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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 1,269/3,923


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Azurill321 / 30

About me

💜Monkey💜17💜She/her💜disabled|different💜proud dog owner💜Single💜
Hiya, I’m monkey! Im a 17 year old girl. I love playing games, some favorites include Pokémon, animal crossing and among us! I also love watching anime and other shows! I also have Autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities so I apologize if I seem weird or rude. I’m also pretty shy and introverted so it takes me a while to respond to messages. I love animals and I have my own fur baby, Tinker(shih tzu). Thank you and enjoy my profile!

💜 ’Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me;Fight song 💜

Official Pokemon gif, from eevee and friends short


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #866710410
Registration: 03/04/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 230:35 Hours
Total interactions: 275,116
Money: 381,610
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


New avatar of my doggo <3. It’s when he got his furcut and got a Fourth of July tie.
7 Days ago
i added some gifs to my profile! it's so much easier adding them on my laptop instead of my ipad. Although i'm not used to typing yet since i've never been at typing on a keyboard XD
9 Days ago
It’s my birthday! I am now 17! And I get my laptop today too!
12 Days ago
Wow, I open a gold box and what do I get? 18 lemonades. Why would I need lemonades?! I already got tons of them lol
16 Days ago
Yay, I won a Poipole egg! My favorite ultra beast!!
18 Days ago
Good lord, the lag on here today, it’s horrible XD
20 Days ago
Woah! I got a ultra saddle from a mystery box!! Awesome
25 Days ago
I got the mew plushie and won an uxie egg from Game Center! Yay!
26 Days ago
Watching the Pokémon johto anime!
26 Days ago
Mew plushie event! Yes I’ve been waiting for this! I’m determined to get at least one of them. Time to get and spent 500 dream points!
28 Days ago
UMMM guys….I just hatched a mega-able shuppet…..how the in the heck
1 Month ago
What did you meet me as?

1 Month ago
I had an overwhelming day. I showered which is hard for me because my sensory doesn’t like water and it’s always exhausting but I don’t wanna be smelly cause ew. Things were fine for a while, we actually got some good rain and Thunder which is always nice weather imo. Then it happened….salmon. My mom’s partner decided to cook salmon. The smell was….beyond describable. It was bad enough that I had to retreat to my room and yet still smelled it. Cue meltdown. I was sobbing, my poor nose was overwhelmed, I felt so nauseous which made me scared and I was so done. I’m ok now but man, it was rough. In conclusion, I dislike salmon and smells
1 Month ago
Hey guys, I’d like to say something. If you ever have kids/already have kids or are a kid, please be respectful, ok? I was sleeping when I heard tinker’s bark, it even merged with the dream. I brushed it off and tried to sleep but then I heard our front door being banged on, hard. I got worried and woke up. I looked over our ledge and my sister was by the door. She said it was a kid. A kid was banging hard on our door at 8am so he could ‘play’ with tinker. By playing, I mean they want him to bark, which is disrespectful since tinker is old ok? He shouldn’t get so excited and bark too much cause then he gets a sore throat and a weak voice. And yes, this happened at freaking 8am! While I was sleeping and my mom was napping before work.

Guys please for the love of arceus, don’t do anything like this! It’s very rude and disrespectful. Their parent didn’t stop them, the kids are old enough to know better and don’t bang on our door, it makes me very scared and overwhelmed. Read comments
1 Month ago
I found a spray duck! Why…does it look so cute?? Like it’s a psyduck watering can, and it’s adorable. Why am I finding a fictional item cute?! Lol
1 Month ago
I watched Luca yesterday and raya and the last dragon today. Both were good movies, both had emotional parts, mostly Luca but I really liked them. If I had to pick my favorite out of the two, I’d have to go with Luca, that one gave me both more tears and laughs
1 Month ago
How to know you are a pushover: when you agree to level up magikarp and very well know that you will 100% lose but do it anyway
1 Month ago
Happy Father’s Day to my dad! He was an inspiration to me and was strong and brave. I love you dad, miss you 💜
1 Month ago
If you ever think you eat weird food, just know I just ate uncooked ramen noodles because I can’t eat cooked ramen without getting sick.
1 Month ago
Guys, it’s a Friday miracle, my mom is coming home tomorrow. I’ll be free!! Oh thank heavens. Now I can hopefully write the rest of the chapter I’m working on. Plus Tinker has been stubborn these last couple of days so you know, it’s been heck
1 Month ago


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My Pokémon fanfiction

Official Pokemon gif

Currently writing a Pokémon fanfiction that I upload on DA and Wattpad. It’s called PokeLove, an Ash x OC story. It’s based in Kalos. Here’s some info

After arriving in Kalos, ash and pikachu find some new friends. Including a mysterious girl with her partner oshawott. Join them on their adventures through the kalos region.

Just a heads up, Serena will be OOC as she isn't my favorite character. I may also add some parts that aren't in the anime but will be in this story. I will sometimes do special chapters that aren't part of the series.

I'm anti-amourshipping so sorry amourshipping fans, no moments with them in this book
Serena x Clement AKA GeekChicshipping
Ash x Cami AKA MasterQueenshipping ^^

All characters except Cami belong to their rightful owners! I don't own Pokémon :)

You can find it on Wattpad @Monkeybug0716 and on DA monkeybug998. Both DA and Wattpad account is on contact list!


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Thank you!

Gif from animal crossing new horizons

Thank you for:

Any plushies! I love any and all plushies. I’ll take any plushie, even if it’s a magikarp or one worth a couple of dream points. So thanks to everyone who has or may give a plushie!

Interactions. Thank you for training or feeding my Pokémon! And for warming my eggs! I try my very best to interact back and I apologize if I don’t do it before reset.

Messages. I appreciate users who PM or palpad me! I apologize if I don’t respond or if my message back is short. I’m not good at socializing and I have a low reading and writing level. Just know I’m not ignoring you!

Friending me. I honestly get happy when people add me to their friend list, especially since I wasn’t used to friends growing up. So I really appreciate y’all who have me as a friend. I’ll add you back too!

So thank you in advance and I hope y’all have a lovely day! 🐒

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