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Formerly: Cybat101
Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 1,813/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Gastly (Retro))
278117,723 / 270,969

My Glorious Puzzle!!

Hey! It's the human! You're gonna love this puzzle! It was made by the great Dr.Alphys! You see these tiles!! Once I throw this switch... They will begin to change color! Each color has a different function!
Red tiles are impassable! You cannot walk on them!
Yellow tiles are electric! They will electrocute you!
Green tiles are alarm tiles! If you step on them... You will have to fight a monster!!
Orange tiles are orange scented! They will make you smell delicious!
Blue tiles are water tiles! Swim through them if you like but...if you smell like oranges, the piranhas will bite you. Also if a blue tile is next to a yellow tile, the water will also zap you!
Purple tiles are slippery! You will slide to the next tile! However, the slippery soap... Smells like lemons, which piranhas do not like! Purple and blue are okay!
Finally, Pink Tiles. They don't do anything. Step on them all you like!
How was that!? Understand???

My Special Attack!

What!! Who let that dog in here!!!

My dream team

. . .


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Shiny Hunt

Papyrus_The_Skeleton is currently hunting Winter Mareep.
Hunt started: 03/02/2021

Chain: 69
0 2 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #627547991
Registration: 26/05/2020 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 582:32 Hours
Total interactions: 136,868
Money: 190,475
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


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This makes me genuinely happy
Yesterday, 04:14
Welp I won't waste my time making the MHA roleplay then xP
1 Day ago
Vote on my poll please.
4 Days ago
I opened up about my emotions more than usual today (which is not at all). Idk how I feel about that...
5 Days ago
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It must be some sort of bug 😠😠
5 Days ago
Me and my sister for fun are making our own version of the DC universe. One where it's actually balanced and makes sense ya know?
5 Days ago
Honestly this whole MHA roleplay thing is just am excuse for me to use my characters and to see others.
5 Days ago
New poll
5 Days ago
Maybe I'll make one. Idk. Since the MHA fandom is larger than the UT fandom, way larger, maybe it will actually get members.
5 Days ago
5 Days ago
It is I! The Great Papyrus!
I know I haven't been on much lately. Got a lot of stuff going on. You know how it is.
Anyhow... Fill me in on what's happened in like a week.
5 Days ago
Bokugo is a good character and you can fight me on that.
12 Days ago
*points to last feed*
12 Days ago
Mineta once said to a girl who probably isn't older than 10 "I can't wait to see what you look like 10 years from now".
That's all I need to say about his Character.
12 Days ago
Someone answer me this
How in the world can people like Mineta?
12 Days ago
After today, I am officially done with humanity. I am reverting back to monke.
12 Days ago
Somebody end my suffering
13 Days ago
I'm way sicker than I thought. Honestly I think I might have the virus. Ugh I wanna die.
13 Days ago
Sorry I haven't been on much guys. Ive been sick the last couple of days.
14 Days ago
Guys we have to be careful. Someone on PH is possessed by an owl.
18 Days ago

About Me

Well, hello there stranger! I am the great and mighty Papyrus! Quiver in fear before the great Papyrus!
nah, i’m kidding, i’m actually pretty nice......

My true, born name, is Papyrus! Nothing more! heh..... totally tricking them...

Me, the great Papyrus, will be friends with anyone, and I will never block anyone! but don’t be a butthole. please?

Please don’t ask for anything from my great, amazingly named boxes, Dream Team and Yu Gi Oh boxes...


It is I! The Great Papyrus! I am the greatest Royal-Guardsman-In-Training there is!! I love cooking, traps and puzzles, and above all being me! My brother is Sans. He's a lazybones, but hes really great too when you get to know him. If you're a human, prepared to get captured!

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