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Overcast's Bio:

Animu Nerds Gather Here!!

Abrasive, Stubborn, Generous, Worrywart, Introverted, and a Tsandere.

1. NEVER CONTACT ME WITH 3 LETTERS OR LESS (I consider it rude and uncaring. Upon repeated deliberate provoking you will be blocked, NO exceptions)!!!

2. NEVER ASK FOR POKEMON OR ITEMS/PD (Including borrowing/giving things for free)!!!

3. RESPECT ME AND I WILL RESPECT YOU (Self-explanatory)!!!


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Trainer ID: #200355559
Registration: 06/07/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2200:04 Hours
Total interactions: 517,222
Money: 156,662
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Please warm this Tapu Fini Egg.

Heart so I can return!!!
Today, 20:13
You have interacted with 2378 Adopts in a row.

What can I say? The weather outdoors is cold... so my hands were cold. RIP.
Today, 14:10
An English Hataraku Saibou Opening came out 6 days ago. You know what I think? Despite I imaged "Little Red Klutz Cell" being voiced by someone with a shyer voice, well it's not too shabby.

I just can't handle the hype this OP gives me.

Includes Lucy Heartfilia's Actress, Laba Congee's Actress, and Metal Lee's actor. The rest I don't know well enough.

CaW: It's rare for me to like the sub better
Yesterday, 18:45
Even if my Beauty Contest photo got Rank 78, I had no clue what I was doing or what I wanted it to look like. What a mess. So uh... how many people saw it?
Yesterday, 14:06
For those who didn't know, you can actually check what Pokemon you got from WT/SWT before the notification comes out. Just a little thing I discovered.
3 Days ago
I see a lot of people trying to get Pokedex entries. I would like to join in. Does anyone have...

Accelgor, Arcaddly, Aromatisse, Baron Fraxure, Candy Belly, Chandelure, Chimecho, Clawfa, Clawfairy, Cradily, Dr. Crazee, Dusknoir, Easter Bunnelby, Easter Diggersby, Easter Slakoth, Easter Vigoroth, Electivire, Flabébé (Eternal Flower), Flabébé (Orange), Florges (Orange), Florges (Red), Florges (Yellow), Gliscor, Groomicott, Hakamo-o, Jolly Jr., Klang, Knight Axew, Lightblim, Lillibride, Mr. Moody, Nessy, Paras, Porygon-Z, Probopass, Satochu, Seedot, Simisage, Simisear, Surfer Machop, or Vivillon (Icy Snow)?

I have been saving these extra events just for this. Ratio: 1 of my duplicate events for 1 missing event (that you have). As for the other regular Pokemon: 1 missing Pokemon = 1 Missing Pokemon.
Didn't include the more uncommon-ish Pokemon because it would be a pretty slim chance of getting those. We clear? Alright!
3 Days ago
I am sorry to those who I couldn't pick. Just know I will still put up more trades like this so the rest of you can get even more chances.
3 Days ago
The mocha brothers are learning quickly. Chocolate loves attention (looking at me, showing off, getting upset when I leave) while Coffee thinks I'm decent but doesn't mind eating from my hand. They are going to be very intelligent when they get older. I couldn't be more proud as an owner.
3 Days ago
If Ducklett was to be an event based on the new Pikachu Movie:

I hereby introduce you to ♡ Ducklett (Sleuth) & Friends! ♡

For example...

⋆ Help Ducklett and his group locate the missing Ultranecrozium Z and they may or may not reward you with a brand new event ⋆

Disclaimer: To avoid the image being cluttered, I could not fit all of the staff members. I do not own any of the original images. Let me know if you like concept.
4 Days ago
By Badges Report - 59+ Seconds ago.
You obtained a new badge (Cooking Mama)!

Woot Woot ◕‿◕
5 Days ago
User: Blocking is silly *Does it anyway*

Me: Whatever floats your boat, I suppose O_o

Enough of me wasting time. There are 4 New Food Souls.


Soft Serve Cone


Hetalia's Germany in another universe
5 Days ago
Young U. Doma's Song:

♪ When I leave (my house) my colors fade to gray
Uma Uma hey, Uma Uma Umaa-hey
Every video game I used to play
Now I laze around all day... ♫

My Older Brother: ಠ_ಠ (lol)
6 Days ago
Petition for Food Fantasy to be a 3ds game.

And before I forget to say this, I'm sorry to everyone else I didn't choose, but the way it works is you can only "pick one" offer
7 Days ago
Spoilers for the new event in the comments: PROCEED AT OWN RISK!
7 Days ago
Oh jeepers. Good luck everyone, I know I won't get enough jk
7 Days ago
Huh... I wouldn't say we copy the art style directly from the movie itself, but this would be a cool style if PH ever needs a new banner. I assume people would pick that for their banner? IDK, just a thought.
8 Days ago

Litleo/Pryroar, considering (lion's) pride, pickiness in some aspects and being stubborn... but is also loving inside.
8 Days ago
Headin' to the beach! Peace out~!
9 Days ago
Change is hard. I'm still trying to get used to that myself.
10 Days ago

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