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Formerly: uwooper
Trainerlevel: 9

Trainerpoints: 44/251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Winter Mareep)
869,904 / 24,441
64953 / 12,481
681,580 / 9,572

About Me

Welcome to my profile!

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About Me

Name: Wooloos (you can also call me Sleepy)

Pronouns: They / She

Favorite Pokemon:

Favorite Regions: Johto, Hoenn, Unova

Owned Pokemon Games: Gold, Crystal, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Diamond, Platinum, Heartgold, Black, White, Shield, Scarlet


Game Records

Trainer ID: #473188889
Registration: 30/01/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 9:59 Hours
Total interactions: 2,375
Money: 4,334
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Thank you to all the people who have sent me plushies recently! I appreciate it :>
1 Month ago
Got the retro Sentret from the Game Corner today! My first retro mon :D
1 Month ago
Changed my username to Wooloos! Honestly I'm surprised it wasn't taken yet :0 I'm glad I snagged it! Anyways, if anyone has a Wooloo they don't want I would love to adopt them cuz I don't have one yet ;v;
1 Month ago
Do you have to have one of every Pokemon in an evolution line (ex. Wooper + Quagsire) in your boxes in order for it to count in the Pokedex on this site? Cuz my fully evolved Pokemon seem to not count for their previous evolutions, even if I got them before they evolved
1 Month ago
How do people get the little pictures of other starter Pokemon underneath their original starter? They're really cute ;^;
1 Month ago
I've been sick a lot lately (fortunately not with Covid!), so today I went to Build-a-Bear and made myself a frog to commemorate being alive. I named him Pog and he makes me happy ♥
1 Year ago
I may or may not have spent three hours catching every form of Unown in BDSP. Did I go to bed at 3 am? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.
1 Year ago
Prepare for trouble, and make it double
1 Year ago

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Site Goals

Things to Work Towards!

- Hatch a shiny Wooloo
- Obtain a Mega Candaria
- Obtain a Ditto
- Collect all of the sheep Pokemon (seasonal / event included)
- Complete Kanto Dex

- Buy a booth at the Berry Market
- Collect all of the sheep Pokemon plushies
- Win a Bug-Catching contest


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