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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 8,625/9,463


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,8351,780,636 / 12,073,652
7351,628,345 / 1,925,492
Mega Rayquaza6221,203,470 / 1,453,149
Mega Giratina511601,722 / 981,121
Darkrai275153,838 / 284,626
597,012 / 10,621

About Me

I don't lend stuff unless you are a friend.

You are a friend if we've actually talked and interacted beyond business and trading not if you've been added to my list.

Please respect that I DON'T lend my Pokémon or Pd or whatever out, I will use the block button as necessary.

That this is even a necessary status to put is sad.

Last Visitors

WaffleSat, 06/Aug/2022, 20:47
PopplioMon, 25/Jul/2022, 10:38
LuckylikeitWed, 13/Jul/2022, 20:33
letusMon, 27/Jun/2022, 23:40
PokeknightTue, 24/May/2022, 11:37

Game Records

Trainer ID: #874758267
Registration: 20/05/2014 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 1492:06 Hours
Total interactions: 4,849,362
Money: 805,728
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion



I miss the old Google.
1 Year ago
Coffee -> greatest addiction known to mankind
1 Year ago
Opened almost 100 mystery boxes

Got cold rock, light rock, and two ultra saddle.

Still no map 😭
1 Year ago
I feel like I owe someone something but I can't remember who or what
1 Year ago
rest in peace fingers

As a note, this was the only day my hands and wrists were perfectly fine (no odd twinges etc) so of course I decided to spend it interacting instead of doing homework XD
1 Year ago
I have been fortunate to find a mentor and guide in the man I became infatuated with. He has been nothing but kind with me and while I know there is no point in romancing him, I'm lucky that he hasn't let me stop him from helping and teaching me.
1 Year ago
when you accidentally remove someone from the friendlist and you add them back and pray they don't notice
1 Year ago
Do we still not have a 'resend all' button for rumble areas???
1 Year ago
I bought the 3 random event passes and one of them is an Igglybath and I just -

1 Year ago
Need coffee school sucks .
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
That annoying feeling of being left on 'read' because they don't even care to say no to you.
1 Year ago
Hello! If you've recently commissioned me or gotten art from me through the dftuay thread, please check your images if your use my Imgur URL and don't reupload images. I accidently deleted some stuff on Imgur so things might be missing. If your image is broken or link not found, please PM/Palpad me so I can re-upload it when I get access to my laptop (a few weeks from now).
1 Year ago
That moment when someone suggests something ok that maybe you should do, but after considering their tone of superiority and general rudeness, you go 'eh, whatever' and decide not to waste your time XD
1 Year ago

Total hatched: 225
Current Shiny Chance: 1.375 %

C'mon RNG this is way overdue...
1 Year ago
New laptop <3

Lost all my programs though which is pretty sad.
2 Years ago
School is 9 hours. Getting to and from school is an hour. Homework and revision could take maybe 4 hours. Teens need to sleep nine hours a day. 9+9+4= 22. So I have 2 hours to eat and bathe and cook and do chores and extracurriculars and socialize and do group work.

And people wonder why teens are so stressed.
2 Years ago
Just finished sending nearly 3k Dp worth of plushies. Managed to record at least 1k of my spending converted into gems. Looking forward to figuring out the % distribution of these gems.
2 Years ago
If you want some pushies, please drop this feed a heart or comment. I want to try getting the Shiny Mew this year.
2 Years ago
Has anyone else been getting this issue where the Dream Shop doesn't tell you you've sent the plush? Like, that green box doesn't show up? I had to refresh and turns out I sent the plush twice by accident. :/
2 Years ago