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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 3,159/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
547,601 / 11,139
Rhyhorn99 / 339
Nidoran (m)14210 / 423
Koffing48 / 61
Drilbur1416 / 631

About me

💜Monkey💜16💜She/her💜disabled|different💜proud dog owner💜Single💜
Hiya, I’m monkey! Im a 16 year old girl. I love playing games, some favorites include Pokémon, animal crossing and among us! I also love watching anime and other shows! I also have Autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities so I apologize if I seem weird or rude. I’m also pretty shy and introverted so it takes me a while to respond to messages. I love animals and I have my own fur baby, Tinker(shih tzu). Feel free to message me if you want to chat about stuff! Thank you and enjoy my profile!

💜 ’Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me;Fight song 💜

Special Pokémon

My starter:
First mega:
First giga:
First retro:
First event:
First harvest sprite:
First shiny:
First shiny hatched:

Favorite Pokémon

-all Monkey Pokémon
-all Baby Pokémon
-all Eevee and the eeveelutions
-any purple ones(in honor of dad and his fight against pancreatic cancer)
-Legends: Mew, Latias, kyogre, mesprit, shaymin, meloetta, xerneas, diancie, cosmog and evolves, poipole, meltan
-starters: chikorita, torchic, oshawott, fennekin and evolves, popplio and evolves
-other: alolan raichu, diglett, galar ponyta, horsea, omanyte, cherubi, lopunny, audino, foongus, frillish, dedenne, klefki, morelull, pyukumuku, mimikyu, yamper, appletun, sinistea, Galar corsla, milcery, falinks, pincurchin, snom, morpeko

Might be forgetting some


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #866710410
Registration: 03/04/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 196:29 Hours
Total interactions: 240,444
Money: 199,093
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


My sister is accident proned, she’s gotten 3 injuries in just the last couple of days. And I’m just over here, doing everything to avoid myself and my dog from getting injured XD
Yesterday, 22:09
Happy May the 4th!!
1 Day ago
Magikarp take 3. I was stupid last time, bought a red flute and thought it automatically activated but you have to activate it yourself in your party so I screwed up. Was so disappointed in myself XP
2 Days ago
My sister and I played some Minecraft today! Now we are going to watch fish hooks!
3 Days ago
It’s may now! This year is going by fast and last year was painfully slow.
Hope everyone is having a good day ^-^
4 Days ago
My grandpa got me the game as a gift instead so I still have the money I was originally going to give to my mom.
I have New Pokémon snap now! I played it for an hour before taking a break. I really love it and taking pictures of Pokémon is so fun :D
5 Days ago
So I was getting my $60 ready for when my mom gets home since she’s picking up the Pokémon snap game and I was sorting my money for fun and gave tinker a $1 and told him ‘here sweetie, buy yourself something pretty’ as a joke but then he just laid his head down on the bill and looked content. It was so cute and I honestly didn’t want to take the bill back. I love him.
5 Days ago
The water heater will cost 1500 dollars! Holy simisage! I offered my mom my money that I have saved up from birthdays/Christmas’s that I get from family but she said I was sweet and she will just use some of our vacation money since we aren’t going on a vacation anytime soon, although my mom told me that she might take us to either the San Diego zoo or the Cincinnati zoo in October. So then I told my mom ‘hey you know that game that I want? The New Pokémon snap? What if I buy it with my money tin money then? So that you don’t have to buy it for me and waste money on me?’ She said ‘honey it’s ok I can buy it, you really want it. ‘Ok how about you buy it for me and I’ll pay you back with my money?’ ‘Ok.’ So I’m going to pay my mom back for new Pokémon snap! I’m helping!!..but it’s not enough. I just wish I had a job so that my mom didn’t have to give up money for me...but I can’t get a job....I’m useless....my mom does so much for me...I just wish I could help but I can’t
6 Days ago
The guy came to fix our water heater and it turns out we need a new one. That can’t be cheap....this is why I wish I had money/a job, so I could help out with stuff that’s expensive or just buy my own stuff so they could buy stuff that actually matters.
6 Days ago
Big rant, sorry
You ever feel like you are a terrible person? Like people online secretly hate you? Cause sometimes my messages sound rude I think. And then I don’t realize it because my brain doesn’t understand if I made someone uncomfortable or upset and it’s harder to tell online how the tone is meant to be, like if it’s a sarcastic tone or a normal tone(if that makes since). I try my hardest to not offend anyone or be super rude cause I don’t wanna be a horrible person. I don’t want to make people feel sad or scared of me. That’s why I try to not talk a lot. Even to my friends because I’m terrified of losing them. I don’t want to say a wrong thing because of my no filter you know?
So I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable as that Is never my intention, I’m sorry if I said something wrong and hurt your feelings, just know it was my no filter, I’m sorry I don’t talk much to you friends on PH, PFQ and discord, I’m just shy and don’t want to lose friends.
7 Days ago
New avatar! I drew it myself. It’s my Pokesona, Callie the hybrid Aipom!
7 Days ago
Me: *tired from lack of sleep* “I should try and sleep earlier tonight.”
My brain: ‘hey uh I know this is crazy but....you wanna stay up later and read fanfiction?’
me: “......I’m done for that”.
8 Days ago
New poll!
8 Days ago
Only 3(?) more days til new Pokémon snap release!
8 Days ago
2 nights in a row I haven’t sleep well. First night was because I couldn’t get comfortable and last night was because my doggo decided to bug me and finally went to sleep on my bed but he’s a bed hogger so I barely slept. Will it become 3 nights in a row? Who knows but I know one thing, me and sleeping are complicated. Like I think we are friends but sleep thinks I’m just a weirdo or something.
8 Days ago
I watched toy story 4 for the first time all of the way through tonight. I briefly saw it back in 2019 when I was flying back to my state after a vacation but I was on my nightly meds so I was in and out of being awake and asleep. Plus I didn’t hear it so I could only see it.

But I watched it with my sister today and I love forky. I freaking love him. I want my own forky now no joke. Also very good movie. So feels and very funny moments. If you haven’t already seen it, I suggest you do.

So yes I love a fictional spork now.
10 Days ago
Motivation dropped on here again oops. I also lost the magikarp competition but there was no way I could have caught up with oak. He definitely cheats. And the Rowan gets mad. Sir why don’t you try raising the magikarp and see how tiring it is? /s
10 Days ago
Oak’s magikarp is at level 91.....ya I’m probably not going to catch up and win.
13 Days ago
Oof trying to click and catch up to oak + bad lag = heck
14 Days ago
Oh no! Chloe fell behind! We are a couple levels away ;w;
14 Days ago


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Thank you!

Thank you for:

Any plushies! I love any and all plushies. I’ll take any plushie, even if it’s a magikarp or one worth a couple of dream points. So thanks to everyone who has or may give a plushie!

Interactions. Thank you for training or feeding my Pokémon! And for warming my eggs! I try my very best to interact back and I apologize if I don’t do it before reset.

Messages. I appreciate users who PM or palpad me! I apologize if I don’t respond or if my message back is short. I’m not good at socializing and I have a low reading and writing level. Just know I’m not ignoring you!

Friending me. I honestly get happy when people add me to their friend list, especially since I wasn’t used to friends growing up. So I really appreciate y’all who have me as a friend. I’ll add you back too!

So thank you in advance and I hope y’all have a lovely day! 🐒

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