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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 1,457/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Copperajah371,694 / 4,219
Drifblim394,375 / 6,055
Goomy27155 / 2,836
Emolga383,357 / 4,447
Cat Eel
18891,562 / 133,246
Linoone40636 / 4,921

Got randomly friended by me and you’re wondering why? Sometimes I just like to shake up my feed and friend a few people. I may have seen you through a wonder trade, the notification wall, or elsewhere.

# of regular Charleston: 3

# of regular Ballet: 2

updated: Feb 19, 2024



Last Action
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Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Fishing Bucket

Most are UFT, except for starters and Magikarp

Poliwag x2
Poliwhirl x1
Tentacool x122
Tentacruel x9
Cloyster x1
Horsea x5
Goldeen x67
Seaking x25
Staryu x1
Magikarp x17
Gyarados x32
Chinchou x19
Lanturn x1
Marill x11
Remoraid x52
Mantine x2
Azurill x51
Carvanha x7
Clamperl x3
Huntail x1
Finneon x6
Lumineon x1
Mantyke x12
Oshawott x1
Tympole x4
Frillish x20
Tynamo x26
Inkay x13
Skrelp x1
Clauncher x1
Crabrawler x2
Wishiwashi x6
Bruxish x6
Arrokuda x4
Barraskewda x1
updated: Apr 7, 2024

Game Records

Trainer ID: #389131494
Registration: 23/08/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 618:38 Hours
Total interactions: 692,525
Money: 4,172,826
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


17 Days ago
How was younger me such a confident and semi-competent improv DM, girl pass that up here please. Although, I haven’t really DMd for a few years now, maybe if I just got back into it a bit… (I have been daydreaming about random DND scenarios at a higher rate than normal recently ’.’)
17 Days ago
I’ve got Gastly this time around. What are y’all’s? I’m seeing if I can pair one with this Gengar
22 Days ago
Four Taillow eggs in the DC set to expire into the tall grass :)
24 Days ago
Tomorrow I’m going to see some parrots :) Not to get any (this place is loud enough already), I just like to visit
25 Days ago
Since mine is going to be mainly through the tall grass this cycle, I’m open to having my daycare releasing ones people need that are out. I can only do two types of (compatible) Pokémon at a time, or one if it’s not compatible with anyone else’s
25 Days ago
Pidgey time :) At least it’s one that’s abundant in the tall grass
25 Days ago
Haha… I have not started on the sprites. ⊙‿⊙
1 Month ago
(for #InfiniteIdeas) I've been trying to get the Yellow Wollyhop (or the other name, Yellow Wollywog) from Pikmin for a bit, so maybe you'll have more luck. Hmm, what's something else... Barium sulfate I guess?
1 Month ago
I have two ideas for the Emera form contest so I’ve gotta speedrun this over spring break… if I manage to finish both, it’d be 5 Pokémon sprites, two egg sprites, writing the Pokédex entries, and maybe doing two non-sprite drawings for the home page side image… not even counting the design stage. Lets do this, I’m determined to get at least one in ( ‘ v ’)و´-
1 Month ago
Fishing RNG is wacky. I get one Shellder, don’t get another for several years, then get two in the span of a minute
1 Month ago
By ShinyZata - 1 Hour and 8 Minutes ago.

Feed My Retro Charizard a Berry pls! Wanna Get him in medal rally

Small Giveaway

If he gets Top 3

First Place: Random Shiny Pokemon!
Second Place: Random Legendary Pokemon!
Third Place: Random Event Pokemon!

How to Enter
-Heart Original Feed
Post Whole Feed
-Comment Proof of Feeding Berry (1 Entry per berry or Guest Click)

Extra Entries: Every Rare Candy Gifted = 50 Entries!
1 Month ago
Checked back in on Azali for the first time in a bit and wow, there's been some good tunes recently. My ears shall eat well tonight
1 Month ago
Split up the dance floor custom panel. Now the Emera ones get a panel to themselves, complete with a new banner! I made it over the course of two hours while the cats were trapping me. Are trapping me. It’s midnight. snzzzzzz…
2 Months ago
Cupidfly you are adorable and 100% worth the panicked last hour grind + 200 nuggs.

Ribombee (and Cutiefly) are some of my favorite ‘mons ٩(^ᗜ^ )و ´-
2 Months ago
You received a Plushie from Nectario!

Special reward for sending a plushie to a completely random user.
2 Months ago
mundane magic #264: when you put on the good pjs right after they come out of the dryer
2 Months ago
Can’t believe I was 14 when I first found Pokéheroes, wow
2 Months ago
I feel like doing a simple Pokémon sprite edit, since the last few sprites I did were either from scratch or extensive edits. Uhhh first comment describing a *simple* one gets to be the one I give a go at I suppose. Won’t be right away because classes but I’ll get to it sometime
2 Months ago
New poll up (not for a decision, just a fun one)
2 Months ago

UFT boxes are Bouncer, Bar, Booth, Garden, VIP, and Pasture

# of regular Pom-Pom: 7

# of regular Baile: 10

# of regular Sensu: 16

# of regular Pa’u: 7

# of shiny Baile: 1

updated: Feb 19, 2024


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Gem Goals

Normal gems for Ditto

Fire gems for Moltres

Flying gems also for Moltres

Accepting gem donations

also accepting Oricorios

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