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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 6,659/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mawile8314,933 / 16,734
Mawile8316,063 / 16,734
2nd Strongest 6/15/18
2,10610,257,227 / 10,649,622



1. Do not ask for PD or nuggets.

2. Do not ask me to buy anything

3. Do not over price or I lose interest

4. Do not ask me for pokemon. Whatever is in sale boxes are the ONLY ones you may ask about.

5. Do not ask me to trade anything with you, Unless I feel like they have equal value.

6. I price my items the price they are valued for so DO NOT ask me to lower prices. Not giving anyone anymore free loads.

7. If you want a certain plushy then it will cost 100 pd for each. I am not giving free plushies no longer. (Unless it is a birthday gift... I will only give one.)

8. Do not steal the art/fan-art from me nor those who've made them for me. Ask for permission. If I find out that you took art off my account without permission then I will report you and so will those who've made that art.

There will be more rules added in due time. Please do not break these rules or there will be prices to pay! AKA will lead to warnings or blocking.

About Me

Name: Chase
Age: 25
Birthday: Oct, 31
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual, Asexual
Interests: Furries/furrs, Drag queens, cosplays, art, anime, emo life style, gothic, satanism, black magic/wicca, demonic aura, death appeases me, BDSM ideals, unowned pets/dominating owners, pokemon, animals, cats, tigers, lions, book writing, drawings.
Old usernames: GayGabe, Whimsicott
Relationship status: Seeing someone
SisterInLaw: Jenby
Best friend/Partner in crime! : Turbo/Electro LUCARI0

Quote from WhimsicottAlways be a winner! LOL Or make faces like fake Trump

My Plushy collection
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I want my plushies! Either send me Whimsicotts or ones I don't have. Thank you my sweeties<3

What I look like irl
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Me and my Kiddy Hally<3

Whimsii Shop

Welcome to my shop! Are you here to buy today? What may I help you with trainers? Oh don't mind me... I am just a talking WHIMSICOTT!

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10 Super Combee Honey: 500PD
1 Plushies: 100 PD each pokemon request or selling 10 for 1 normal gem| Birthday Plushies: One Free Plushy

Shiny Pokemon:
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Easy: 80k PD (Potential Mega-ables) 25k PD
Medium: 130K PD (Potential Mega-ables) 55K PD
Hard: 200k PD (Potential Mega-able) 100K PD
Rare: 130K PD
Special: 280k PD
Events: Common| 450k Uncommon|650K PD Rare|850K PD Special| 1.5 Mil PD
Fossil: 280k PD
Unown: 1 Mil PD
Starters: 280k PD Potential mega-ables: 130k PD

Mega Stones:
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If you want to request a mega stone for certain pokemon, send me gems to help me obtain the mega stone.

Shop Rules

Shiny Rules
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None of my shinies come free. But I am willing to make deals to those who want on keep it a written contract only. Meaning I will take photos of the agreements!
1. Either a trade. If you want to trade a pokemon I do not have in pokedex and you want to make it fair, I will give you the shiny for the same rarity as the pokemon we trade with. If I am missing an easy pokemon by rarity I will discount it to pay for the missing dex pokemon I need using my shiny who has an easy rarity also. Fair? I feel so...
2. I will only give free shinies out if it includes me owing you back and I do not want to pay in nuggets nor PD. I will pay in many shiny pokemon to pay off the debts. But be sure to round up the amount I owe and I will round up the amount I have my shinies at to pay back that amount and either you keep up with deducting from my debt or I will.
3. I will sometimes be nice and give you a free shiny as a thank you for helping me with my troubles. Kindness never goes unnoticed by me.

Rule List
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1.If you are buying things, send me a trade and in the comments tell me what you are buying, round up the amount and I will send you the correct amount. If you want to leave extra PD then I will save it up aside for the next order to give you free items at random (It will be free even if you leave a tip mainly because it is half priced. EX: you send me 100pd for 10 moomoo milk, but you add extra 10pd, I will give you special items free for half charge/free)
2. Do not demand me to sell you things. Manners is a plus if you want items from me.
3. I will not down price unless the value had changed. (Or unless I priced wrong, even then I will look into it before changing it.)
4. If you want more info on something about the shop you may ask me at any time and I will reply asap.

So far that is it till I decide to make more rules as I go.

b-day free plushies/Artcase

If you want a free plushy then message me your birth month and day so I can list it here with your username next to it. Helps me keep track of who's growing up with me on here lol.

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LUCARI0: July 19 Turning 29


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Made by Eevee**

Game Records

Trainer ID: #715071501
Registration: 07/04/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Feb/2020
Game Time: 1863:46 Hours
Total interactions: 6,707,541
Money: 15,383,768
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Trying to wake up. I will get to everyone slowly. So please don't think I am ignoring you all. :C
Yesterday, 16:38
Never hit game rage level as much as when someone posts in GTS what they want and when you offer the exact amount plus a bit more to try and get things you need and instead they reject your offer anyways.

QwQ Then why.... why do you ask for these things and then reject offer? Like... idk. idk idk... Then offer the same thing before hand in a more updated GTS trade and asking the same thing the first time... I don't understand!
1 Day ago
ughhh I just wish I could pay someone to shadow hunt for me. :C But deep down it's like I wanna do it myself but at the same time my patients for it is so thin. Spending way too much time on shadow hunting then clicklisting. I am just pulled all over this game when deep down I mainly play just to keep my fingers busy with my adhd issues. But eh I can't have no one on my account so it stinks.
1 Day ago
Things I am buying: normal gems, flying gems, nuggets, boxes and keys. So if anyone is selling just please message me about it. Thank you.
2 Days ago
I got Mawile slots up if anyone is buying? I am selling only 4 tho... So if anyone wants the pricing and wants to buy a few hmu. But may not sm hunt for it for rn. Also if anyone wants mega slots open for it just ask me and I will price it and list it to you.
2 Days ago
O_O idk why... But why do people ask for large amount of dragon gems then set up like 12 of other gems that are like gems I need and I am like.... "Isn't dragon gems like 45k pd and the rest are 100-5,000pd each and you want 50 dragon gems for 12 grass gems or something? like whut?"
2 Days ago
Linked my discord channel on my profile. So if anyone wants to join please do find link in my profile account.
3 Days ago
Looking for nuggets to buy, normal gems to buy, and boxes/keys to buy. hmu for it all
3 Days ago
bed time. nini everyone. ima just clicklist till I sleeps
4 Days ago
It's 2am! Time to hug my tomato plant! It grows with love <3
4 Days ago
Just trying to get rid of pokemon. So putting a handful in auction all week so if anyone sees what they like in my sales box just lmk and we could trade for something? Maybe opposite gender to pokemons I don't have breeding pairs for?
4 Days ago
About to pass out now cause tired and stuff. If random things are posted from my account then you know I am hacked but doubt anyone would hack me cause got nothing worth stealing. X"D So goodnight all and see you soon hopefully. (yes I changed my pass and other info ahead of time and my laptop will stay on the whole night so it may seem like I am still on but not.)
5 Days ago
Everyone sits on edge and I just am sitting here like.... "I'm eating pickles... Paranoid always <3 " lmao yea... My chest hurts. Tell me funny stories?
5 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Mawile hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #43)!

I thought this would take a lot longer but yes! I got one!
5 Days ago
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Mawile in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

This is gonna be a while a mawile! hahahaha!!!! yea I just punned it up...
6 Days ago
Here's the link to my discord channel PokeHeroes <===clickable
10 Days ago
ok guys I set up my next shiny hunt poll. Make choices please?
11 Days ago
Should I make a poll for my next shiny hunt?
12 Days ago
Just a heads up, my lovely friends, I am on new medications. So from here, tomorrow, and maybe the next 3 days probably... I won't be myself as much. So if I say something now or onward that comes off not my Whimsicott self. That is the meds I am on. So do not take NOTHING personal ok? It's only 5 days.
13 Days ago
Gonna be selling everything in my Sell storage boxes. So keep an eye out in AH(Auction House) for pokemons you don't got or want breeding partners to.
13 Days ago



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