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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,121/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mareep229 / 48
Mareep236 / 48

<a href="http://www.dragonflycave.com/quizzes/what-pokemon-are-you"><img src="http://www.dragonflycave.com/wpay/togetic.gif" alt="I am a Togetic!" title="Find out what Pokémon you are at The Cave of Dragonflies"></a>

I’m not too sure about the whole “kind-hearted and sympathetic” thing, but suuuuuuure…

<div class="center">
<a href="https://www.pokemon-adoption.de">
<img src="https://www.yatta-tempel.de/animierte/psiana.gif" style="width: 60px; height: 60px;" alt="Eclipse" /></a><br />
<b>Name:</b> Eclipse<br />
Adopt one yourself! @<a href="https://www.pokemon-adoption.de">Pok&eacute;mon Orphanage</a>

How much do you know about me?



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Serial_Designation_V hasn't collected any medals so far.

Shiny Hunt

Serial_Designation_V is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 25/03/2024

Chain: 161
0 0 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #892210951
Registration: 03/10/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 408:45 Hours
Total interactions: 375,754
Money: 702,954
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


New poll… I think it’s time I leave PH, looking back at all the things I’ve done. I don’t want anyone crying if I do leave, since it’s probably for the better that I do. I’ve been on for nearly 2 years, and I still feel like this may have been both a bad and good idea at the same time. I’ve been a bit toxic to others, I’ve cursed way more times than I should’ve, and I’ve just been an annoyance to some people that I knew on this site. If I do leave the site, I’ll give everything to the people I’ve wronged. If I don’t (somehow), then I’ll TRY to improve. Doubt that’ll work out well, but idrc honestly. Anyways, I’m going to be offline for… quite a while. When I do return, I’ll check the polls. I’ll probably leave the site anyways, but that’s just an idea. In the meantime… stay positive, y’all.
2 Days ago
I FINALLY finished my Platinum playthrough

I beat Cynthia first try, and my team was: Alakazam, Torterra, Weavile, Ampharos, Lugia, and Giratina
14 Days ago
I actually started my playthrough of White 2 a week ago, so…

*updates poll*

There we go!
14 Days ago
Serial_Designation_V is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 25/03/2024

Chain: 142

Geez… nearly 150 eggs hatched, and still no shinies…

We’re gonna be here awhile, ain’t we…?
15 Days ago
I just went to GameStop, sold 2 3DS games and 2 GameCube games, and got Kirby Mass Attack

Was hoping to get Pokémon Y, but they didn’t have it
29 Days ago
New poll

I’m just gonna say that any mainline game not included in the poll has already been played through
1 Month ago
Finally got to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now
1 Month ago
Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)


Let’s do this!!!
1 Month ago
Hey, Serial_Designation_V!

How is the Wailord doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 66, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Wailord is on Level 153, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

Remember that I'll reclaim my Pokémon this Sunday at 8AM. Its level has to be higher than Prof. Oak's Pokémon by then.
Please keep it in your Party or in one of your Storage Boxes in the meantime.

Yeah… GG’s…
1 Month ago
Okay, so update on my story

I’ve decided to use my YT name

That’s it…
1 Month ago

Yes, I said it

1 Month ago

Does this site count as a fan game?

If so… then HOW has Nintendo not noticed/DMCA’d the site yet?
1 Month ago
Okay, so I’m setting up my final team for LGP
My team so far is: Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, and Alakazam

What should be the last Pokémon on my team?
1 Month ago
So… update on the progress of my story…

I decided to get rid of a few parts of chapter 2 since I just saw those parts as unnecessary filler for something that could’ve been much more interesting

I’ll be working on getting that done, and I’ll also take a look into the other chapters

I’d say I should be done with it by the end of the year. If not, then I’ll hopefully be done with it by the end of the next school year, since I am interested in writing a sequel. And if you know anything about the writing process, then you know that it takes a long time to make another part of a series.

That’s all for now, hoping to give another update in the near future
1 Month ago

1 Month ago

I forgot about the Tadbulb egg that I still had…

2 Months ago
Next shiny hunt’s gonna be…

2 Months ago

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Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
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Set #4


Getting 1 year premium

Completing the Badge Set #4:

Making 500,000 interactions

Hatching 50 shinies

Getting 20 Wondercards

Finding 30 recipes

Collecting 500 puzzle pieces

(Have to be found in Royal Tunnel, Gem Cauldron, Rumble Missions, Bulletin Board, Berrygarden, Honeytrees, DW shop, Emera Square, and/or Emera Beach)

About me

Hi! My real name is private, (because yes) so please call me either Magius or V. I’m a guy, but I do have what others would stereotype as a “feminine personality”, so I put my gender as “bigender”. I love Demon Slayer, Pokémon, Kirby, FNAF and Murder Drones. My main OC’s name is Magius, and she’s like a daughter to me. Either that, or the sibling that I never had. I have another OC named Trace, and he’s close friends with Magius. I’m technically half-demon, don’t ask why or how. I’m also currently typing up a story. It’s going to have 8 chapters, and I’m done with it. Just need to get it published. I’m still single, and at this point, my love life is a joke.
Anyways, ✌️



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