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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 3,003/11,969


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Favorite Food: Pinapps ~ Pastime: AMV Creator ~ Skill: Using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere ~ Favorite Music Genre: Pop ~ Favorite Sport: Volleyball ~ Nature: Abrasive, Stubborn, Bipolar(?), Generous, Worrywart, Introverted, and a Tsandere.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2058:17 Hours
Total interactions: 386,366
Money: 1,364,153
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


It's morning (Wakey Wakey)!

Best "Oya, Oya" trailer hands down.
Today, 13:05
Berries if you need them.

I also need help evolving these Pokes:
Mule and Kenji for my shiny dex.

I will return, just heart for proof.
Yesterday, 23:11
I have no idea how to say this nicely, but even when I had rules when contacting me on my profile page, it wasn't even followed let alone read. Sigh... it's really infuriating.
Yesterday, 20:26
Scold me later, holy cow.
Yesterday, 17:05
Not gonna lie, this sounds like Freddie Mercury/Queen sang it. That's the vibe I get while listening, anyway.
Yesterday, 15:11
Please help me hatch one of my eggs before reset!

[heart for clickback]
1 Day ago
I see more people doing trivia questions about themselves recently. Of course I really want to join in.

Q: Which 5 shiny colored Pokemon (compared to normal) do I not like in the JOHTO dex? *Note- This is Part 2, a twist of the first one*

Hint for #1... Looks psychedelic in one aspect.

Hint for #2... Normal form is easy on the eyes compared to shiny.

Hint for #3... The first 3 hues of Crayons you might know.

Hint for #4... How long have you been jumping in the mud?!

Hint for #5: Probably went on a food coloring diet.

I could keep doing this, but with a catch. Only if it doesn't take too long to solve. Fingers crossed, and viel gluck.
1 Day ago
Why are there so many Mini Sales all over the place??? (You need to chill, Casty!)

As usual, I'll pick one when the offers die down.
1 Day ago
I'm sorry, I really am. Being a collector rather than a battler really doesn't excuse me from doing that. You don't have to forgive me, I understand.
1 Day ago
YouTube... just wow. The website organizers only support the popular/famous ones while the rest of us suffer with little to hold on to. That needs to be fixed. -_-

...and then we have the flippin' copyright issue. This one youtuber I watch got a warning because a music company recognized a song tune. But what really makes me dumbfounded is that it was a cover flute version of an already existing song that SOMEONE ELSE CREATED... NOT THEM! A LITERAL F-L-U-T-E! NOT EVEN THE MUSIC COMPANY'S PROPERTY! It was just a cover. Of course the YouTuber was very angry. I am too. Taking the silliest reasons to make pennies off the dollar (of another person's creation, mind you) is. Just. Plain. Sad. >:(

1 Day ago
OML, the neighbors that live on the street behind my house just let out a deafening scream which pierced the silence.

Me: (Jumps) "fkjregfkjrjkhgtfrjkhfhkgth-"
2 Days ago
Loketoke is (a) really friendly ducky, RastaPasta is (a) really helpful panda. ^_^ I did have to pick two random users, so sorry if weren't in the song. I have nothing against you.

Aw yea, this PH version is super kewl! These days all the songs on the radio are boring and sound the same imo, so I decided to make it about us "pokeHEROES". Like, how Coldplay's Paraside turned into the "Minecraft" song (uhhh wut -_-?). That was so random. Okay... I'll go away now. *Slinks back into the darkness*
2 Days ago
You have 691 Dream Points at the moment.

I only have enough to give ONE person a doll. First person to comment their favorite movie gets it: Pick between Shiny Electrike OR Shiny Spiritomb (Note- one or the other. Not both. Please do the steps correctly!)
2 Days ago
Here is another one of my Pokemon x Animu Crossovers.

Can you guess who it is? People in a certain fanbase might. I'm in that fanbase by the way, still super hyped about S4 ^_^

I did this without looking at any reference images. I think it looks plain awful, but maybe the rest of you don't think so? (Shrugs) The question is, did I do good or terrible? I don't draw too much because I'm a perfectionist.
3 Days ago
Are you good at winning crane games in your country? Then test your luck with the ones in Japan! I've heard they are p-r-e-t-t-y tough... they make it difficult on purpose because they also know we would want to keep trying lol. Smart like dat.

Yep. Even the image will definitely FRY your brain.
3 Days ago
Well... something really stressful happened to me late last night.

They say everyone is proud of what they do; more specifically, what they are good at.

And me? All I'm good at is getting everyone in my town to despise me. My neighbors were right.

At this point, all I care about is making others happy. That's all I can and know how to do.

My apologies to the few users who believe I'm whining.
5 Days ago
3 of them. Where in the name of Emera are you, Master Ball?

It would be funny if I got that last. Gotta catch 'em all
5 Days ago
Midnight lips, tile floor, pale Absol head, midnight Christmas(?), flower pot, sunset, MASTER BALL, sunny flowers, sakura tree, rice bowl pattern, purple moon, cracked diamonds, emerald ferris wheel, the outer galaxy, swirly couch. Gorgeous. <3

I remember some of the artists, too! Good work, you all!
6 Days ago

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