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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 561/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Swirlix98540 / 29,107
Lunala12014,383 / 54,451
Walrein9821,234 / 32,073
Stunfisk10017,051 / 30,301
Seismitoad9927,845 / 32,757
Raylóng1115 / 496

Plushies i want

Aloan Raichu, Scoutland, and Decidueye

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iambobby hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #715594491
Registration: 05/11/2019 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 93:10 Hours
Total interactions: 106,238
Money: 106,964
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


opened a mystery box, did you know harvest sprites like boxes
5 Months ago
By Potted_Nugget - 3 Days and 14 Hours ago.Hey guys! Im alive! Time for what I do best!
It's another giveaway!

Share #ImAlive, ❤️, and tell me why Turtwig is the best starter Pokemon to be entered into a giveaway.

Winner will get 900 nuggets so hurry!

I missed all of you.

Turtwig is the best starter because he can take down an Arceus in one hit
7 Months ago
The main thing is somehow free ...
Everything just crazy on the way ... I'm afraid that they'll knock right away because someone has pushed their way into the cash register @. @
7 Months ago
By SwampFall - 7 Hours and 1 Minute ago.

Happy New Year everyone ^-^

I wanna end this year with a cute little bang :3
I have about 20 summon items (nebula stones, resolute stones, ultra saddles, ..), 20 vouchers (uxie, azelf, retro starters) and 5 maps to share with all of you!

All you need to do to get some of this stuff is gift me a misdreavus plushie and share this hashtag :3

If there are more ppl joining than I have items, I'll just add more stuff (mystery items, gems, etc ^^)
Ends when I wake up tomorrow
7 Months ago
By LizardSquad - 3 Hours and 13 Minutes ago.

I will be giving away 200k pd and 400 gems ..

like the post and comment and share the hashtag lucky user will win it

ends at jan 5t
7 Months ago
was awake at 3 am real-time
7 Months ago
By SeizeRaider - 3 Days and 17 Hours ago.
Hello there wonderful people! I hope you've all had a fantastic christmas or other holidays you celebrate! I've been waiting to do a giveaway again for a long time, but I've just been so damn busy. Alas here we are! I've been doing lots of shiny hunts and I've always done 1 or a few extra ones with each hunt.
Now it's time to put these all in a giveaway! If it gets as big as I hope it to be, there will be 11 winners! Each winner will be allowed to take their prize of choice in the order they won.
The potential prizes are:
- Shiny Gyarados(Male)
- Mega-able Meganium(Male)
- Shiny Houndour(Female)
- Shiny Absol(Male)
- Shiny Snorunt(Male)
- Shiny Snorunt(Female)
- Mega-Able Shinx(Male)
- Shiny Shinx(Female)
- Shiny Skorupi(Male)
- Shiny Sandile(Female)
- Shiny Frillish(Male)

All you have to do is hit the heart, comment your favourite dual-typing in pokemon and share #HappyShinyNewYear

The giveaway will end on the reset of 1st to 2nd of January!
7 Months ago
7 Months ago
By AshGreninja__Infernape - 2 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
If your age is between 10-14 then share the hashtag ! To win awesome prices :

1st prize : 1 dna splices black
2nd prize : 15k pd + 1 random mystery item
3Rd price : win a rookidee or chewtle when I'm doing a hunt of any of them

To enter the giveaway, like the original post, comment it and share the hashtag #AgeQuiz
7 Months ago
By MetalHeadKendra - 1 Day and 7 Hours ago.
#ChristmasWithTheKing - MetalHeadKendra

To celebrate King Tau reaching over level 1,000, I'm going to do a Christmas giveaway to three people!

First: Shiny Psyduck (Selfie)
Second: Shiny Retro Magikarp
Third: 3 Star Pieces, DNA Splicer White+Black, 2 Mystery Items, and 100k PD
Bonus: If anyone can figure out the name reference, I'll give that user 500k! (Just comment what you guess in the original post ; Hint! It's a hard-to-find name from a video game!)

To enter: Just heart (like) the original post, post the hashtag or use the share it button, and interact with King Tau! You must do at least the first two to be entered!
( I won't actively check that last one but he would appreciate the berry feeding :3 )
Contest will end sometime on the 27th!

[Share It Button]
7 Months ago
#FlareonvsUmbreon do I even have to say it sigh its Umbreon
7 Months ago
Christmas is coming tomorrow AMIIBOS HERE I COME
7 Months ago
By Auction House - 18 Seconds ago.
You won an auction.

Auction: Mewton M. Meowth (Your bid: 10,001 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.

Congratulations! Yay a new pokemon
7 Months ago
By MulberryFlower - 12 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
Since Christmas is almost here, I'm hosting another giveaway to spread some smiles! There will be multiple winners this time. The prizes will be:

1st: A Shiny Combee for your Honeycombs. The Combee has not yet been hatched, so you will need to be patient, but I will get it to you as soon as it does hatch.
2nd: 10 plushies of your choice from the Dream World shop (100 DP or less each)
3rd: 1 pink box and key set
4th: 1 purple box and key set
5th: 1 brown box and key set
6th: 20 fighting gems
7th: 20 psychic gems

I may add more prizes if possible, but if not, I think 7 winners is a good place to start spreading some Christmas cheer. ♡

>Share the hashtag #AMulberryChristmas to enter. You don't need to share the whole post, but you can if you want to!
>You may only share the hashtag one time per person
>The giveaway will end Tuesday, December 24th at reset (right when Christmas starts!)

Enjoy and have fun!
7 Months ago
By Iceland - 6 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.
The holidays are coming and it will be my first shiny's 2nd birthday
I want to do a giveaway
Share this hashtag: #HolidaysWithMilan
The winners will get:
1st place: 150 Nuggets
2nd place: A custom Shiny hunt (not events or Legendaries)
3rd place: 250k PD

I'll publish the winners in New Year
7 Months ago
Heyo everyone! Back with another giveaway! Here’s how you enter:

1. Interact With Yamper

2. Comment proof of interaction

3. Like the original feed (by Cosmixx) and share the hashtag #GetTobyToLVL100!

Giveaway will end once she reaches lvl 100! Each participant will get 1k (if I can afford) and the grand prize is a Nebula Stone! Good Luck!
7 Months ago
By Dark~Phoenix - 1 Day ago.
Egg 150 hatched during my Cosmog hunt without being a shiny.
Propability for this is less than 4,7%
<b>Give me a number of an egg of which you think it will be shiny (number must be greater than 150) and you can win a nice prize.</b>
For example 151 if you think, the next egg is a shiny or 200 for the 200. egg in the hunt will be shiny.
1. prize: 300 k pd
2. prize: 4 hatched unshiny Cosmogs
3. prize: shiny Meditite
4. prize: shiny Onix
5. prize: shiny Charizard
6. prize: shiny Gastly
If nobody guesses the correct number, the closest will win the prizes
Contest ends with hatching the first shiny.
<b>Like my original post, heart and comment with a number higher than 150</b>
Pls try to find an unrated number because doublettes are difficult to handle.
Good luck to all of us
7 Months ago
best92 - 6 Days and 17 Hours ago.

Since Christmas is only two weeks away, I feel like right now would be the perfect time to start my annual Christmas giveaway! All you have to do to enter is like the original post, share the hashtag, and comment your favorite Christmas tradition!

Here are the prizes:

1 Ultra Saddle

5 sets of 15 Dragon Gems each

2 sets of 5 Retro Starter Vouchers each

1 Free Slot in my Future Wooloo Hunt (1st Hunt when Galar come out!)

1 Free Slot in my Future Scorbunny Hunt (2nd hunt, unless it's breedable before the rest of Galar comes out)

A bunch of Fossils

1 set of 500 Nuggets

and 3 sets of 100 Nuggets each

For a total of 15 winners as of now. 1st winner gets first choice, 2nd gets second choice, etc. Ends Christmas Day reset!

"Best" of luck and Happy Holidays to all
7 Months ago
they added 2 new galar pokemon what are they?
7 Months ago
By MadisonDaDragon - 3 Days and 15 Hours ago.

Hello! for Christmas I am doing a giveaway for my shop DragonEssence so most of the prizes will be centered around shinies/discounts

I am currently planning on 3-5 winners and right now the prizes are secret

Ends in 5 days to enter Like, Comment, and share the hashtag #ChristmasShinies
7 Months ago



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