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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 414/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
478493,410 / 686,887
(Pichu (Spiky-eared))
490617,642 / 721,771
21894,996 / 143,227
50256,702 / 757,519

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #512321300
Registration: 27/05/2021 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 278:42 Hours
Total interactions: 284,471
Money: 158,092
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


So i was looking through my photos...and I decided to come back to apologize. I forgot about this site for quite a while now, and it’s been a while since I’ve really drawn for people here. I’ll admit it. I’m still a kid, and I’m a very very stupid kid. (Understandable). A long time ago, when I was uneducated about very very important art rules, I went on here to do art commissions. This is very embarrassing, but I’ll admit, when I first started, I traced. I traced other’s art (most from google) and claimed it was mine. I am literally, so sorry. Later on (when I was on the site for a little longer), I didn’t trace art for others anymore really, but that still left a mark. (Ugh I cant believe I was so STUPID back then) anybody that has has me for art and realized, hey, it kinda looks EXACTLY like the pic from google, please PM me. I’ll try my BEST to make it up to you. To make sure that it truly is traced, overlay it on some really similar google pic. I am truly sorry, I was young ;w;
1 Year ago
I can’t even tell if I’m going to be active or not anymore. I just can’t seem to make up my mind :’)
1 Year ago
Not me dying because of all the exams at school recently T-T
2 Years ago
im pretty ded here huh
but here have some art
improvement i guess
2 Years ago
It’s my birthday ._.
2 Years ago
Yes I did leave for a while because of my studies
how am I doing?
*brags* well I got straight A's for my average
*sees a C* OwO
2 Years ago
when your little sister changed your username
2 Years ago
okay so
who wants me to do free art again
because im bored
and ive been practicing and got better i think ;w;
is you comment something i guess
okay bye
*digs a hole* *hides in it*
2 Years ago
what i was doing for the past 4 months?
why thanks for asking
just being into a weeb after years of not knowing what anime was
*looks at my pichus*
how long have i even been gone
2 Years ago
*When you come back after a month*

;;;;;;w;;;;; wahhhhhhh I missed you guys so much and I only get to see you for a second
2 Years ago
And the winners of #GoodbyePichu are...
*dramatic music plays*

1. ~PikaRed~
2. Rice
3. Komainu

Sending prizes during the weekend, gtg to schooolllll
heres some proof

Wow guys, I didn’t think I would get so many entries in my giveaway! i has to type so manyyyyy namesssdd...i May have typed a few wrong since I’m tired

Your comments really wanted me to stay but I don’t have a choice, school is spin but it can really help someone in their future. (Entries were counted in the likes)
2 Years ago
I’m going to end the giveaway #GoodbyePichu for now, going to tell you the winners soon~ good luck guys! Hope rng chooses you! 🍀🍀🍀
2 Years ago
As everyone knows by now, I’m leaving ph :P so imma host a giveaway, just so you know IM NOT GIVING AWAY MY PICHUS
Share #GoodbyePichu & ❤️ this feed & comment something to win...

1. 100k pd & enigma stone & 100 nuggets
2. Shiny of their choice & 50k & 50 nuggets
3. 35k & 50 nuggets and an already mega evolved Pokémon

Good luck everyone!
2 Years ago
Good news guys, I’m leaving forever (or a bunch of years from what I know)

Will miss you guys a lot -hugs-

I decided I need to stop getting addicted to games and stuff and start focusing on school. Wish you good luck without me.
2 Years ago
It’s official guys...I’m going on hiatus. Big things came up, and I will be super inactive, I wish you all good luck, I will miss you guys SO much, but studies come first...so I guess..this is a good-bye?
2 Years ago
why do people order art, then offer the money they DONT have on it? those people obviously want to scam innocent artists into putting thier hard work onto an art piece just to see it getting ripped into pieces. don't scam people kids, its unfair >:(
2 Years ago
Schools starting again
You know what that means...
-Leaving ;>;
If I ever leave you guys please don’t forget that weird Pichu that had always stalked you profiles
I might do I giveaway before I tho, don’t forget me.
2 Years ago

I’m very sorry

Hi, I’m Riku, Kyuuu, ~Weird_Pichu~, and Datweirdo123. I found this site when I was a young stupid child, playing all the time. I realized I could make art for others, and make them happy, so I thought why don’t I open an art shop? I asked some of the nicest people on here to see if my ‘art’ was good enough to sell. It wasn’t mean art though, it was traced from google images. Traced from other people’s art and claiming it was mine. I didn’t realize it back then. I though it wasn’t okay. (Stupid child part and all) They loved it of course, I feel so ashamed, if only I realized sooner I made a huge mistake. I opened my art shop, people bought my fake art. I never knew back then how wrong that was. But now that I have learned, I think I should apologize. I’m truly so so so sorry. If only I could remember all those people I ripped off. I’m so sorry. And I can’t believe I would do that to such nice people. If you see this, and know you bought art off of me, please PM me, I’ll try my best, to redraw your character for you. Without tracing this time.
Apologies to these amazing people:
SoulStar, Torracat, Demonofdarkness, ~Pikachu~, -Loki-, 123456789101112, shadybump119, ~Yvelette~, ~Wish~, _Sun, Burn~Drive, Braixie, Once, Yams, Random~Mew, Dorcas, Floofty, Shinymegagardevoir, Autumnwind_cat, ~Jessy~, Seazardmaster, BlueRoyalty, NikStar, BabyEevee22, sommerose, Zeta, An_Apple, Whitty, Molly, Cinnabon, Asagata, Praiju, Stristik, NekoScrub, GooBear, Acacia, YungRover, and so on.
(Many of these are users that have changed their usernames, but I don’t really know since I’ve been gone for so long ;w;)
Again, I apologize to all of you, and the rest of the art community.
Icon drawn by: myself