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Trainerlevel: 16

Trainerpoints: 508/783


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Anorith312,361 / 3,453
Psyduck191,030 / 1,141
Azurill321,079 / 2,535
Purrloin181,002 / 1,027
Blastoise474,611 / 6,798
Shelgon31524 / 3,721

Plushies I’m hoarding!


Merry December PokéHeroes! Everyday a different gif will be on this page for this month until Christmas night! Enjoy your December and have fun guys!

Trainer Card!

I now sell gen 1 starters! Buy your own now!
Male: 1,000 Pd/10 nuggets
Female: 1,500 Pd/15 nuggets

My adoptions!

Name: Cho
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]

Name: Zion
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Name: Zaku
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PokeSaiyan2205 6 Months ago
Dark~Phoenix 6 Months ago
Ahrim 6 Months ago
~Doffy~ 6 Months ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #997204242
Registration: 21/10/2019 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 70:34 Hours
Total interactions: 18,397
Money: 28,640
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By ShadowKeeper - 53 Minutes and 58 Seconds ago.
Oh my god I just beat undyne the undying and now I’m at the sans boss fight.
But my controller broke.
(I would push the down/up motion and I won’t move or I would not move at all and then I’ll start moving up or down randomly..) WELL TIME TO BUY A NEW ONE
So I’m doing a really random giveaway.
Share #RandomBadTime for a chance to win random stuff.

1st: 50k Pd and dragon gem.
2nd: Star piece and a mystery box.

Ends when I kill sans. I don’t wanna kill him though :’(
6 Months ago
By UnfathomableShadow - 2 Hours and 4 Minutes ago.
Ah yes the mystical bird has arrived in an egg.

Share #ChickFilALegendary and interact with the egg to be entered. Prizes:

1st: hard rock
2nd: Star piece

Ironic how the bird is a fire type, and is in an egg. I want chicken lol :-(
6 Months ago
How do I evolve Charjabug?
6 Months ago
Any one willing to help me evolve my Kadabra
6 Months ago
By Dark~Phoenix - 2 Hours and 7 Minutes ago.
Egg 150 hatched during my Cosmog hunt without being a shiny.
Propability for this is less than 4,7%
<b>Give me a number of an egg of which you think it will be shiny (number must be greater than 150) and you can win a nice prize.</b>
For example 151 if you think, the next egg is a shiny or 200 for the 200. egg in the hunt will be shiny.
1. prize: 300 k pd
2. prize: 4 hatched unshiny Cosmogs
3. prize: shiny Meditite
4. prize: shiny Onix
5. prize: shiny Charizard
6. prize: shiny Gastly
If nobody guesses the correct number, the closest will win the prizes
Contest ends with hatching the first shiny.
<b>Like my original post, heart and comment with a number higher than 150</b>
Pls try to find an unrated number because doublettes are difficult to handle.
Good luck to all of us
6 Months ago
6 Months ago
By WhisperingThief - 1 Hour and 44 Minutes ago.
Giving away my shiny Venipede line to one user!

As much as I love the site, I've got some health issues that make clicking on this one really hard! I'm trading everything except my party and Babies box for Flight Rising or Marapets currency and items! Might as well give some shinies away in the process, though!

Rules to enter:
1. Comment on this!
2. Post #BugGiveaway
3. That's it!

Any messages begging for other items, especially for the ones I stated were not for trade, will be immediately disqualified.
6 Months ago
I c a n ‘ t f i n d t h i s c h a r m a n d e r e g g.
6 Months ago
By Cosmixx - 15 Hours and 1 Minute ago.
Heyo everyone! Back with another giveaway! Here’s how you enter:

1. Interact With Yamper

2. Comment proof of interaction

3. Like the original feed (by Cosmixx) and share the hashtag #GetTobyToLVL100!

Giveaway will end once she reaches lvl 100! Each participant will get 1k (if I can afford) and the grand prize is a Nebula Stone! Good Luck!
6 Months ago
#MyFavoriteMemory is when I met my best friend.
6 Months ago
Oh. My Yamper is female.
6 Months ago
Yamper is staying this way forever.
6 Months ago
Ayyyy Yamper!
6 Months ago
I’ve got 2 mega-able Aggron I’m willing to trade one.
6 Months ago
Wait how do you get Yamper?
6 Months ago
What’s also amazing about the shiny Ponyta is it was one of my future hunts so thank you!
6 Months ago
Thank RileyImSong for the shiny Ponyta!
6 Months ago
Anyone have a mega stone I could trade with?
6 Months ago
Today was a bad day to fill my inventory with Eggs...
6 Months ago
I’ve got two Squirtle eggs I’m willing to sell if anyone wants one.
Just 1k
6 Months ago


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About the Candle.

Hello! I am Ryegrass the candle that solves a lot! Somethings you should know is the fact that if I set up a trade and I ask for something and you give me something less I will decline automatically. I am a Pokémon collector so I bid on pretty much everything. If you ever want to trade me please give me something I don’t have unless it’s a double of one of my Pokémon. I’m also very slow at things and I do sleep. A lot. Oh one last thing. I’m VERY weird. Welp that’s it for this candle hope to see y’all later bye!

My Goals

1. To get a shiny.
2. To have a lot of Pokedollars.
3. To have the best free Pokémon daycare.

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