now to tell me this? I'm simply trying to finish an AMV here, that's all. I have literally 7 days left to finish this. I don't need this complete and utter baloney from you, man!

*Angrily points at watch*
2 Days ago
By Tangy - 4 Seconds ago.
You received a Missingno Plushie from Tangy!

Event Distribution

→ Your Collection

The real question is... is the Missingno really a plushoo? Think about dat one. (It's basically a OP glitch thing in the original Kanto games, not an actual legit mon... maybe I'm overthinking it???)
2 Days ago
There was nothing much happening in FF Amino and Haikyuu Amino, so I decided to join the animu lovers.

3 Days ago
Warning: Serious topic below. I have been noticing a incline of worldwide tension for quite a while now, and feel like it should be brought to the table. You do not have to believe me, but this is how I feel about the matter.

Holding grudges... Looking down on others... Not acknowledging that everyone else is human too, we have feelings, we are geniunely fragile on the inside... I see this everywhere I go.

Is this really what the majority of mankind has become? I have to admit I'm very disappointed.
3 Days ago
Spoilers in the comments of new event (Smells fishy).
4 Days ago
I was removing some messages to a friend of mine via iMessage. A few seconds later the whole thing got wiped out. Yeah, I mean exactly what it sounds like. A blank screen. Started over.

4 Days ago
What shiny should have been canon (that appeared in the show)?

A. Pink Rhyhorn (Which I think is cuter that way, but gray to pi-)

B. Pink Butterfree (Which fits better but it's just a route 1 Poke.)

C. Other (Comment). I honestly DON'T remember the rest- lol.
4 Days ago
For those looking for gems/I promised to give gems to, they are all on the GTS in case you want to separate them by PalPadding me.

(Only Rock, Poison, Ghost)
4 Days ago
I admit it's getting hard to choose my favorites plushoos.
4 Days ago

It doesn't bother me too much, here's why:
★~(◡△◡✿) ★~(◡△◡✿) ★~(◡△◡✿) ★~(◡△◡✿) ★~(◡△◡✿)

Below are three more animu characters I like a lot O///o




5 Days ago

Complete Guide to Tangy:

loves to sleep ~ the pineapple fanatic ~ anime nerd ~ creating amvs is her passion ~ skilled with photoshop ~ likes eating asian foods ~ always wants to improve ~ her Pokemon motif is a female Pyroar ~ roots for team Popplio ~ likes listening to imagine dragons and coldplay ~

Natures: Abrasive, Stubborn, Passionate, Generous, Unconfident, Introverted, Tsandere.

Tangy's Current Goals:

1. Hoard 1,000 Event Pokes (Those precious babies don't deserve to be released).

2.Trade the Pokes in my "Unnamed Shinies" Box for the same species.

3. Work on my new surprise video project and a 2nd AMV.

4. Hoard dragon gems to FAIRLY pay for shiny events I don't have.


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