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(Mega Rayquaza)
1,3155,487,285 / 6,489,526
Anniversary Cupcake6413,218 / 15,601

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Lonlier_Swadloon is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 30/07/2018

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gone. find me elsewhere

Figured I'd put this up here.
By far the best friend I could ask for.

big ol' WIP for now


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So its been like just over a month since i turned 20
someone please tell me how to be an adult.

sooo anyways random update stuff iguess
got back into skyrim and think i can break it more
rajang coming into monster hunter world is making me have flashbacks
wanna get into castlevania
and one of these day's i'll stop impulse buying things
there we go monthly post done. same time next month okay? okay. okay? okay
2 Years ago
i did it again. woops(?)
so to catch up;
nothing much happened. lost a family member
3 Years ago
i did it again. woops(?)
so to catch up;
nothing much happened. lost a family member
3 Years ago
personal note to self to stop thinking my dad gives one about my wellbeing and only results to probably pull some scummy thing the moment he can

imean hi how are you
3 Years ago
yknow id love it if my 2 irl friends would stop arguing about damn near everything. might actually smile if a day goes by where they get along
for reals they seem to get along worse than my parents did and as usual im stuck in the middle trying to balance it out and not flip out on both.
this message brought to you by: some dude who needs to reset his sociallife
3 Years ago
So Between deaths here i happen to be sorting my dumpsterfire of a life out.
how so? part timing at a cafe like an hour+ away in hopes i'll get a decent job once i have experience buildup and some other things
also reading jojo because yeah
3 Years ago
One slight totally month long crisis later and i arise again from my tomb
for like 4 days probably
3 Years ago
so part one of educating my SO in jojo. kinda.
easy task? of course not
but hey its nice to see she has an interest in this thing i love
and i refuse to explain the bloodline thats beyond my pay grade
3 Years ago
Oh right forgot I went back to a talent between the deaths here.
what talent is that i hear nobody ask? annoying people on the internet. i'm good at annoying people
also drawing kinda but yknow the guy whos best subject is art is bad at it hahahah
anything from 'baiting' people in games to starting mild flame wars just for kicks
bad person is i. mostly

there we go thats my posts for the month+
3 Years ago
something something i'm sad
something something need to watch/read jojo part 5 onwards
3 Years ago
oh right in between my deaths i read berserk.
i love it.
if your alright with darker stories i reccomend it
3 Years ago
i'm a friggin swad again
(aka -Ike- => Lonlier_Swadloon)
ironic that i was a lonely boi when i was prolly at my most social buuttt
3 Years ago
obligatory "not completely dead" post
now thats done with back to the coffin i go
3 Years ago
Oh right I have an Amazon account now.
Welp.. if my impulse buying wasn't bad enough before. Remember me as neither hero nor villain
3 Years ago
Fun times at like 2 am
my sleep deprived brain decides to hit me with "do animals think in our language or is it just whatever noise they end up making?" which then became "how do they translate our commands in order to do the thing?" which is now debating the intelligence of a cat.
help? naaah
3 Years ago
oh hey i totally didnt forget to check in here for close to a month
soo uh
kept you waiting huh
3 Years ago
Well. Stan Lee, huh.
He lived a good life, gave a lot to nerds everywhere. He will be missed.
I'm not crying, you're crying!
3 Years ago
so what have i done today
> nothing productive
> beat the main story of MH:Stories
> drink cola

this is my quota now. if i don't match 4 of those above statements i will have had a bad day
3 Years ago
So deltarune's a thing.
Yeah that's cool I just..
Monster Hunter Stories tho
where's that hype train huh
also other things i guess.

freaks this is the first massive interest in a toby fox game since earthbound's halloween hack. mostly for one cutscene
3 Years ago
Okay, serious(kind of) post time because some things are weighing on me. This is gonna be a really long one and it's probably the most open i've been - through feeds - since I joined. There won't be a tl;dr, i don't expect people to read this, but i just need to get this out of my head so i can sleep. so uh...here is that place. thought(s) will be in comments so..yeeah. and for those who do decide to read this; thanks, i guess.
3 Years ago

Important thing I guess

If your reading this then congrats. i'm probably not here

For those that want to, you can get hold of me on
Steam -> Kaiser Madlad
Discord -> Kaiser Madness#6909
^ i highly reccomend one or both of these if you wanna keep in contact as i'll actually respond. mostly. likely

I didn't know what to put here because I'm not interesting or funny much.
Uh. Chromgrats if you read this.

obligatory jojoke goes here

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