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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 944/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
18865,257 / 122,361
20779,707 / 129,169
Meta Knight
(Farfetch'd (Galarian))
274154,474 / 226,051
15380,116 / 80,319
(Witch Vulpix)
218114,279 / 143,227
23762,985 / 135,375

Spyder’s Web

Hey there! Spyder here! That’s my name, please call me by it (I also respond to BloodSun, tho).

Proud minion of Bill Cipher

I’ll probably be online most hours unless I say otherwise.

If you have an RP, show it to me, I might just join!

I’m open to PP/PM for selling/trading Pokémon/Items, casual conversation, or just whatever you may need to contact me for! I won’t initiate the conversation, tho, unless I need something (I’m a bit too awkward for that :,) ).

My birthday is 11/11 (Nov. 11)
I’m a Scorpio (tho, I don’t think it matters)

If I say something that offends you, it’s probably not meant that way.

I am a hobbyist artist, I do accept critiques. I also occasionally write, I accept critiques on that, too.
Art is N O T free to use without credit and me saying so
I’m a Nintendo freak. I grew up on the Wii and the 3DS.
Current favorite franchises are Pokémon, Kirby, and Splatoon.
My favorite show is Gravity Falls and my favorite movie is Coraline.
Favorite animals are Snakes and Spiders and most creepy crawlies.
Favorite pet is Dogs/Ferrets.
Favorite food is Sushi, favorite drink is Root Beer.
Favorite YTer is TerminalMontage (you should really go watch their content, it’s hilarious).
Favorite song is most songs by Jack Stauber and Lemon Demon.


Commission Status: CLOSED
Your name will stay in a slot until you pay
You have 72 hours (three days) after you receive your art to pay
Pay A F T E R you get the art
PM me your order along with the word “Kirbymon” (preferably at the top) to let me know you actually read this
You CANNOT use the art until you pay, if I find out you have used it without paying, I will report you and/or make you take the art down
Examples Here
2. CatLady
4. Nymphrasis
(Base) Prices (PWYW after you pay the listed price) + extra info
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•Headshot: 2k
•Full body: 3k

•Headshot: 6k
•Full body: 8k

•Headshot: 10k
•Full body: 15k

Colored + simple shading
•Headshot: 18k
•Full body: 25k

Colored + simple shading + background
Single color background:
•Headshot: 25k
•Full body: 30k

Multi-color background:
•Headshot: 32k
•Full body: 36k

Complex background:
•Headshot: 40k
•Full body: 50k

What I can do
•Kirby characters
•Canon characters
•Basically most characters if I have a ref pic

What I can’t do
•Overly detailed Pokémon/characters
What I use to draw
•Digital (my iPad)
•3D (limited time! Not the best, but I’ll try)

Styles I can draw in
•Simple cartoon (Prices stay same)
•Cartoon (500 pd upcharge)
•Chibi (Prices stay same)
•Semi-Anime (2k upcharge)

!!EXTRA CHARACTERS MULTIPLY THE PRICE BY HOW MANY MORE CHARACTERS YOU WANT (EX. 3 characters, complex background, full body: 50k X 3=150k)!!

PM (NOT PP!) me your order along with the word “Kirbymon” (preferably at the top) to let me know you actually read this

Find me here

Email: [email protected]

POGO: 3379 5613 7546

ACPC: 63912474685

TikTok (gonna get yelled at for this one): @bloodsunartz

The Spyderlings



The cool Uncle

Toaster Son

Lovely Trashcan

Local sewer rat who screams at you

Cat That Screams At You Until You Put Food In Its Bowl™

Weird cousin next door that sells bootleg Frozen dvds

Gay cousin


That one friend that always hangs out for no reason but enjoys the company anyways, also dog

Weirdo Brother

Pet Dragon

Musical Fourth Cousin

The “I have to deal with bs every week tm” older sister


The pigeon that poops on people

The Vibe Check who cares too much

Snom baby

Light Spider Twin that steals your steak

The mushroom ghost that haunts the page

That one uncle, who shows up whenever he wants to, and nobody knows where he actually lives

Mouse who loves sweets

The Sister Who Is Evil But Hides It

Weeaboo cousin

Loud Karaoke Cousin

Son who joins the fusion team

Dumb Gaming Brother

A good neighbor that always makes you sandwiches

A Black Cat with a Bad Mood

The Weeaboo in your garbage at least I keep it as clean a a trash can can be


PH goals
Get a Yveltal ()
Make an art shop (✔️)
Sell 100 art pieces ()
Get a shiny for each of my favorite pokemon ()
Get a Mil. pd ()
Get a lot of nuggets ()
Get premium ()
Get every plush ()
Complete Unova Dex ()
Complete Alola Dex ()
Complete Galar Dex ()
Fix the gem cauldron (✔️)
Buy some more art ()
Create a diary (✔️)
Get my boxes cleared out of all unwanted Pokémon ()

Off PH goals
Get a Switch ()
Get favorite games for the Switch ()
Own a Corgi ()
Own a Snake ()
Learn Japanese ()
Travel to Japan ()
Create my own comic/book series ()
Create my own animated show ()
Make a successful YT channel ()
Get a Taranza plush (✔️)
Get every pet in Among Us ()


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #578018291
Registration: 28/04/2020 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 491:21 Hours
Total interactions: 72,498
Money: 372,457
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Morning popcorn
Today, 15:21
Give me some ideas for Kirbymon edits

I’ve already done:
•King Indeedeedee (King DeDeDe/Indeedee)
•Metacian (Meta Knight/Zacian)
•Kirbypuff (Kirby/Jigglypuff)
I’ll do duplicate characters (like MK twice or something like that)

(They don’t have to be boss characters btw)
Today, 13:04
The murder bat
Today, 02:40
Little kids
Small children
Minuscule infants
Tiny toddlers
Minor minor
Small-scale youngster
Today, 02:39
I just dropped my phone and the display went purple for 10 minutes.
That’s probably the scariest thing I’m gonna experience this Halloween.
Today, 01:57
Ah, hamburger soup~
I can feel my tastebuds getting seared off from my apparent lack of being able to blow on hot food already~
Today, 01:00
Small children are quite terrifying
Today, 00:43
When you have no reason to be awake cuz you’re done with all your video games (or finished them several times) and you have no motivation so you sleep until your body physically forces you to stay awake
Yesterday, 23:23
A comic and a storyboard are essentially the same thing except one is used for animation and the other just stays in panels.
Yesterday, 13:39
*becomes dead*
Another sick day, another 8 online assignments
Yesterday, 12:04
Me: *wants to go outside and play POGO*
Rain: I said... .

Ň̢̙̦̤̯̰͇̪̊̔̃̎̔ͅͅò̭͖̹̫̱̇͋̋̒͐̊̅͢͝ f̷̟̥͚͓̗͓̯̺͈̔̒̌͌̀̕͟͡ư̳̘̠̅̄̀̏͆͠ͅͅn̶̘̙̫͈͍͇̲̄̎̉͑͂̀͗͐̚͟
Yesterday, 03:40
To the people commissioning me,
I’m so so so sorry about how long it’s taking!

I have been working on them as much as I can in my free time (with some exception that I’ve been taking for mental health reasons).

I think I might have to put them on hold until Thanksgiving Break or try my hardest to use my phone without my teachers noticing.

I’m so very very sorry and if you wanna cancel your commissions because of this, that’s totally fine (I may need to cancel a couple just so I’m not stressing about them).

Again, I’m very very very sorry and I’m doing my best.
1 Day ago
I’m the single Pringle you dropped beneath your bed that has been rotting for two years and attracts all the ants to your room
2 Days ago
My dad: *driving me home*
Me: [email protected], I crAve sust3nance in thë førm of thè exqre$s õf chįçkeñs
2 Days ago
Dog: *licking the blood spots on my bed* the sleepy box bleeds!
Me: no, that’s just me being an idiot and picking off my eczema scabs
3 Days ago
Walking in the hallways at school and walking through malls/stores should count towards our driving license.
3 Days ago
When you literally make an entire RtDL AU
3 Days ago



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