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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 4,158/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•. Meteor .•
4,41616,142,342 / 73,145,521
•. Xanté .•
(Meowth (Alolan))
2,47911,206,743 / 18,443,761

Shiny Hunt

Tune is currently hunting Sinistea.
Hunt started: 24/10/2020

Chain: 131

Hunting slot prices

80K PD/ 50 Nuggets

150K PD/ 100 Nuggets

200K PD/ 125 Nuggets

250K PD/ 160 Nuggets

Alternative payments:

^@ 1k each^

^@ 500 PD each^

Missing shinies.

Mixed payment is always alright~
Certain pokémon will be cheaper due to the sheer amount of them on site.
Mega-ables will be case by case priced.

Shiny Slots/Commission orders

Shiny hunt slots:
Currently hunting:

Unovian Yamask

Me - x2
Csoxi - x2
Upcoming hunts:

(galar + regular)

Slots for Csoxi:
-2x shiny Yamask (unova)

Commission orders:

If you're interested in ordering art from me. Please Pal pad or PM me and we'll discuss the details/price. Be aware that the cost may differ depending on what you're after.

Reminder to self; I owe:
- 2,5k nuggets to Csoxi, can pay some of it in Meltan candies.
- Guest 680 ghost gems.
- BLEACHIchigo1 1040 ghost gems.

(Future) Goals

2/250 0%
32/300 10%
0/150 0%
0/150 0%
59/100,000 0%
478/5000 9% | 773/5000 15%

Game Records

Trainer ID: #251497096
Registration: 24/01/2014 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Jun/2021
Game Time: 3765:37 Hours
Total interactions: 3,313,361
Money: 935,974
Starter Pokémon: Grovyle


I'm back from errands, went to the mall and... the tea store had samples laying out in the open in small bowls and I just had to buy some. The guy was..a very good seller so I ended up taking home three instead of two types of leaves. But my pantry already has an entire shelf of only tea leaves/bags so what's one more, right?? x'D

Time to relax with a cup of Orange/Cactus Rooibos ❤
Yesterday, 16:29
Considering how much RNG doesn't agree with me. I feel it'd be unfair for everyone who wants teacups to wait for me to get my two shinies.
So, because it's way too early in the morning and this is when I make the best/worst decisions. I am giving away hatched regular Sinistea.*
There's a limit of two per user.

I have every single teacup I've hatched up until this point, so I can at least let some of you join in the Tea party, comment on this feed with your favourite tea flavour? Yes? :D and I will set up private trades when I wake up again later on today \ .w./

*They do not cost anything, I want everyone to share the joy of my favourite Ghost!
If you feel the extreme need to pay for one despite that (for whatever reason) I'd like some ghost gems (to keep the chain going, one egg is 40g r.i.p)
Yesterday, 00:16
Congrats to whoever got the first teacup, was hoping it'd be me but sometimes RNG says no. (I have no idea whoever it is either so I can't stalk it lmao)
I'm not going to stop now though. Still in need of ghost gems for my hunt as I'm all out :')
1 Day ago
Aaw yes here we go, interaction exchange? :D
1 Day ago
Okay yeah me too :0

#TenFacts (Share this and 10 facts about you!)
1. Favourite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion & Oban Star Racers (If you say Oban isn't an animé I'll get sad lolol)
2. Favourite Show: Uuh..Britain's best bakers & Masterchef Australia. I don't really watch much else 😂
3. Favourite Colour: Dark Blue
4. Favourite Food: Rice, like bruh, I checking love rice and it can be used for both savory and sweet dishes. It's great!
5. Favourite Activity: Sleeping (don't feel any pain when I do, so fav activity by default)
6. Favourite Animal: FISH (especially carps & catfish)
7. Favourite Soda/Other Drink: Julmust/Påskmust (a Swedish drink, google it)
8. Favourite Song: ...I can't pick one sorry. There's a lot of favs.
9. Favourite Book: The Robert Langdon series, the Otori series and the Ender's Game series.
10. Favourite Dessert: Chocolate + raspberry mousse with dark chocolate glaze.
11. Favourite superhero/comic character: I don't really read comic books.. ,_,
7 Days ago
So since there's a new contest and I can't enter the same sprites again I might as well share.
Here are the entries I had for last time, The Dittokarp and Frutius. Including their respective egg sprites.
4 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Meowth (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #45)!

Xanté! You're so early omg. Thank you RNG for giving me my cat so fast.
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Deoxys hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #59)!

OMG!! IT'S FINALY OVER!!! SO PRETTY AND OVER!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* \ o 0o/
5 Years ago

About Me

I don't mind messages, but please don't just go "hi", please state what you want.

I will not buy stuff from you, enter raffles, click on links etc. unless I make a feed stating I'm in the mood to do said things.

Everything AFTER my 5th Box (megas/army) is for trade/sale for the right price. Make an offer and I'll say either yes or no.
I'm not selling any items or currency unless I make a feed about it.

I am nice most of the time, I'm just terribly tired of everything nowadays (irl reasons, won't state which or why) so I can come off as grumpy/rude/slow at times.

I absolutely LOVE food/pastries/tea/my koi fish (aquarium & pond fish in general).
I also have a very strong like for plants/art/sewing, I will not draw you anything for free though.



Most wanted:

Also wanted:

Or any I'm missing