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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 1,652/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Zoroark13740,807 / 64,038
Zoroark14424,637 / 70,935
Zoroark14219,196 / 68,928


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Trainer ID: #373868843
Registration: 23/05/2020 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 603:33 Hours
Total interactions: 384,544
Money: 35,532
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Have you ever seen a song in which there were foreign lyrics, and you look up the translation of said lyrics, and you find that the song is absolutely horrendous? Happened to me twice this week. Man, those Japanese songs by the blue hair anime chick talk about some DARK AS CROW FEATHERS STUFF.
20 Days ago
Set up a poll. :D
Make sure to vote
1 Month ago
Okay. So WHY. WHY DOES GIVER MEAN A PERSON WHO GIVES BUT LIVER DOESN'T MEAN A PRESON WHO LIVES? why is this language as consistent as a rapidly accelerating car which stops moving and decreases in speed at completely random times
1 Month ago
Got an extra mesprit voucher here. Up for grabs. Like this feed for a chance to get it...
1 Month ago
Found an old picture of a fat penguin with the file name "sometimes I pengwin, and sometimes I penglose". Don't know why but I found it funny and felt like sharing.
1 Month ago
Ok so undertale's entire plot is about a kid falling into a hole, right?
1 Month ago
Does anyone know where the gym leaders are in poke heroes? I can't find them 😭
1 Month ago
Don't trust people that you can't see in real life. I don't want to sound old and crusty ofc. But if you send personal information to strangers which you will never meet in the real world nor see the faces of, you're putting yourself at risk. Please, for the love of god, don't trust people hiding behind screens.
1 Month ago
Ironic how dark humor usually lightens the mood.
1 Month ago
Today I accidentally read seashore as seahorse, and I asked what seahorses had to do with the beach in science class. Just thinking about it now gives me incredible pain.
1 Month ago
Absolutely seething right now. I thought that "frosted tips" was a type of cereal. I googled it, and it's just a hair style that looks as if someone asked the barber to make their hair look like the spines of a hedgehog! My disappointment is unquantifiable!
1 Month ago
So do you guys also wash the dishes with a snorkel on just so you dont get any water in your eyes or is it just me
1 Month ago
I remember one time I pretended to be a whiny attention seeking ventposting idiot on pokeheroes as an experiment. What I learned from this was that people tend to really dislike it when you vent publically. (Shocker, I know.) Negativity can ruin peoples days. I don't know how you can post that nonsense and expect butt pats all the time. People will find you annoying.
What I want to say is, if you want to keep your friends on your friend list, keep your venting in private messages.
1 Month ago
Since the sinnoh region games came out, we've been able to capture and control the literal god of Pokemon.
Its amazing what we entrust to 10 year olds, huh?
1 Month ago
Do you ever just see an old YouTube comment that you left ages ago and cringe so hard that you end up in the fetal position
1 Month ago
Bouffalant is such a forgetibull pokemon, amitite?
1 Month ago
Whenever somebody says "holy cow" I just imagine a cow with a halo above its head and a nun outfit on and laugh
1 Month ago
Gender is like the twin towers, there used to be 2, And now it's a very sensitive topic
1 Month ago
Before we get to the beheading, I'd like to thank my sponsor, Raid Shadow legends, for sponsoring this video
1 Month ago


Hello. You might call me whatever you like. I don't mind. Why refer to me at all? Surely, you can find someone better.
I am he who collects the slugs, and he who wrangles the thugs.
Look where I've found myself now. Back to this website, miserable as ever, still having not made a single notable achievement, and having been much happier prior. Welp.
Not to brag, but I'm not half bad at drawing. Its my only skill. Most types of art are far beyond my abilities to make, however.
Self-described internet fairy. Here to spread joy. I don't like people who I give them an inch and the want the whole yard stick though. I'm reasonably sure that I've got stupid.
Does there exist a Pokemon better than shellos? Quite doubtful.
I have no friends or vassals.
There are 2 humans, and between those two humans sits an alien. You're sitting between two humans. Alien
Goal: 11111
what are the aliendps up to now... Better go check


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