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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 880/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Fluffle Puff
(Mega Altaria)
1,2332,706,027 / 2,738,740
Sweety Puff
(Mega Candaria)
1,115774,038 / 2,239,812
Colonel Cupcake
6621,312,423 / 1,560,288
General Muffin
661325,023 / 1,555,551

Slipknot Corner

The Gorgeous Mick

About Me

Well hi there, and welcome to my userpage.

Sarcastic. Very sarcastic. My friends literally say my theme song is Sarcasm. I bluntly tell truth and things way I see them to people. I warned you. Also I am [censored because PH rules] full of sass~
Another lil' thing to mention - I am kiiinda mood swingy. If you are not okay with that or can't stomach who I am - *points at the any link on site except my userpage* exit is here, go on.
My birthday is on 25th of August, I am (almost) 16 y/o teen and my name is Nasti. Let's see who's my birthday twin, eh?~
Gamer and musician, I like doing references to songs I like, also I am a satanist punk (true satanists do not sacrifice anyone, we are chill, pls stop with that). Yeeeah, btw, I am straight as any wall you can see (these walls are exception XD), and..single as heck as well because oh well, my luck is the absolute worst
Also, I do tolerate ADEQUATE gays/lesbians/etc.
My favorite pokemon are Lillipup, Swablu and Xurkitree, but there are also some I really like, for example, Zangoose.
I don't accept random friend requests. I don't like them. But still, don't be afraid to approach me or talk to me, I promise I won't bite~
If you don't like chatting on PokeHeroes, I have discord, you can freely ask for my tag.
Previously known as SweetSabbath, AkabaneKarma, Majora_Mask, Yooterii, YutaTheTea, KyogreGirl..Oooof, I had many nicknames xd

So, that does for my about me and if you don't respect me or anyone - I'll punch you in the face.~

Stuff I like

+Slipknot (Obviously)
+NateWantsToBattle/Nathan Sharp
+IRIS/DaGames/Will Ryan
+Set It Off
+Get Scared
+Falling In Reverse
+Linkin Park
+Andrew W.K
+Green Day
+Fall Out Boy
+My Chemical Romance
+Hollywood Undead

+Borderlands (1, 2, and hopefully 3)
+The Binding Of Isaac : Rebirth
+Garry's Mod
+Amnesia: The Dark Descent
+Left 4 Dead
+Dead By Daylight
+Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

+Hellsing (Ultimate and Abridged are perfect, but first one is okay too, I guess)
+Cuticle Detective Inaba
+Assassination Classroom
+Guruge Kokkuri-san

Random stuff:
+Playing electroguitar
+Silence (sometimes)
+Drawing sketches
+Fixing stuff
+Weapons (Guns, knives, you name it)
+Having purple locks of hair
+Sleeveless shirts
+Creepy and gore stuff
+Flying (ability) or getting wings to fly

I think I didn't forget anything XD

~Awesome Peeps~

Dorkfish - dude, ya may hate me, but I still consider you to be a pretty good person, despite everything. I really hope to be your friend again someday.

Overcast - one great rainy girl!

RockeTheRoll - a sweet and totally awesome goofball~

TammyTheRanger - a precious and kind bean, I really like you :3

Yamper - another Primarina lover over there, jewish high five man!


Mewshine - you are a very talented artist, I wish one day I could draw like you ;3

~OyStar~ - THE ARTIST BRO pls stop drawing so many ocs for your own sake, you will drown in them ;-;

TimeKIDBeta - Deeem good bruh, please stop Star whenever she decides to draw more ocs XD

More to be added, maybe~


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Hunt started: 25/12/2018

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Trainer ID: #474633796
Registration: 04/05/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1013:34 Hours
Total interactions: 250,594
Money: 279,741
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Me: *wants to buy a ticket for Sabaton concert in my city*
Yesterday, 13:42
It's now my time to bash some stuff.
Early pregnancy and childbirth and idioticy in general.
In Russia.
Let's start with one article:
'Last year, in Russia were born five kids who were FIFTH for their 17 y/o moms'
Now, excuse me, what???
This is trying to say they were getting pregnant since age of 11-12..
It means that laws ain't working apparently, or more like, people who should be keeping eye on that s***.
Aka parents, police, SCHOOL AT THE VERY LEAST.
What's funnier - they all start screaming when teenagers aged 14-17 go on rallys against government's stupidity, but pay no attention to such cases of early pregnancy, in fact, TV encourages it with adaptation of programme "16 and pregnant". This is absolute propaganda out there, blasting sparkles right into your eyes, hiding the truth that in reality such parenthood will be HARSH AF. They are saying "just give birth, and we'll raise that child somehow".
One of many reasons why I don't even want to get pregnant. Ever..
2 Days ago
I..I think I've entered near impossible - the cursed part of youtube

Animal covers of Slipknot's Before I Forget and Psychosocial
3 Days ago
Somebody: *keeps making me mad*
3 Days ago
If you had a bad day, let Corey cheer you up ^.^
8 Days ago
Me when I am about to do stupid thing

..Yeah, I have updated my Slipknot Corner cause why not XD

Also, there is one interesting thing I found yesterday - Apparently, Slipknot are talking to promoters in different countries and cities, including...Moscow.
Can you imagine actual Knotfest IN MOSCOW?
If that actually happens, me and my friends will be grabbing tickets as soon as we can I am not even telling about all positive emotions, like, heccccc
Knotfest in Moscow..Just..I feel like 2020 might be lucky year (also because Sabaton will be touring Russia in 2020)
9 Days ago
Sorry for close feeds, but I just caught a shiny Dugtrio in UM while trying to find Larvesta
Feels good, but I'd rather find shiny Larvesta or usual one XD
10 Days ago
Okay, I wish I could have a pair of actual wings to fly with them, just to see what son of a [censored] IS SMOKING FROM THEIR WINDOW
I wish they'd just burn out
And fall apart like a cigarette ash (I am not sorry for that pun-reference to gematria, that song is just sooo good)
10 Days ago
Okay, the heccc I've missed again?
11 Days ago
New Slipknot album is out~ <3
It is so..awesome
The absolutely breathtaking masterpiece, unholy heck I am in love with that music
12 Days ago
Sorry for close feeds, but just *wheeze*

You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Vortex of Time (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

I wish it was ultra saddle tho
14 Days ago
What is gong on? What hackers, wth??
14 Days ago
Hey guys, are any of you are playing Rainbow Six Siege?
Is this game that like, a worth buying?
15 Days ago
You know, with all of the warning (I am sick of them, I really am) and people I really start to think about leaving PH.
It has become an absolute dump, the only reason why am I still here is one particular person, with whom I want to get in touch again so he can unblock me on discord and I will move there.

I am tired of mods, general rules stupidness.
No swearing? You do realize EVERYONE OUT HERE KNOWS SWEARING WORDS? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR MAIN COMMUNITY IS AT LEAST OLDER THAN 14?? AT THIS AGE 99.999% OF TEENS KNOW SWEARING WORDS! I know you are trying to make site kid-friendly, but what is the point of that? Because Pokemon are kid-friendly? They are not, at least check that cursed Pokedex.
Because internet wants everything to be kid-friendly? Screw internet over!
Honestly, it is just awful to see some parts of internet trying to seem childish and sheepish, when they really are NOT, AND THOSE DRAMAS OUT HERE CONFIRM IT.
16 Days ago
Sniped 5 minutes before auction end..Gosh how much I ENJOY THAT -_-
17 Days ago
I didn't realize I already have 1006 hours
17 Days ago
Time for some 1917!
Kidding. But what I have to say, I will say: I am done with hypocrisy here, warning me for my art (still on my userpage cause they can't delete that lol) and all this venom doing rounds, as well as with all of that clicking.
Events based on just CLICKING? YOU KIDDING ME?
Why can't we have some kind of PFQ alike events, where they are REALLY events, have questline. Sure, PFQ is highly based on pay-to-win strategy, but they still have good things.

Right now, want to sum up all of that with beautiful lyrics of song Corporate Pain:

.."We're born to serve this class forevermore
But no more
We are a new machine
We won't remain in this corporate pain"

.."I will not abide
Will not now before your knees
Oh please comply
We attack as we’re not blind
Our possessions not your craft
This tyranny’s on blast
Your virus won’t decay me
Our torrent seeds above your fleet"
17 Days ago
Alright so, I really do respect Slipknot even more now.
On 27 of July they had a show in San Bernardino, and mosh pit very crazy.
Some 'fans' set fire on their shirts and were waving them around and it was madness in general.
So, what Corey did - he stopped the show, and asked fans to step back up, to create more room.
What he added got my gut busted from laughter - 'Nobody’s f****ng getting hurt on my f****ng watch, do you understand me?'
Knowing history of that band, yeah, I truly have a huuuuge respect for those guys
18 Days ago
Alriight, so, another drama?
I have a high urge to repost that thing from about me yet again, even though I will get a WARNING, AGAIN
20 Days ago
Guys, wth is going on again??
21 Days ago


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