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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 531/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,18110,765,004 / 30,365,827
Mega Ampharos
1,6189,279,946 / 9,381,897
Easter Slakoth
491268,303 / 905,896
Easter Swanna
443141,405 / 590,077

About Me


*Animal lover
*Stroke survivor
*Self published author
*Avid Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts nerd
*Anime and manga lover
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Attack On Titan
-The Ancient Magus' Bride


is not tolerated on my profile.
I will not hesitate to block.

Do NOT ask about:
- Selling my Pokémon,
- Borrowing/trading my Pokemon
- Items for sale/ Selling nuggets.
Unless stated otherwise
Because the answer is automatically no.

💜 My Best Friends 💜


*Mesprit Egg Vouchers

Shiny Mega Froslass Hunt:


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Newest gifts
Kouji3254 1 Day ago
Ephenia 13 Days ago
ShadowUmbreon 23 Days ago
Chara203 25 Days ago

PH Goals

[] Get Shiny Mega Milotic
[] Get Shiny Mega Froslass
[] Get shiny Mega Banette
[] Get Shiny Mega Autumn Ampharos
[] Get Shiny Heartomb
[] Get Shiny Jesterig
[] Get Shiny Mega Audino
[] Get Shiny Mesprit
[] Get Shiny Mega Dunsparce
[] Get Shiny Meloetta (Both Forms)
[] Get Shiny Shaymin (Both Forms)
[] Get Shiny MissingNo
[] Get Shiny Victini
[] Get Shiny Tapu Koko
[] Get Shiny Tapu Lele
[] Get Shiny Tapu Fini
[] Get Shiny Tapu Bulu

[] Save Up At Least 2 Million PD
[] Save Up At Least 1k Nuggets

Game Center:
[] Get Shiny Entei
[] Get Shiny Suicine
[] Get Shiny Raikou
[] Get Shiny Manaphy
[X] Save Up 20k Golden Game Chips (20k/20k)

[] Collect All The Plushies
[] Complete Alola Dex
[] Get All Arceus Forms
[] Get All Deoxys Forms
[] Get All Genesect Forms
[] Get Zygarde 100%
[] Get My Own Ditto From The Lab
[] Get My Own Articuno From The Lab
[] Get My Own Zapdos From The Lab
[] Get My Own Moltres From The Lab

Game Records

Trainer ID: #69275237
Registration: 15/04/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Dec/2020
Game Time: 2145:02 Hours
Total interactions: 4,024,711
Money: 484,552
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Whoops. I meant to put 10k PD into my daycare, instead I accidentally put 100k.
16 Days ago
I subbed to Jacksepticeye on Twitch and he thanked me 😭 😭 😭 I almost started crying.
23 Days ago
Watching Jacksepticeye drink awful sodas is keeping this garbage off my mind. I'm terrified as a US citizen.
24 Days ago
As soon as I get streaming stuff, I'm streaming Until Dawn so people can see me scare the hecc outta myself. :D
24 Days ago
I have a new obsession and I can tell it's gonna take over my life.
25 Days ago
Shiny Clauncher caught!

25 Days ago
Watching Jacksepticeye when you're sick and it hurts to laugh... EHHHHHHHHH. I LOVE IT.
26 Days ago
IT IS HECKIN WIMDY OUT. And I feel like complete garbage. Covid sucks. That is all. Proceed with your day/night.
27 Days ago
Shiny Clamperl caught!

28 Days ago
I've been dealing with covid for a few days already and I can already say that it's super annoying. The chest pains, the headache and body aches, the super fatigue, the wanting to sleep all the time, the throat pains, the weakness/dizziness, the sinus pains, the nausea. It feels like the flu, but 10x worse. I don't wish this on anyone.
29 Days ago
I just started my new job and I test positive for covid... Wonderful.
29 Days ago
Got a new job and I can finally leave the toxic hellhole that is Walmart.
1 Month ago
A naked bisexual polar bear with bipolar disorder, is a bare bipolar bi polar bear.

--My dad on facebook.
1 Month ago
My mom's mad at me cuz I want what's best for her. Yup, sounds about right.
1 Month ago
Started my Heartomb hunt. If anyone wants a slot please let me know 💜
1 Month ago
So freaking annoyed. I wish you'd go to hell and leave me alone.
1 Month ago
By PokéRadar - 19 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Wynaut hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #235)!

My shiny hunt is over! Time to start my shiny Heartomb hunt!
1 Month ago
I'm going on almost 2 weeks with very little sleep and I'm at the point where everything is either hilarious, or I just stare at it like it confuses the heck out of me. There's no in between.
1 Month ago
Ahhhh could someone send me plushies I am missing? I will return the favor when I am able to 💜💜
1 Month ago
I'm scared of little kids~
1 Month ago


Prices/ Hunts

Prices for Hunts:
Easy: 100k / 57 / 4
Medium:150k / 86 / 6
Hard: 240k / 137 / 10
Rare: 290k / 166 / 12
Special: 290k / 166 / 12
Fossil: 290k / 166 / 12
Starter: 290k / 166 / 12
*Event*: ~Prices Will Vary~


Event Rare
PAYMENT: 900k/ 514 /38

Slot One: Mitsuri
Slot Two:
Slot Three:
Slot Four:


PAYMENT: 100k / 57 /4

Slot One:
Slot Two:
Slot Three:
Slot Four:

Shiny Hunt

ShadowUmbreon is currently hunting Heartomb.
Hunt started: 26/10/2020

Chain: 18


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