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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 1,603/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gabite34585 / 4,464
Bibarel411,365 / 5,167
Typhlosion5710,151 / 10,278
Ninjask332,139 / 3,726
18647,044 / 119,721


Julie - - - she/her, he/him - Feb. 16th - Aquarius (Sun/Moon), Virgo (Rising); Pig (Chinese) - DemiAce - Autistic - No Random FRs

Been into Pokemon since playing Yellow Version. Big favorite Pokemon is usually Lucario/Riolu, but also like any fox based critters as well. A shy artist in terms of sharing work online in fear of art theft; individual on the autism spectrum and a bit angsty. OC box's self explanatory: Pokemon based off my characters. I can't say I'm nice as that depends on how you treat me.
No friend requests
I rather know a bit about you first before I add you back. I also don't mind the bit of notification every now & then when you post but please don't over do that too often - chances are I might remove you for overdoing it... No PMs saying "Hi" please, I don't bite & enjoy conversations. If you have real intentions on interacting with me, drop a PM. Don't message me asking for PKMN/PD as you'll be declined on the spot. No trades unless we're friends, I'll help with evolving via trades.

Avatar: Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic the Sketchhog

Current Goals

Going for a 100% Upgrades on Garden aside from the Premium Exclusive field for now

Saving for a Radar Chip(Rare) for next hunt - Eevee:
These are mostly notes for myself, and are updated infrequently. Please PLEASE don't send your funds unless you're giving it with good intentions!

Current Goals:
- Save for Premium (starting with the 1 month)

Currently Hoardering Riolu/Lucario; Pop. = 99 & counting

Pick on PKMN'd Self

While I admit that this has been done numerous times over and over, I figured that I would jump along with the gang. I had considered a lot of Pokemon such as Leavanny and Audino being some of my favorites - but there was one that sort of stood up above the two of them combined. That Pokemon is...
the Imitation Pokemon, Riolu/Aura Pokemon, Lucario

Out of all the previous results from various personality quizzes like Togetic and Pikachu, why in all of Sinnoh did I pick Riolu? For starters, they're more or less overlooked by their evolved form. Don't get me wrong, I love Lucario - but Riolu is my favorite baby Pokemon. I admit that I would keep one of these at the baby evolution in X just to do Pokemon Amie with it. The small but mighty sort of vibe is what got me into liking them a little more as well.
The design also dragged me into using the species as Poke-fied version of self, but just learning to read the emotion of others would be sort of ironic and cool at the same time. Long story short: some folks on the Autism Spectrum can have a bit of difficulty reading what other folks are feeling. As for the nature, I'd take a pick in the dark and say either Naive, Quiet, Timid, or Relaxed. Nothing to do with specific stat boosts or taste preferences, but just based on my real life personality.


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MonkeyBell853 2 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #870121896
Registration: 03/11/2020 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 138:13 Hours
Total interactions: 205,135
Money: 31,156
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Even with the badge for snagging eggs within the first 10 seconds of appearing, it's so egg-citing to do blind grabs. I always get overjoyed when most of them are Medium or above in terms of rarity of the egg.
3 Days ago
Trying to clean up boxes and getting items all sorted out/sold (which means all those mystery keys got sold for more PD). Also been needing to use my dynamax crystals so... click my Butterfree to G-Max it up?
4 Days ago
Glad to see more berries from rumble areas but still haven't got close to getting the search for gold badge quite yet.
7 Days ago
I found it rather unnerving to see other players with the default avatar when they first sign up for PH - no changes in terms of color background or anything...

Recent visitors have been hidden for that reason because it does sometime give me the hibby gibbies...
7 Days ago
Already -7° in my neck of the U.S. - how's everyone else holding up in this deep freeze?
9 Days ago
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, Happy birthday to me. 🎂

Forgot that PH probably does it differently for B-days, but maybe I just don't know where to look...
10 Days ago
Probably could care less about getting the new PKMN from this... I could never get enough sweet hearts to send a card out anyhow - let alone know 5 players that don't mind getting one from a stranger... :<
12 Days ago
Me post-deleting ask from anon with the whole "you're a joke" remark: Eh, I shouldn't let that bother me that much. This jerk doesn't even know me aside from either a quick glance at my blog description and/or posts I reblog. What do they know?

Also me, with anxiety/depression/possible high sensitivity: Maybe I am some sort of joke. Maybe I'm not as funny as I think I am...... What the heck is my problem, why- *cries*

As you can tell, I can take things oh so well... /s
12 Days ago
I'm kinda baffled I'm getting V-Day cards after a less than enthusiastic Christmas event with the gifts. :> It does feel a bit heartwarming - even with the nice anon after a nasty one I had gotten from Tumblr...
12 Days ago
One of the weird things about me is that sometimes when I get wronged by someone (either by anon stuff/online dorks or IRL happens to throw a curve ball), I want to convert the negative feelings for that and try to help others out in a positive manner.
13 Days ago
Currently mad at FB... Why is that site still popular again?
15 Days ago
Expecting a warning after that trip to the forums... Hate getting into debates for a reason.
16 Days ago
Am I forgetful or did I remember it right: it does not cost a user to start a game of hangman? I cannot say for sure as maybe the last time I played I was in midst of getting a streak going and forgot to not click on play again before leaving it hanging...
16 Days ago
Well well well, look at what badge decided to finally pop up. XD Just got the "Left in the Dark" badge for the curious ones...
17 Days ago
Ironic how I had unlocked Newbie Mentoring... Never HAD THAT when I started the game myself... =~=
17 Days ago
Ended up removing FR link here and probably on PFQ... Stopped playing after dragons became content and lost my bonus. 😶
17 Days ago
Personal opinion that's sure to earn me some enemies: honestly, I think the idea of sniping eggs/auction bids are dumb.

I never understood the idea of people doing that nor why people fuss about it when confronted by another because they got "sniped" by them. To me, I just consider it luck/strategic planning of time and resources, but never out of spite towards a player. 😐
Honestly, if they got the egg first - eh. I can always grab another. Lost that auction? They probably had more PD and rather use the element of surprise. No ifs ands or buts about it.
17 Days ago
As much as I'd like to do another radar run with Riolu and recover my loss, I really need to simmer down and get my PD saved up for more PC boxes/room for the next hunt... I'd figure it would be in my best interest to get more space before I end up trying to empty more room and accidentally have my shiny gone just like that... 😖
17 Days ago
Good news: Got my first shiny!

Bad news: need to reset the Radar...

That's my luck in a nutshell: I get a mega capable Riolu and lose it only to have it be a mistake and instead got a shiny....
18 Days ago
Sorry for triple updates... But a question for the curiosity in me. Anyone played Mycena Cave? It looks like an online petsite similar to Neopets with more of of an emphasis on creativity such as writing and art.
18 Days ago


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Art Tab

~ I've also made the icons for both the Genderfluid flag and ASD infinity sign. ~

Some Special Interests

Aside from Pokemon, hobbies include reading & drawing. Native language is English but have been trying to learn Japanese during my off time. Supernatural beings in general are a interest recently, mostly vampires and werewolves. Sometimes it varies between which one's my main. I do have a longer list of other minor interests but I will usually go crazy over informational sharing of the ones listed above.
Feel free to send an aura boy, a personal favorite, or one I'm missing from the collection.
Gif: @scyther-no-scything on Tumblr