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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 9,237/13,939


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Kadabra221,069 / 1,248

Bio Pt. 1

Shiny Hunt

VanityAbroad is currently hunting Abra.
Hunt started: 12/10/2019

Chain: 270
15 4 0

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 07/Dec/2019
Game Time: 2566:42 Hours
Total interactions: 653,780
Money: 2,052,888
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


5 years ago, some random YouTuber with 1k subs I didn't even know went out of their way to comment on my channel, which was barely scraping by as it is. Yes, I had little to nothing.

And you know what they said?

"Please oh please sub to me...! T_T"

Cut to present day: Over 300k subs that originated from their pure ego.

I still haven't gotten over that. >:(
1 Day ago
Ooh, I can't wait to see what kind of adorably strong little event Pokemon is next to join the rest of their kin...

That is, in my PH household ^_^
2 Days ago
rip YouTube.
2 Days ago
After 2 years, it still stands...

It's so painful being a forum manager. I may not be one of the breeders, I would at least like to see my friend's hunts flourish and make them happy.

Anyone who sends the forum link around will get a plushoo of their choice... just specify which one (20 DP MAX - I want to make sure everyone can get one without me running out). It doesn't matter which way you do.

2 Days ago
Since the new games came out. Which one are are you interested in (want to know more about) to add to your party of six?

I don't know what Hatterene is supposed to resemble, but it looks cute in the sprite version.
3 Days ago
I started watching Love Live after finishing my video (because it looked kinda interesting). I watched it blindly - with no context nor research beforehand. I thought the whole series was "all-the-characters-act-like-sweet-little-angels". So when I saw Yazawa's devilish expression yesterday, it really scared me.

Just look.

Yeah, but still... as soon as I saw her and Tojo, they were immediately my favorites in the show.
3 Days ago
7 minutes until showtime... be there!!!

Warning: My new video will have flashing lights.
4 Days ago
77 minutes left
4 Days ago
Not enough keys? Alright, we'll solve the problem by giving you more boxes!

Not enough boxes? Alright, we'll solve the problem by giving you more keys!
4 Days ago
*user offers something I didn't even want*

*two other... users decline*

Are you all seriously trying to spite me?!
5 Days ago
Ohayo Mīna!!!
5 Days ago
Please hatch the Meditites in my party so I can claim my Abra eggs! Heart so I can return.
Abra Eggs vvvv
Releasing in 05:19h

Releasing in 07:04h

Releasing in 15:19h

Releasing in 20:49h
5 Days ago
Can't it be Wednesday any faster?!?!
6 Days ago
7 Days ago
The contest of the Profs
Hey VanityAbroad! Guess what?
I won in the contest against Professor Oak! Yeah, I totally proved to that old dude, that I am the best prof in this region! ... No, in the entire world!
*cough* Thanks to you, obviously. Thanks a lot! I knew I could trust you.

Now here is your prize:

5 Sitrus Berries obtained!

What a laugh.
7 Days ago
This addition to the soul family is interesting.
9 Days ago
By Riako - 1 Hour and 3 Minutes ago.

"New post in Minor Updates:

Selunar and Lunastar have been added to the Event Shop!"

Got right onto transferring the event. Know you're the best admin and we appreciate you.
11 Days ago
Sorry for close feeds. However, I made a new avi!!!
11 Days ago
I don't want the only thing in this one to be about pointing to my last feed, so here's this.

The chainsaw cutting down trees outside my house (for winter precautions) is actually snoring, rofl.
12 Days ago

Bio Pt. 2

NEVER CONTACT ME WITH 3 LETTERS OR LESS (I consider it rude and uncaring. Upon repeated deliberate provoking you will be blocked, NO exceptions)!!!

NEVER ASK FOR POKEMON OR ITEMS/PD (Including borrowing/giving things for free)!!!


Want to earn my friendship? You must prove yourself and earn it. I will know if you aren't sincere! Oh, and don't lie.

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