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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,142/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
799931,393 / 2,397,001
Draco 149
799840,509 / 2,397,001
7992,248,120 / 2,397,001
Pidove10 / 9

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Altreo RaspberryPiemon SH1NYM

ALz_ ~Goldie-Bear~ Senbonzakura

FatHead Dark_Fox Ravenwas_here

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Give RafaelKakoczki their smth dorus egg from the Nature Zone? I don't know.


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TheFriendlySobble~ 3 Days ago
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Shiny Hunt

TheFriendlySobble~ is currently hunting Pidove.
Hunt started: 02/01/2023

Chain: 153

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #890255995
Registration: 05/06/2022 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 572:23 Hours
Total interactions: 255,014
Money: 1,500,410
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Oh no, looks like a Pokémon stole all the honey!

You don't have any honey...

There goes all my super honey, couldn't even attempt to get a shiny. That probably ties to all the B.S I had to deal with on a single survival server on bloxd.io. SO MUCH B.S I HAD TO FRIGGEN LEAVE. By now I wouldn't even care if someone stabbed me with a knife. Some people are so annoying online and to be honest, if someone stabbed me in the back with a knife it could be better since I don't have to deal with stoobid people anymore.
Today, 20:09

You fed Blitz a Oran Berry! The Pokémon raised by 17,986 Exp. Points.

Also time to do my daily exercises on Ph.
Today, 19:16
Today, 18:56
Me: Goes to Ph and sees 7 notifications

Also me: Something's not right here...
Today, 07:37
Give me some Pidove nicknames!
Today, 05:14
Me: Palafin is cute and the Hero form is funny on Bulbapedia, I wonder how it evolves.

Bulbapedia: It evolves into Palafin starting at level 38 when leveled up while connected with another player via the Union Circle.

People without friends who have Scarlet or Violet be like:

(Anyways if you're wondering about the context I suddenly got the urge to watch some vids about Scarlet and Violet playthroughs for my own entertainment since I got bored XD

Today, 00:30
Team Star aren't the bad guys, they were just bullied. I was watching Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content.
Yesterday, 23:24
Close close feeds

Also some oran berries
Yesterday, 21:49
Close feeds

Setting up some gems for 300PD on Item Mart
Yesterday, 21:47
*Heart beating fast* And I'm back... From a friendly game of Bloxd.io Cubewarfare. I. Got. Jumpscared. So. Many. Times. BY OTHER PEOPLE. It's probably because in the first half I kept slaughtering them. I had to get off before I got a heart attack.
Yesterday, 21:34
What are some good RPs that I might be able to join?
Yesterday, 20:48

Forgot to share this.
Yesterday, 20:39
Yesterday, 20:20
Yesterday, 08:28
Hello, I funny.
Yesterday, 07:37
By Nadhujhan - 3 Hours and 41 Minutes ago.

Enter my raffle for a chance to win! Share the hashtag #MarvelousMakuhita = 1 ticket Share this whole post = 2 tickets Heart this feed = 1 ticket Send me a plushie = 1 ticket Send me a plushie I don’t have = 2 tickets Buy me a shiny plushie = 20 tickets Send me 100k pd = 10000 tickets (Don’t actually do the last one! Haha!… unless you really want to) for a chance to win: 1st Place: Lugia voucher + mystery box light blue + 1 dragon gem 2nd Place: Lugia voucher + mystery box dark blue 3rd place: Lugia voucher
Yesterday, 04:55
Heya, I love it whenever I can't see things coming.
Yesterday, 04:31
Lol I need help, give me something to draw. Don't make it too hard though.
1 Day ago
Ended up drawing Ducklett. Send help it looks funny.
1 Day ago
Alright guys hear me out, you may disagree but this is my opinion. Egg shapes are extremely hard to draw. What are your opinions on drawing egg shapes? Lmk in the comments.
1 Day ago

About me

Hi, I'm TheFriendlySobble, previously known as Sobble45 but feel free to call me Sobble. If you want you can call me by my new name or you can call me by my old name, I don't mind either. My pronouns are he/him so that's less confusing. I also play Bloxd.io (normally Survival) and you guys could play with me too. My username is BlizzardNinja so if you find someone like that then that's me! Feel free to talk about stuff there and have fun!

Favorite things

The color blue, Curry, You guys, Juice, Pokeheroes and Bloxd.io Survival.

Feel free to give me a quick PP or PM if you want.

My avatar is from

My Goals

Get A Ditto

Complete the Kanto dex (142/151)

Get a month of premium (400/800)

Get A Power Belt for Buzz the Shiny Beedrill because his Defense needs help.

Get A SM

Win in at least one section of the Pokeheroes Awards

Get on the leaderboard in at least one Bug Hatching Competition

Get on the leaderboard in at least one Beauty Contest

Be recognized as one of the most popular users on PokeHeroes, for this I have to have people friend me rather than I friend them and I have to actually bond with them not just randomly friend someone (157/200)

My Reminders

Very self explanatory.

Hatch 2 Shinies in 1 day, wait I just realized that's impossible without premium and grind Hangman back to the max GC, before I stick my fingers into a Shiny Hunt electrical outlet, hatch my Raylong egg and hatch 3 Milcery to unlock the funky wheel. Nickname all pokemon from shiny hunt until shiny and next shiny hunt is scraggy. After that is Sobble hunt. After that Magikarp

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