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Formerly: That_Annoyed_Panda
Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,466/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Volbeat11360 / 672
221,708 / 1,899
(Mega Meganium)
553852,695 / 1,086,399


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Ogre_The_Cat hasn't collected any medals so far.


Last Action
Watching the Rumble Overview (21 Hours ago)

The Best Arts~

Made By wizkid~
Character/Pokemon: Eeveeon!!!
Adding more soon~

Game Records

Trainer ID: #268865898
Registration: 29/06/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 471:33 Hours
Total interactions: 70,672
Money: 29,452
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Happy Anniversary!
7 Days ago
22 Days ago
3rd Place winner is.......
~PokeStar~ !

2nd Place Winner is...
Hisuian Zorua !!

1st Place winner is....
DayDreamingDrgn !!!!!

Thank you all for joining!
1 Month ago
#IAmOnlyEnteringForThePrizes has ended! winners will be announced shortly....
1 Month ago
I don't remember anyone saying that I can't participate in my own giveaway, soooo....#IAmOnlyEnteringForThePrizes
1 Month ago
Hey, Ogre_The_Cat!

How is my Magikarp doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 24, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Magikarp is on Level 80, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

1 Month ago
1 Month ago
For the giveaway...You will have to comment, heart AND share the hashtag
1 Month ago
Interact with my Magikarp?
1 Month ago
By Anniversary - 11 Hours and 43 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 2 Years now!

→ Claim your gift

Okasa...SOOOOOOOO, it looks like there is gonna be a giveaway!

How to Enter? :
1: Heart This Feed
2: Share the Hashtag ( #IAmOnlyEnteringForThePrizes )
3: Comment Something

1st place gets:
1x Cosmog
1x Shiny bulbasaur
1x MA Scyther
1x Squirtle (Retro)
1x Gastly (Retro)
1x Shadow Weedle
1x Hoopa
2x Star Pieces
And a pokemon of their choice (I should agree to give away the pokemon)

2nd Place gets:
1x Solar Eevee (Male)
1x Dark Ponyta
1x MA Rapidash
1x Shiny Pichu
1x Carbink
3x Nebula Stones
And a pokemon of their choice (I should agree to give away the pokemon)

3rd Place gets:
1x Winter Ampharos
5x Unowns
1x MA Sceptile
And some evo items+1 Nebula Stone
And a pokemon of their choice (I should agree to give away the pokemon)

I will probably add more Prizes; Ends after a while (since my vacations are gonna start)
1 Month ago
Finally, after soooooo much time of getting these idiotic jade orbs, I got the raylong egg! Thanks to all the people who helped me the whole time
1 Month ago
Is it okay to be worried if your pokemon returns with a weather balloon? (I am starting to get worried about Pennywise on pokeheroes-)
1 Month ago
Is anyone free to battle?
1 Month ago
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
Looking for:
4xStar pieces
Please PP me if you have them (and if you want to trade them)
2 Months ago
Looking for a mercury or and 1 stardust...pleeeeeeeeeease PP me if you have them...
2 Months ago
By ShinyMegaGardevoir -
Giveaway again! :D

Ph is dead these months days :( We Need to do something! uwu

The newest events are, just the new megas from sprinting contests (which are kinda normal on ph now) I'm hoping that Riako and the mods can make BIGGER events! :D

Like events with SM or SL as a prize, then people that left ph might come back! And all the members will play ph a lot more for sure.

Or even just bring the old things back to ph! For example, I see many people hoping for the retro radar back, maybe we can have more shiny retros and even SM retros? :33

How to Enter the Giveaway (I'm sure some peeps just wanna see this part so I made it in bold! I'm so sweet and precious xD)

Share #WeNeedBIGBIGBIGEvents
Heart This Feed <3


First Place: 100k PD
Second Place: 150 Steel Gems

Prize Addition!

Every Mod That Shares the Hashtag, I'll add a 10k pd prize! :D

If Riako share the hashtag or hearted this feed, I'll add another 50k pd! :D
2 Months ago

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Shiny Hunt

-Eeveeon- is currently hunting Ditto.
Hunt started: 30/11/2020

Chain: 1132


Debts and stuff

People I owe:
Ablip: 100 Nuggets .

People Who Owe Me:
Widow_marvel: 150,000
If you dont feel comfortable with your nam here, PLEASE ask me to remove your name~


1: Get a ditto: 👎
2: Get all the new fossils: 👎 (0 collected)
3: Get a full moon island map: 👍
4: exchange a shadow for a random shadow: 👎
5: Get a Mega Stone:
6: Get a shadow Radar: 👎 Looking for 500k more
7: Looking for fighting gems, 420/1k

Best/Trusted friends

1: Ablip
2: DemigodPoseidon
3: RevolutionaryPlayerND
4: TheBlackAlpha
Angels of PH:
1: Shinigamii
2: Crysticia
3: Jim_Lake_Jr
4: Ravenswing
5: Ablip
6: Greggory_Lee
7: ChikoritaMining
1: Gifted me pd+nebby stones
2: Offered to give celebis for a VERY low price
3: gave 5 dragon gems since i was badly looking for them
4: Keeeeeps on helping me
5: Gave me pd for pokeradar
6: same reason as number 4