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23 years old, Canadian, gay. Call me Jessie

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- Totodile
- Turtwig
- Piplup
- Zubat
- Buizel
- Rotom
- Oddish
- Ekans
- Aipom

Mega hunts will start once i have enough gems. Contact me with gem prices. (gem donations would be appreciated)

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- Shiny Mega Shinx (Electric 4653/30,000
- Shiny mega Mareep (Electric ???/60,000)
- x2 Shiny Mega Snorunt (Ice 35/240,000)
- Shiny mega Swablu (Flying 715/30000 & Normal 796/30000)

Do NOT message me about buying one of my Pokemon and/or item (that includes nuggets!) unless i've stated that i'm selling it. you WILL be blocked AND reported if you constantly do it.

Collecting these plushies so feel free to send some thanks


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How do I write character backstories without killing everyone they loved.
My Tabaxi lost her girlfriend. my Halfling lost his entire family. My Genasi lost his teacher. My Dragonborn lost his people to a dragon attack. Like??? WHY DO I HURT THOSE I LOVE ;-;
Today, 17:04
now that im not on a sm hunt or just a hunt in general, im finally getting all the pokemon i need for my dex. breed the pokemon i needed for egg dex and now ultra beasts
3 Days ago
got 3 hours of sleep last night, worked 4;45am - 3;30 pm and didnt get home till 5pm. its not 7 and im just gonna go to bed. my body is done
3 Days ago
Going back to the feed I posted the other day about relationships, I’m now feeling that’s half true. Sure I’m working 40+ hours a week and streaming roughly 6-10 hours a week so I am busy. And sure I have my mental health issues that I should focus on but I don’t. But I think what makes me feel most about not wanting a relationship is the lack of people actually interested in me. I know I can be needy at times, I know I can be annoying at times and I know that’s what pushes people away from me. Whenever I start talking to someone, they seem so interested in me and days later they’re done with me. It hurts. So at times I’m like ‘why bother? I already know the outcome of it.’
Sorry for the rant, just need to get this out of my head.
4 Days ago
I don’t know what’s going on. Do you ever want to have someone in your life, someone you love and can cuddle with and sleep next to at night but at the same time you don’t feel like dating anyone/you don’t have time for it. In these past few months getting over my ex, I came to this conclusion. I don’t have time for a relationship. I can’t focus on someone else when I can’t focus on myself... but I still want someone in my life. It’s very confusing
8 Days ago
:o shaymin is coming back ;-; hoping to get a shiny one and the shiny plushie ❤
10 Days ago
So critical role made a kickstarter to animate some of their DnD stuff. they gave us 45 days to raise $750k. we raised 1million within the first hour lol currently we've raised 3 million and still have 45 days to go haha
13 Days ago
my favorite starter pokemon has always been Chimchar with Popplio close second and Chikorita in third but Sobble.... Sobble might be taking first place. its honestly nearing my top favorite pokemon, Glaceon. i love him so much
18 Days ago
Sobble is my son and if anyone disrespected my son I WILL SEND YOU AN ANGRY WORDED LETTER
19 Days ago
My god I love it! It looks so good and the starters are so cute ;-;
19 Days ago
19 Days ago
some days i barely eat a thing and other days i eat so much. its bad
19 Days ago
so excited for Pokemon Direct tomorrow! hoping it'll be some news of gen 8. starters or game names? 9am EST
20 Days ago
Just got a sudden urge to just cuddle and be held .-. I need winter to just go away now
25 Days ago
I love when I offer on something in the GTS and I give a bit extra then the asking price, they decline it and then tell me to offer more. Like no. You asked for 50k PD, I offered 60k PD.
27 Days ago
i wish it was easier to unfriend people who haven't been on for a while/people who are perma banned
28 Days ago
so i recently started watching Critical Role and its so funny and great but its also intimidating. season 1 has 118 episodes each being 2-3 hours long and season 2 already having 50+ episodes and probably the same length of time.
1 Month ago
So far the characters I have is a Tabaxi, Genasi, and a Halfling. I love my kids so much already ;-; Trying to figure out how they all look and possibly commissioning someone for art
1 Month ago
In the past couple I wrote 3 D&D characters who I love so much and I just want to use them ;-; (also it’s so hard to not write ‘their whole family just died’ as a background)
1 Month ago
I have a strong urge to play DnD after rewatching SourceFedNerd and geekbombs Fungeons and Flagons. A few of my friends talk about getting together to play and when things start to seem like it’s gonna happen, people drop out. Like why bring it up if you’re gonna drop out?? So many times it almost happened. I JUST WANT TO PLAY DND, IM NOT ASKING FOR MUCH
1 Month ago

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