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Trainerlevel: 82

Trainerpoints: 4,915/20,253


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,72345,992,850 / 66,934,357

About Me

hi I'm kitty5327,I love cats and pokemon,and online games,and drawing and anime,and I love to roleplay and I'm 31 and my birthday is on december 25,DO NOT ADD ME TO GROUPS CHATS

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normal gems for shiny ditto 11,683 /1,044,000

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alolanraichu is currently hunting Farfetch'd.
Hunt started: 10/06/2021

Chain: 26


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #981709253
Registration: 03/08/2015 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 4696:47 Hours
Total interactions: 16,999,867
Money: 3,074,066
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


I bought a umbreon plushie last night at a store while we were traveling,they also had pichu,squirtle,espeon,and a few others I don't remember,and and I didn't really get a chance to look at the other plushies,I just wanted the umbreon plushie so it made it easier on dad ^^;
2 Days ago
back online,I think we got there at 2:30 or 3 am,so I just went to sleep last night instead of coming back on here
2 Days ago
be back later,or tomorrow,depends on how late it is and how I feel,usually so tired when we get there
3 Days ago
of course the anime site doesn't have the new episode of fruits basket yet (again) so I have to avoid spoilers on youtube again,great,that shouldn't be too hard this time since we're going to be in the truck for 12 hours =w=

also dad wants us to wait a bit,so we won't have to be in so much traffic
3 Days ago
traffic gets really really bad in 1 city we have to go through during the day so I hate going during the day
3 Days ago
I was sdupposed to leave tonight,but mom told me grandmother fell,so me and dad have to leave in a hour,I didn't want to ride for 12 hours during the day
3 Days ago
it thundered for an hour this morning and it rained for like a minute
4 Days ago
I found a very old drawing of my character spike (he's human and part cat) I'm starting to wonder when I changed his design,pretty sure he always had yellow hair,yellow cats ears and a yellow tail,and I find a picture of him with yellow hair,no cat ears and a brown tail XD it says I drew it back in 2014,but what about 2006? XD did I not draw him that far back? what was his design then? I think the picture I found is way older then it is saying it is,I think it's back from 2009 at least
4 Days ago
I had a dream that I caught 2 shinies in a row,but these pokemon don't even exist,I know I don't remember what they are cause you forget your dreams in 2 seconds after waking up =w= but I'm pretty sure they don't exist in any of the current games,cause I didn't recognize them
6 Days ago
oh great I found another google earth video on youtube,am I going to go back on google earth and find random stuff for 2 hours again? XD I swear everytime I watch google earth videos on youtube i just go on there and just find random stuff,last time I found islands that don't even show up on the google earth map XD
7 Days ago
shiny litleo-kyo (cat)
shiny alolan ratatta-yuki (rat)
shiny bouffalant-haru (cow)
shiny azumarill-momiji (rabbit)
shiny whimsicott-hiro (sheep)
shiny skrelp-hatori (dragon)
shiny tepig-kagura (pig)
shiny furfrou-shigure (dog)
shiny starly-kureno (bird/sparrow)
shiny panpour-ritsu (monkey)

well I didn't say it was easy to have the shinies close as possible as the fruits basket characters,I had to think of something else for a few of them,and yeah I never finished this O_O tiger,snake and horse is missing,I thought I finished these,and no I'm not going to name my shiny ponyta isuzu,she would most likely be a shiny spectrier if it ever gets released on here
7 Days ago
I was thinking,did I ever finish the zodiac shinies? I remember keeping the colors closely as I possibly could as the fruits basket characters,and I can't remember if I ever finished that or not,all the zodiac shinies I shiny hunted have their names obviously,guess I'm looking through all my shinies cause I can't find the list on facebook that I had
7 Days ago
mom's already complaining to me,I haven't played my game yet,I couldn't find it last night and I just found it a few hours ago and now my head hurts,I don't want to play right now
7 Days ago
found all my missing switch games,I'm happy now
7 Days ago
well time to find my missing games so I can take them with me,I don't understand what happened to them,last time I saw my games they were right by my switch and they're not
7 Days ago
checking to see if all my passwords work before going to dad's on tuesday and of course facebook is the only one being stupid *sighs* I hate when I write things down correctly and still somehow it doesn't exist *rolls her eyes* pokeheroes is fine,youtube's fine,facebook is the only one that's like oh I'm sorry even though everything is correct,your e-mail doesn't exist even though it does,we're just too stupid to know that duuuurrrrh
7 Days ago
I was going to play pokemon sword and I can't find it,it should've been in the case or at least near where my switch is at =/
7 Days ago
I don't know how I got into funko pops,I never liked the eyes,and yet I have 9 of them XD
8 Days ago
back,went to the mall after the dentist
8 Days ago

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