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Trainerpoints: 2,095/2,729


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welcome to our profile! first things first, if you’d like to learn more about systems, you can read here! we’re made up of a lot of fictives, so please don’t mind!

our members (growing every day!):

Mars (core-ish?)
Pluto (minor, treat them like one)
Makki (also a minor!)
pompompurin (minor and “uwu” typing quirk)
Genocide Syo
Byakuya Togami
Miu Iruma
Mikan Tsumiki
Tsumugi Shirogane
Aoi Asahina (note: aoi talks in 3rd person, please don’t mind them)
Kiiboy (has a z typing quirk)
Gonta Gokuhara (3rd person)
Hiyoko Saionji

please don’t be pluralphobic, we’re mostly, some are otherkin human too!


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #579734536
Registration: 12/10/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 835:23 Hours
Total interactions: 193,138
Money: 447
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


selling some art!!

pwyw, example (this is trua’s, i gave it to them, do not steal it or there will be consequences) do not steal the plooshie >:[

prices start at 5k PD
Yesterday, 23:31
repost of last feed

If one of these eggs hatches shiny, i’ll add on 2 more nebula stones!

❤️ to be entered!
1 Day ago
❤️ this feed, and if one of these eggs hatches shiny, i’ll give away 2 nebula stones! (i’m sorry, but soon i’ll have 50 nuggs)
2 Days ago
huge PSA

Please, use tone tags. If you don’t know what they are or how to use them, here’s a carrd on them. It helps neurodivergent people (autism, depression, adhd, etc.) understand what you’re saying more. Example:

“Bruh this is so stupid /lh”
“This is so amazing /s”


please 👏 put 👏 trigger 👏 warnings 👏 on 👏 caps 👏 and 👏 vents/rants!

caps could reenact /b/se.

thank you for coming to my ted talk.
3 Days ago
If your SO likes:

and sweaters...

that’s no your SO. that’s a boop noodlie
6 Days ago
when a certain orca stalks your profile

nononononono i’m kidding trua don’t hurt me ;~;
6 Days ago
i want an axolotl sm 😔
7 Days ago
bruh what is this chain </3
7 Days ago
this is from the safe space server (not mine), but i want you to read it
Hey guys!
It's getting warmer now-a-days, so I wanted to write a quick message for people with insecurities of their bodies in summer-wear. For example, in my experience, I have major insecurities with my thighs and stretch marks. If you have any insecurities similar to that, or of your body in summer-wear- in general- please read this message!
I want to tell you a really cool fun fact: all beauty standards originated from Greece and Rome. Back in history, those two amazing places set all beauty standards- nationwide. Most beauty standards came mainly from Greek Mythology.
In Greek Mythology, there is a goddess of beauty. Her name is Aphrodite. She is also the goddess of other things, such as love, but beauty was a huge part of her reign.
Aphrodite has stretch marks. Aphrodite has huge thighs. Aphrodite has a belly. Aphrodite has stomach rolls. (continued)
7 Days ago
why you gotta remove my page like that 😭
8 Days ago
apparently we were the first to coin demiandrogamongusdripflux....

when one of us connects to it 😳
8 Days ago
demiandrogamongusdripflux is an actual gender.
8 Days ago
Sorry for advertising, but pokeheroes discord!

We’re trying to get more emoji slots, they’re filling up quick lol. If you would like to boost the server, you will get

1. Custom color role
2. Custom booster role
3. A custom emoji of your choice (no nsfw)

alright that’s it bye 👋
8 Days ago
tw: h0sp1t4l

had to go with my friend to the hospital, had a major panic attack 😔
8 Days ago
when u wanna learn swift but u don’t have a mac 😭🤧
8 Days ago
syo: you’re a little sussy byakuya

byakuya: stop playing amogus, syo
you damned rat

syo: soooooorrrrrryyyyyy /s /lh
9 Days ago
interaction exchange? ❤️❤️
9 Days ago
nothin new in the sprite database </3 riako u srs about waiting until july? </3
9 Days ago
tw: mention of organs

windblown: You removed my what?
crystalborf: i removed your right kidney while you were sleeping last night. *glares*
9 Days ago
iim sorry for everything i’ve done to you. iimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry
9 Days ago

Shiny Hunt

MarsShamu is currently hunting Clobbopus.
Hunt started: 26/02/2021

Chain: 185

trua shrine

for the bestest orca plooshie in the world <3

ty trua 🤧✌️🥺🥺

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