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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 2,660/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Alstroemeria (#75)
(Hawaiian Cubchoo)
386417,648 / 448,147
Goldie Death (#114)
1,052412,443 / 3,323,269
Wit Death (#80)
9923,355 / 29,701
17858,940 / 119,484
Gary Smith
848978,524 / 2,566,473
Koffing (Burned Tower)
423,364 / 5,419

About Me

Feel free to talk to me about anything! You can call me any of my RP names!
19 year old, college student, and I'm (not-so) secretly dying inside from it!
Profile pic by Luciel_Gunz!
My pronouns are he/she/his/hers/her/they.
Number of Game Coins needed for 100% certain shiny in lottery: 95,344,150

Credit to Luciel_Gunz!

Meowstic_The_T-Devil gets my next female Torchic if there is another one.

My Shop

I'm planning on opening a Pokeheroes shop this summer! In preparation I need help getting event Pokemon for after my current hunt, as well as item donations!
I'm currently looking for...
Evolutionary items
Misc "Valuable" Items
Misc Battling Items
Egg Vouchers
Rumble Maps

If you have/know someone who would be willing to donate, I'd be very happy! I plan on selling these for a decently cheap price, so I probably won't buy them unless in bulk!
My shop will (probably) be called "2 Cheap 2 Handle" in reference to it being my second cheap shop attempt!
I want to open this shop on the 21st of June! I'm hoping for a grand opening, so donations are very much appreciated! For additional questions, please PM me!

RP Info

Shino - Shadow Shinx, born in the Dark Forest (Picture by Luciel_Gunz)
Ab - Absol, regular form has slightly dulled eyes, born in the Dark Forest Mega Form (Picture by Luciel_Gunz)
Rocke - Half Ditto, Half Human
Cynder - Cyndaquil born in the Dark Forest (Super strength)
Pyrk - Twin of Cynder, a Ponpin with a giant "X" shaped scar on his belly and a broken outlet.
Goldie - Daughter of Shino and Abs, Shiny Caterpie, very relaxed around everyone but her mom, Shino.

Rocke - (Again, info above)
Johnny Joe - Super Human

Dark Rose - Demon Cat, blood red paws and tail tip, pitch black fur, and blood red eyes, can fly without wings, understand all languages, holds grudges a lot, otherwise a powered wolf with the same coloring and instead of flying she can sense things much better than most, always goes by "Rose"
Zeltic - Wolf God, pitch black fur, black eyes, God of Shadows, born on a cold snowy mountain in ancient times, wanders aimlessly now

Game Records

Trainer ID: #767744757
Registration: 11/02/2014 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 676:06 Hours
Total interactions: 1,291,701
Money: 130,673
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Oof. Last night I had to leave suddenly to do the dishes and then a thunderstorm caused us to lose internet connection. I'm on for a short amount of time!
4 Days ago
This is the story of my life. It just happened to me. (It's a picture, not a video.)
5 Days ago
My mom thinks that there are flash floods going on where I live right now. I think she's right.
On another note: I just ordered my laptop cooling mat, so now touching my laptop after forgetting to close Titan Quest won't be like touching a lit fire while camping.
5 Days ago
I hate looking on Amazon for a laptop cooling pad... Dang laptop is worse than lava, I swear. (Not literally, for obvious reasons of my fingers not being burned off when I was on complaining about it earlier.)
5 Days ago
I hate that my laptop turns into lava when I accidentally close it on games. Now it hurts to type on this keyboard from the heat and I can't set my arms down while doing it either... I can't even look up some, whatever my dad said they're called to cool off the bottom of laptops because that requires tipping it up by the corners that are the hottest, which I ligit can't touch right now.
6 Days ago
Doesn't look like it has been a good day for anyone.
6 Days ago
6 Days ago
From N0T_S0AP...
"I'm bored

Yknow what that means? A giveaway‽‽

Yeah idk like 13mil PD to one person and then 5k nuggets to another person

Just comment and share this

Also hearting this will enter you as well <3

Have fun y'all"
6 Days ago
6 Days ago
For those unaware: I have a hashtag currently out if you'd like to participate! #WitGoldRing (promptly named after Wit and Goldie being married and the fact that their names mean colors)
7 Days ago
You have already changed your Username within the last 122 days. You can change it again in 15 Days and 1 Hour.

I'm super excited to change my name! XD
7 Days ago
Whiscash => Mightyena
Volbeat => Vulpix (Alolan)
Illumise => Mightyena
Masquerain => Gyarados

Wow! Two Mightyena! M8yena, my brother, would be SO jealous! XD But he only plays sometimes, so I guess these are going to go back into the machine known as Wonder Trade...
7 Days ago
Wit is nearly level 100! I've decided how I'm going to celebrate the wedding, too!
How to enter: Share #WitGoldRing and gift me an amount at least worth 5k PD on this list! I won't accept until this celebration ends on the reset for Sunday 19, so you can change your gift if you need to until the last moment!
Prize: 150k PD!
If you have any questions, comment on the original post (this one)!
7 Days ago
It has been a long time, but Alstroemeria is back on my team!
7 Days ago
Oof... My eyes hurt... This is what I get for not putting my glasses on to play Skyrim, I guess. The distance from me to the TV is too much when I play Skyrim.
7 Days ago
Sometimes my best friend and I are next to each other on a wavelength instead of just the on the same wavelength. About a month or two ago I was talking with her and we were talking about singing anime opening/ending songs, I was specifically giving an example of Tokyo Ghoul's Unravel, and before I could say that she was talking about it specifically as an example. It was great! XD
7 Days ago
Me: My favorite anime character's name is either Shino or Tatsuma
Most others: Oh, Shino from Naruto?
Me:... No! From Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East! He's a main frigging character! Who doesn't love a spitfire 18 year old stuck in a 13 year old body who people kept thinking was a girl?! *sighs* Never mind...

Honestly, I'm not mad when it happens, but it can be irritating! XD
7 Days ago
Reminder to anyone out there willing to give donations: I need supplies for the shop I'm setting up at the end of next month. It'll have prices a bit lower than price check, so I can't exactly go about buying them for market price if I want to make a profit, but I would love to get donations! Otherwise, don't sweat it!
8 Days ago



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