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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 933/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Fletchling16 / 9

Jus' some goals :)

Current Goal:

Long Time Goals:
-Have an OT SM
-Complete Harvest quest and get their shiny versions
-Get all OT Shiny Tapu's and OT shiny victini
-Complete all dexes
-Get an OT shiny legendary
-Have OT shiny concentration game retros (Chikorita,Cyndaquil,Totodile,Hoothoot,Sentret)
-Get OT shiny uxie,mesprit, and azelf

This year goals:
~Get top 500 in:
Biggest Plushie Collection
Most Unique Plushies
Most Dream Points Spent
~Get top 1000 in:
Most eggs hatched

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Current Rank in each ranklist:
Biggest Plushie Collection:: 627
Most Unique Plushies: 871
Most Dream Points Spent:1684
Most Eggs Hatched: 2470
Last Updated: 10/07/23
~Win a magearna raffle
~Get all Mewton brothers and (maybe) their shiny versions
~Get 50 hoopas for shiny hoopa
(Will add more goals as time goes on :)

'Mons of the Month!

The 'mons on the Spotlight this month[October] :D
Shiny of the Month: Kirby the Spheal!

Mega of the Month: Cheeky the Charizard! my only mega lol

Gigantamax of the Month: Silver the Corviknight!

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #774238663
Registration: 20/07/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 505:19 Hours
Total interactions: 956,251
Money: 196,399
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By BuddhaBamboo

1st place: Lunala, Mesprit
2nd place: Shadow Golbat

*This ends the 12th. This is the replacement giveaway for the giveaway i was doing.*
3 Days ago
By Umbreontcg
1st:shiny scyther
2nd:retro charmander
3 Days ago
5 Days ago
Free 'mons 👍🏾
5 Days ago
By BuddhaBamboo

If You would like a Free Mega Venusaur, share the hashtag and state why you would like it, The winner will be chosen from a wheel.
5 Days ago
Interaction exchange? :]
7 Days ago
By ShinxThunderFangCrunch
Time to set up my birthday giveaway...
Share from the hashtag down, and like the original feed to enter! Ends when my birthday (December 6) does OS. Winner will be chosen via random.org, you WILL NOT be shown proof as if you think you're entitled to seeing the results then you don't have to enter.
1st place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s), 300k PD, 4k Nuggets
2nd place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s), 150k PD
3rd place: 1 Shiny Skarigami with golden star(s), 1 MA Skarigami with golden star(s)
11 Days ago
By RatQueen
Do you like angel foodcake giveaways???

Then you're in luck.

I'm giving a mystery item to everyone that enters (unless, like, a thousand people enter) and about twelve, specially hunted shinies.

Whilst it ends on the 25th, December 1-12 (12 days of Christmas) I'll give away a shiny ice type. The grand prize will be a shiny Glaceon and whatever mystery items/PD I have...

Just share #FreeStuffChristmasEdition and like the original feed to enter.

See you soon!
1 Month ago
There's a strike where I am and like damn I didn't know this was how my morning was gonna start lmao
1 Month ago
I miss one day of school and not even the end of 4th block yet I have over 5 pieces of homework to do and one of 'em is a project that has to be due tomorrow and its so much man T-T
1 Month ago
Comment to get mass-clicked
Randomly lost motivation over the weekend lol

how does everyone have so much candy i have like 5K dude
1 Month ago
Comment to get mass clicked, no limit! :]
im still desperate for candy
1 Month ago
This is the most I've interacted in a while lol
1 Month ago
Sending b-day plushy to those who HAVEN'T recieved one! :D
Just comment and ill head it your way! :]

i need candy
1 Month ago
Comment to get mass-clicked, no limit, :D
im bored and i need candy
1 Month ago
By Ribs
So I finally decided to quit PokeHeroes. Came back to say that, and I figure I'll do a giveaway to make sure all this stuff doesn't go to waste (because I had quite a bit)

The prizes are as follows:

1st Pick: Ditto, 10 Pokemon from my boxes, everything in my inventory
2nd Pick: 25 Pokemon from my boxes
3rd Pick: 20 Pokemon from my boxes
4th: 10 Pokemon from my boxes
5th: Whatever's left in my boxes

Winner will be drawn tonight at 00:00 EST, so about five hours from now.
Share the hashtag #SeeYaLaterAlligator and the post to enter

It's been fun, so thank you all for the memories!
1 Month ago
Interac. exchange? :]
1 Month ago
first 3 people to comment get mass-clicked :D
1 Month ago
Chose boomers for those who need to know :]

What did you choose?
definitely no ulterior motive for this question
1 Month ago
By PidgeyEvent

Ayo time for another small giveaway :))

So there will be 3 winners

1. Shiny Mega Zoroark
2. Shiny Eterantus
3. 6 meltan candies + 5 Enigma stones

3 entries per person, 1 for commenting, 1 for hearting, and 1 for sharing the hashtag you should also warm the eggs in my party

Also comment/write with the hashtag something you’d like to see given away next :)
1 Month ago


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Ambitous Collecting

Lake Trio:
Uxie: 0/50
Mesprit: 0/50
Azelf: 0/50
Shiny Entei:
[E̴̢̐͆͛̄̂͂R̴͔̋R̶͚͚̿̈́̾̈͆̿͋͠͠͠Ö̷̝̝̤̲́̂̍ͅȒ̴̖̯̬̜̤̖̯͋̈́̾̀̉͘̕͜ͅ] M̷͕̽̀͗͘͝i̵̪̰̪͈̲̗̗̰̳̺̎̆s̵̛̱̱̟͖͖̖̊̾̀̀͜s̷̡̟̞̯̖͋̇͒í̵̛̦̥͓̙̦͔͙̗̖̦̅̎̐ņ̴̺̟͚͑́̌̅̊̓͘͝ğ̷̹̈́͋̿͑̕͜N̴̠̰̖͚̯͙̈́̅̔̃̈́͝ő̴̻̓̕̕.̶̼̗͈͕̲̬̥̚
Dynamax Crystals:
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