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Trainerlevel: 98

Trainerpoints: 28,335/28,909


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
20945,281 / 164,589
Sizzlipede15111 / 721

Shiny Hunt

Sturmi is currently hunting Sizzlipede.
Hunt started: 29/10/2020

Chain: 22

Sturmis Plushie Collection

🌹 sturmtastic hoard progress

4/100 3/100 1/100
376/500 43/100

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20% 24%
36% 38%
10% 15%

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #271790056
Registration: 10/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Oct/2021
Game Time: 6355:16 Hours
Total interactions: 10,409,306
Money: 245,541
Starter Pokémon: Charmander


Chocosin.. Siniscoffee.. I feel there are plenty of great sinistea event ideas ✨👀
2 Days ago
If you don't know who to trick or treat with what, you can check out Ephenias List. :)
4 Days ago
Sturmi: *sends a picture about an article of the ladybug plague to her best friend*(some days ago)

Best friend: look, they watch our convos >o> *sends another ladybug article*
Sturmi: ö_ö ugh... Wait. *sends screenshots about carpets I want to be reduced on amazon* tell me when they're on sale, I'll send the money via PayPal.
Best friend: *vanishes for a few minutes and comes back into our chat* alright. I've opened Amazon and talked to my phone, asking for 30% off!

5 Days ago
Sturmi is afraid of little kids (as every year). 👻
6 Days ago
If you still work on the riddles and need some distraction, that could help you. 😂
6 Days ago
So, apparently we have a problem with masses of ladybugs currently. 🐞 Asian ladybugs to be exact. 👀 I found 3 of them running around in my bedroom and earlier today outside of our house a whole swarm decided to sit on our walls. ö_ö don't get me wrong, I prefer ladybugs before anything else that has more than 2 legs. But.. Stay out of my bedroom. >o>
7 Days ago
I've noticed a lot of negative reactions the past few days from people who have stated they can't solve the darktober riddle. Let me tell you something.

No, you're not dumb and you don't have to question your intellect. You're not slow or dull. You don't need to solve the riddle in time - you don't even have to participate, or to win a prize to show other people your value. It's okay not to win. And it's okay to just lean back and watch the event passing by. It tells nothing about your qualities, so please, don't take it personal. It's made to make people have fun. If you can't feel joy in participating, just take part in something you truly enjoy. An event like that will surely come. ❤️
7 Days ago
if you're playing regularly video games on your computer, you may want to check out opera gx. it's still in early access, but already has some nice and handy features. ouo ♥
10 Days ago
When you can't bring it over you to throw out an old plant of yours, because it's not fitting in the environment anymore.. So you keep growing more of them. ö_ö I tell you, the more I get, the better they will fit in. :'D grow my dear little succulent army, grooow! 🌵
16 Days ago
Playing phasmophobia with my best friend.
Sturmi: *heads into the van to check for ghostorbs*
Pat: *puts dishes in the sink* Carol, if you don't appear we will leave!
Sturmi: did you just put the dishes into the sink?
Pat: heck yes, if she does not appear, I will dirt the water instead! D:<
Sturmi: 😂😂😂
19 Days ago
Pssst.. 👀 I feel that'll turn out to be great.✨
26 Days ago
Buying new color for my walls today, to finally paint my living room in a nice turquoise color.✨ In a few days some new, white pieces of furniture arrive. Haaaah, I wanna start. 😍
29 Days ago
There's always a space in my for you. ( ˊᵕˋ )~✧
1 Month ago
Sitting peacefully in the garden, enjoying my first coffee and scrolling through social media.
I spot a funny post, slide down to the comments.
And there they are, overemotional comments, negative comments, comments that are only there to provoke and people who even react to it. okay. why exactly does a part of humanity has to act in such an exhausting manner online? =u=;
1 Month ago
A: *waits 3 days for me to reply* //passive aggressive// I think you're taking things way too serious.
Sturmi: *didnt reply to something because of more important things to do* ö3ö excuse me?

expectation != reality
1 Month ago
how i imagine all these non-shiny toxels in my chain singing and dancing rn “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
1 Month ago
Did I start Re-watching the mentalist again in the past few days?
Heck yes. And it's so relaxing to come back to this series. I almost forgot about the toxel chain over here. 👻
1 Month ago
Good morning ☕
❤️ For interaction exchange
I'll put some cat update in the comments
1 Month ago
Btw, if you spot some german posts in my feeds or german feeds in general and want to know the meaning behind, just ask(directly in the feed comments or via palpad). We tend to be lazy sometimes, that's the reason for sticking to our first language. There's no special meaning or super secret private information. öwö but to make sure everyone understands and nobody feels cut out, I will do my best to translate instead of making you look it up. (we all know Google translate still has its problems right?) So let's try to avoid a misunderstanding because of language barriers. There's also no need to be shy or something like that. :D
1 Month ago
I was creating a poll on my profile, because I'd like to know if you think of me as a trustworthy user on site. Usually I don't really like to ask people about rating me in any way (because I don't want to make you share your sympathy/antisympathy in public o^o), but I think in that case an overview is kinda interesting. So, I'd be thankful if you could leave a vote there. (:
1 Month ago


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I'm not apologising for who I am.
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