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352434,716 / 465,961
(Mega Charizard X)
8491,297,947 / 2,572,557

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Trainer ID: #7179054
Registration: 10/03/2021 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 230:41 Hours
Total interactions: 26,673
Money: 143,914
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By PenguinPowerful - 13 Hours and 18 Minutes ago.
Hello Everyone!

As Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are coming up (yes I celebrate Hanukkah, I’m Jewish) I thought it would be a good time to do a giveaway!

How to enter
Like this feed and share #MenschOnABench

5 Dynamax Crystals
1 Super Honey
1 Mystery Box (Black)
2 Mystery Keys (Gold)
1 Rare Candy

Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving! Giveaway ends on the first night of Hanukkah which is Sunday the 28th. So the giveaway will close at reset!

Good Luck!
4 Days ago
By Glaceon20 - 1 Day and 7 Hours ago.


I'm doing a giveaway! I don't have much but i do have loads of honey. Heart this feed and share THIS hastag #glaceongiveaway to get a chance to win gems,pokeballs,honey and most importantly.... A RETRO POKEMON!
4 Days ago
By FluffyStar - 2 Hours ago.
Giveaway Time! As i have got alot of Mega able beedrill's i would like to give some! Just live this feed and if possible feed him?

1st Position) 15 Mega able beedrill
2nd Position) 10 Mega able beedrill
3rd Position) 5 Mega able beedrill

Ends after a Day! Enjoy your time
5 Days ago
By DrGrimm - 16 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.
Ok guys, I am excited, today is Artur’s (My Blackbird) birthday! (I found him on this day two years ago so I call it his birthday) so I’m starting a small giveaway #ArturBirbday

The winner (who will be selecting by spinning a wheel) will receive the following: 1 star piece, 1 bottled message, 1 gold mystery key, and 3 weather balloons!
6 Days ago
Guys, my zamazenta auction almost done, your last chace to bid!
6 Days ago
Can someone get me a appletun and grimsnarl plaushie? Thanks! :)
6 Days ago
Hey guys, if you want to buy/trade for pokemon in my sell/trade box, let me know
6 Days ago
Guys, i need a egg radar legend but i don't have enough pd to get it, could i offer some pd to get it?
6 Days ago
Can someone gift me new plushie please :)
7 Days ago
7 Days ago
By Pohat - 30 Minutes and 12 Seconds ago.
Okay guys, today is my birthday so Imma do a giveaway!

Share #PohatBirthday and heart this feed for a chance to win:

1. Shiny sewaddle
2. Mystery pair or 10k pd
3. 5k pd

Extra entries if comment something nice like 'Happy Birthday' or something
Good luck everybody
7 Days ago
7 Days ago
By Gojirath - 2 Hours and 58 Minutes ago.
So I’ve decided I have way to much PD lol. So I’m going to give away some PD! 10,000,000 PD to be exact! All you have to do is heart this post and share #GojirawayBIG. The winner will be announced on Thursday sometime! Good luck to everyone!
7 Days ago
Anyone wanna offer lugia egg voucher or retro egg voucher?
8 Days ago
Can someone send me a darkrai plushie please :)
8 Days ago
Guys! Shiny ditto at prof rowan lab, what do i do!?!?!
8 Days ago
Guys, does anyone have a brown mystery box or dark, light blue, purple, or gold mystery keys? I might be able to offer something for those
8 Days ago
By Genya~ - 18 Hours and 7 Minutes ago.
So! Giveaway time~

First off....I completely forgot about the Lurantis giveaway thing so-

I'm revamping it! With better prizes! Even Mega Stones!

Here are the prizes~:

1st Place!: Shiny Lurantis (ooh) Shiny Aerodactyl (aahhh) and....drumroll please...dunudnduuun....not one...not two...wait, no-

Yeah, it's two. TWO MEGA STONES!

(Wow!) :O

To enter: <3 this feed, and share #GenyaMegaStones for a chance to win! Ends soon!
8 Days ago
Guys, how many dynamax crystals to giga a pokemon?
9 Days ago



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