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Trainerlevel: 19

Trainerpoints: 440/1,101


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Water Woman
18332,146 / 101,017
Volcanion506,835 / 9,564
This Whale
7716,988 / 34,717
Luxray12416,971 / 52,167

About Me

Hello! My name is Supernova, and I like Pokemon. Actually, I love Pokemon. I have some friends, though I really dislike bullying. If I see Bullying, I am gonna get very upset. Because Bullying is mean. Also, I am a Very sensitive 4th Grader, so try not to say mean things. Anyways, I am working on a project with my dear friend, Admin. Admin is a Nice person who is related to me. Check out Admin's Profile: Administhebestbois1. Also, If you have any questions,
Feel free to PalPad or PM me. I will accept all Battle requests, though Sometimes I might be busy... I am Looking for PD, so PalPad me if you want me to Mass click you. It might take some time to finish the Mass click, but I will try my hardest~ So yeah.. That is pretty much it for myself.

My Main Goals

My Goals:

Green= Complete

Buy a Pokeradar
Reach 1,000,000 PD
Give Riako a Shiny Plushie
Reach 50 Friends in Friendlist
Get to LVL 15
Get a Shadow Pokemon
Buy an event Pokemon
Get a lot of nuggets
Memorize ALL the BB codes
Become a Premium member
Get a legendary Pokemon myself
Inspire at least 10 people in my class to play Pokeheroes

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(Seems) Impossible Goals
Get to 10,000,000 PD
Reach LVL 100 in Pokeheroes
Get in the Ranklists

My Things

Pokemons in Daycare:


The two seem to match perfectly.


Hunting in Tall grass:

Caterpies (To give to my brother)
Super Main goals:

Get 1,000,000 PD Get over 100,000 PD from Auction


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #313001153
Registration: 13/12/2019 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 142:35 Hours
Total interactions: 48,945
Money: 23,739
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


On battle, Guess what! My brother and I were doing a battle, and guess what! My brother's Sylveon used Block, My Gyarados used Attack (Flying), and My Gyarados did 140 Damage to My brother's Sylveon. (Sylveon failed to block)
Today, 09:07
Click the smiley face to look at MEGA DUNSPARCE LOL
Today, 08:19
Today, 07:13
I have enough to Shiny hunt twice... Electric gems 105/50
What should I hunt?
Yesterday, 06:21
Heart this feed to save this Guy!

_-_-_---_-_-_---__----_-_---_-_-_-_-------_----______ < Lava)
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Let's Praise God and Jesus!
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2 Days ago
So, My brother needs a Pichu or Charmander Breeding pair. He is willing to trade a Eevee, also his username is Yoshi0319... If you PM or Palpad him, he will set up a PT.
2 Days ago
Do daycare eggs break your chain? If it does break your chain, how do you get those eggs?
2 Days ago
I am finally deciding to start a giveaway, for some reason I think the prizes might me bad... So here are the prizes:

1st: 10,000 PD, 1 Eevee Pair, and 1 Applin pair.
2nd: 7,500 PD, and Eevee OR Applin pair.
3rd: Just 5,000 PD, and Eevee pair.

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2 Days ago
By SilverFox - 4 Hours and 1 Minute ago.
I'm going to try and do a giveaway on giving away my eevees and pidgeys so ill give these items

1st: 150k pd
2nd: Two gems (random)
3rd: 1 star piece

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Ends March 4th! Good luck :3
2 Days ago
South Korea is 2nd place to most Coronavirus country. 1st is China, South Korea is 2nd. And also, there is about 602 people with the Coronavirus in South Korea.
2 Days ago
Guys... My greatest fear has come true... MY SCHOOL GOT CANCELLED!!!! NOW I HAVE TO USE ONLINE SCHOOL!! OH NO...
Anyway 1 like on this feed=1 pat on the back for me...
2 Days ago
I drew This. It took me 5 minutes... It is a bad drawing!
3 Days ago
OMG! Check THIS out! this place lets you adopt Pokemons, and I adopted 2 Pseudo legendaries here! Its free, also my brother got a Lycanroc pair here...
3 Days ago
Join my Pokemon adventures RP! My brother signed up!
4 Days ago
4 Days ago
By Undefined99 - 8 Hours and 55 Minutes ago.
#ShinyKangy It's Give Away Time! Trying to hatch that SM Kangaskhan before my Premium runs out

1st Prize: 1x Shiny Kang and 1x Mega Kang
2nd Prize: 1x Ultra Saddle and 5x Star Pieces
3rd Prize: 1x Lugia Egg Voucher

1 Share gives you a ticket
1 Normal Gem gives you a ticket (more gems, more tickets).
You must share.

Ends next Friday!
4 Days ago

About Me, Supernovapad1231

Name: Arceus
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Do It Here:
" style="max-width: 100%"/>

How many Users Did it:

Call Me: Super, Nova
Real name: Jason
Birthday: 12/31
Favorite Pokemon of all times: Vaporeon
Spirit Animal: Wolf
Favorite starter: Froakie
My Nationality: (Country I live in South Korea, Goes to International School) Born in Florida, Orlando.

In case you wonder about how I look like...

[url=https://prnt.sc/r2mzy1]Took this on: 2/15/2020

My type is...

Try this!

My Best friends and family

Administhebestbois1, Friend Administhebestbois1
3pic_Ian, Friend 3pic_Ian
Yoshi0319,Brother Yoshi0319
suppersniper123, Friend suppersniper123

<3 For

<3 for ~Chara~For being a very good friend.

to Dirty_S0ap for giving me 150,000 PD.

For Amberstorm for being a very kind friend.

owo for Howlarmoon for being my nice and good friend.

Special Thanks to Lunar70 for being Kind, and caring.

nwn for Cosmixx for being a very good friend.

to Accio-Alexxx for being a buddy.

to Superald for being kind and nice to me.

Credits to: Jacharias for being my Newbie Mentor (That's what I think?)

Lastly, thanks to Everyone for registering in this game. Good to know I am not alone... (Obviously)