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Formerly: nekoman
Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 4,080/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
677378,128 / 1,632,198

About me

Name: Nekoman
Age: 10-15
Birthday: 4th of October
Friends :D
Things I love: Drawing and animals
MTBI result: INTP
Fav pokemon: Mimikyu

Ghost-types are energetic, witty, think outside the box, and tend to be the life of the party. They thrive on attention, whether positive or negative, and love to surprise people and make them laugh.

I am also the johto and hoenn helper of Joyfuldoggy's service


My Goals

Complete pokedex
Completion: 996/1699 (58.62%)

Get a ditto
Collecting Normal gems
I currently have 7,220 /10000 Normal gems!

Starting from now, I'll buy normal gems

10000 for 10 normal gems

palpad or pm me if you want to sell:3

Get a shiny mew

I currently have 1,580/41000 Dream Points!

Buy 1 year premium
I currently have 3,195 /8000 nuggets!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #569651417
Registration: 15/03/2023 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 574:21 Hours
Total interactions: 6,213,769
Money: 1,819,801
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


Is this offer a fair one?

Thank you :D
Yesterday, 13:51
Great! Thanks to you, I was able to collect enough Research Data.
Very interesting... Very interesting!

Here is your reward. Take good care of it!
[ Claim Egg ]

:D and now its time for miraidon
Yesterday, 05:02
Interaction exchange?

Thank you :D
Yesterday, 04:30
Hello, May I know anyone here sells:

I'll buy it (that's a it I guess?) according to the stonk price, Thank you :D
3 Days ago
The lost item
Where....? Where? Just where?! ... Where did I place it?

Oh, hey Nekoplant!
Urgh, you're wondering what I'm doing? Well, I'm actually quite desperate right now, I lost a really important item. I've searched my whole lab and I still can't find it.
... ... Actually. Actually I think I lost it on a rumble area!
Yeah, right, now I remember! I gave it to one of my Pokémon and sent it out on a mission. It must have dropped the item somewhere in the Silent Forest.
Can you help me, please? I really need this item. It's maybe worth thousands - no, millions - of Pokédollar!
Please send your Pokémon to the Silent Forest and tell them to search for a brown sack. But don't open it!!

yay :D
new rowan quest after 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 Days ago

just scroll in GTS and I keep finding fake pair offers

How in the world that they put siblings together and keep making people think they're a pair and then ask for another pair


4 Days ago
By antidisestablishment - 44 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago.
Everyone who shares (#OneMillionPichus giveaway in main feed) will be gifted 5k PD!! (One per person, no limit)
^^^ Join the giveaway ^^^
Now taking preorders for when I resume Pichu hunt! Please just check my page for prices, limited to larger orders. Willing to negotiate if you want more for discount :D
6 Days ago

I've reached 7k normal gems
so the winner this time isssssssss
Jay24 !!!!


here's the proof ^._.^

yes this is a repost as I type the amount of normal gems wrongly XDDDD
17 Days ago


26 Days ago
Love Test
presented by the Daycare Owner
Nekoplant and nekoplant:
The two don't seem to like each other.

Yes, I hate myself XDDDDDDDDD
27 Days ago
Just looked at the shiny impasta line

...and now I want to shiny hunt them XD

probably... when I got my 1 year premium
(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)
29 Days ago
Fountain when I was shiny hunting: today your lucky number is 28(nothing happens)

Fountain when I was adopting lab eggs and breeding unowns: your coin is shining much brighter then the others (increased shiny chance)

Me: I can say fountain hates me a lot XDDDD
1 Month ago
By Sky Gifts - 30 Seconds ago.
Sky Gifts:
You have 2 new sky gift(s)!

→ Your Sky Gifts

By News - 5 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.
Riako recently published a news post on the Index-Page! Be the first one to discover our newest updates:

[News #299]

XDDDD you guys are really quick
1 Month ago
Me: oh I need to save up pd to buy nuggets for the 1 year premium
also Me: Storage Box Upgrade -250,000 Today, 01:04

Another me: oh I shouldn't put my breeding pair away from the daycare in order to produce eggs
Also me: yea nevermind I should pair up all the pokemon I have and extend my breeding pair box

Conclusion: I'm so random XD
1 Month ago
By BlackberryPiemon - 48 Minutes and 38 Seconds ago.
Our lord and Savior Has Reached LVL 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be giving out random gems to one random person on my friends list, and New Giveaway!
Share #Lvl150Mudkip and proof of berry and when they hit lvl 150 ill give away 50k PD!
1 Month ago

I've reached 6k normal gems
so the winner this time isssssssss
RL91047 !!!!

Please claim your prize within 3 days or I'll take it back :D

here's the proof ^._.^
2 Months ago
Just visit Dr. Footstep in pokemon platinum...
and I now kinda want to know how my buddy here thinks of me

should I suggest pokeheores to have a Dr. Footstep so that we can analyse how close are we to our pokemon?
2 Months ago
I want to have a berry battle :(

anyone knows when would the berry battle held again?
2 Months ago

Beep Beep n^._.^n

Hello :D
Here I am going to post wot things I want to buy:

Normal gems (1000pd for 1)

White Powder (according to stonks, it should be 300k pd :D)

Nuggets (2000pd for 1 :D)

Missing dex Pokemon (I'll check the stonks to buy them :D)




Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Plushies I like :3

Hey! If u want to spam me with plushies, Would u mind to spam me with theses guys? :D